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Container Shipping in Houston: Where Do You Need to Ship?

Posted on Thu, Feb 15, 2018

Container Shipping in Houston: Where Do You Need to Ship?


At any given time, there are about 20-million shipping containers on the ocean! A large number of these shipping containers either come from or come through Houston.

Container Shipping in Houston

The Port of Houston is ranked first in the United States in shipping international tonnage and is ranked 3rd in foreign cargo value according to the US Department of Commerce. If you need to ship something internationally, there's no doubt you can get it there from the Port of Houston! For example, Pack-n-Send in Houston ships to just about anywhere on the planet--254 countries in total, many of which you may not have even heard of.

Companies such as Caterpillar have taken advantage of Houston's port to ship equipment to assist booming industries such as mining and energy. But you don't have to be a prominent international corporation to take advantage of Houston's international port -- all you need is the right container shipping company in Houston to help.

Shipping Container Uses

So what can be shipped inside a shipping container from the Port of Houston? With the incredible variety of items needed to be shipped throughout the world, shipping companies in Houston pride themselves on being able to ship just about anything, anywhere. They'll pick the item up from your home or business, transport it to their container shipping facilities, and make sure it gets where it needs to go--usually at a fraction of the cost you'd get using traditional postal services!

Most businesses use either 20 cubic feet or 40 cubic feet ontainers  when shipping domestic or internationally. Although almost any item can be shipped, most common items include antiques, artwork,household goods, car parts, fragile heirlooms, eBay items, computers and office equipment, audio/visual equipment, marble, and estate liquidations or transports.

How Can I Find Out More?

Whether if it fits in a shipping container or not, your item can be shipped. To request an online quote, all you have to do is contact us! Pack n Send is the best in the business when it comes to shipping companies in Houston, and no matter where your item needs to be shipped, we'll make sure it gets there safe and sound.


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What You Need to Know About Crate and Freight Shipping in Houston

Posted on Tue, Feb 13, 2018


What You Need to Know About Crate and Freight Shipping in Houston


When shipping items across the country or overseas, oftentimes you need the help of a professional service to make sure the item is packed correctly and shipped by the best method. One of the ways a shipping company moves large, unusually sized, or fragile items it by creating custom crates.

What is Crating?

When a shipping company crates an item, they can use existing crates or custom crates, depending on their need. Custom crating ensures the crate is an exact fit for the item, which is especially important for fragile items. Paintings and other works of art are often sent in custom crates. Common items that require packing and crating services include sculptures, chandeliers, computers, servers, medical equipment, and antiques.

How do National and International Freight Work?

National Freight

For standard items, shipping companies partner with the regular shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. To move larger items, they work with trucking companies like Yellow Freight, Roadway, SAIA, and Central.

International Freight

International shipping can be completed by overseas shipping carriers; your stateside shipping company can help you make that connection. A shipping company can also help you with customs forms and arranging brokers at the destination. Finally, a freight company will make calls to the destination a day in advance to alert them on the arrival of shipped items and to set up a drop off time.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Crate and Freight Needs

If you need assistance with crating or freighting items in Houston, Texas, Pack n Send is hear to help. We have shipped many items for our clients in our 35+ years of operation, including some amazingly unique items. For example, we have shipped a ride from a theme park, a painting valued at nearly $1 million, a 10' taxidermy polar bear, and an computerized dragon!

For more information on crating and freighting services from Pack n Send, contact us for more information or click below to request a shipping quote.


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Freight Shipping Across the Ocean

Posted on Fri, Feb 09, 2018

Freight Shipping Across the Ocean


Overseas shipping can certainly be something we take for granted as both consumers and as producers! Many of us just have packages dropped off at the doors of our homes or businesses without giving much thought to the process of how those boxes got there. In this blog post, we want to talk about freight shipping and which methods of international shipping are appropriate in different situations.

When You Should Use Casual International Shipping

Sea freight is the way most items are shipped internationally. As a casual user of international shipping however, this might not be the method for you. If you are just sending a gift to friends or family members who live in another country, your regular courier mail service will do the trick—think USPS, FedEx, or UPS.

When You Should Use Sea Frieght

When you have a large or heavy amounts of freight, however, you will need to work with a freight forwarding company to access sea freight. This will involve palletizing your cargo, loading it into a cargo container, loading the cargo container onto a cargo ship, and then traveling across the ocean.

There are many ocean shipping companies based out of countries all over the world. Texas Freight International is a company that ships overseas out of the Port of Houston. They are focused on finding the best rates for customers, and they are also licensed to ship out of other U.S. ports. Kintetsu World Express is a freight company based out of Asia, and they may be the ones bringing your freight to the States if you have goods produced in China!

When looking for international shipping, sea freight is the best choice if you want the most economical option. While it's true that larg shipments can travel more quickly via air, this option is much more costly.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Shipping Needs

If you need assistance with overseas shipping and you are in Houston, contact us at Pack n Send today. For over 35 years, we have helped our customers with their shipping needs and we would love to help you too.

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3 Signs of a Spectacular Shipping Company in Houston

Posted on Wed, Feb 07, 2018

3 Signs of a Spectacular Shipping Company in Houston:


Often times, people in Houston have the need to ship large items from an estate or business across the globe to various locations. This can be a cumbersome procedure without the proper Houston shipping company!

For example, when a loved one passes away, the person may have a large estate of items that he or she wishes to disperse to different family members. When the family members live in different states or even another country, this presents a challenge for the person handling the estate. That's why it's important to look for these three signs when you're searching for a shipping company in Houston.


1) Special Shipping For Different Jobs

Not all items can be shipped in the same manner. You may have large pieces of furniture that require huge pallets in order to move and ship them while other furniture pieces may be small and only require the use of a small moving truck. You surely don't want to put a tiny load unto huge pallet shipping containers, and at the same time, you don't or can't cram a large load into a small moving truck! That's why it's important to secure a shipping company that has a variety of moving equipment and methods.


2) Careful Wrapping For Prized Possessions

Many people own prized artwork or special possessions that are extremely valuable. These unique pieces of art require careful transporting so they will not be damaged. Finding a shipping company in Houston that takes care to wrap with multiple layers of protection is essential if there are valuables to be moved.


3) Custom Built Boxes For Unique Items

Often times, there isn't a one-size-fits-all box for items. Some things are shaped in an unusual manner and may need a custom approach. That's where custom-built boxes come in handy! If a shipping company can build a box for you to perfectly fit a uniquely-shaped and costly item, then you know your item is in good hands.


Pack n Send Delivers Outstanding Service

If you have a situation that requires shipping out various large and small furniture items to anywhere in the United States or internationally, then contact Pack n Send today for more information! We're the best in the business, and we take pride in making sure your package is shipped safely and quickly.


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Crate and Freight in Houston, Texas: What Can and Can't Be Shipped

Posted on Mon, Feb 05, 2018

Crate and Freight Houston, Texas: What Can and Can't Be Shipped


Things That Can Be Shipped:

Custom crates can be custom built for just about anything you want to crate and freight to or from Houston, Texas!

An Alaskan Taxidermy Polar Bear

No doubt, you have one of these in the family room, or at the very least, want one in the family room. What holds most Texans back, however, is they can't figure out a way to get that hunting trophy from the Arctic Circle down to their home in Houston...until now. And if Pack-n-Send can handle a polar bear, you can bet they can handle your unique item!

An Electric Chair Prototype

This may come as a shock, but you can get a crate and freight from Houston for an electric chair prototype. And if you can get a customized crate and ship an electric chair prototype, there's no doubt you can get an antique chair shipped with no problems.

An Airplane from an Amusement Park Ride

Why limit the fun to the confines of a local amusement park when you can bring the joy of an amusement park airplane to another special location? Now, can a Houston, Texas business that specializes in crating and shipping carnival rides become a prosperous business? First, you'd be surprised to find how many people want to ship vintage carnival rides. Second, Pack-n-Send can create custom crates for just about anything else, too.

Valuable Art, Fragile Kitchenware, Office Equipment, and Medical Equipment

Hey, we can't all live the glamorous life of an electric chair salesperson who hunts polar bears in Alaska and showcases them in a vintage airplane amusement park ride. That's why getting a custom crate for common valuables and expensive equipment is never a problem.

Things That Can't Be Shipped:

The following, unfortunately, cannot be contained inside a crate.

A Sense of Humor

This is one of the most valuable possessions a person can have, but it can't be shipped. You must bring it with you wherever you go.


Hey, we realize you'd like to bring some of that Alaskan air with you along with the stuffed polar bear you brought down with your bare hands and a Swiss Army knife, but once that crate is opened, it's just gonna get mixed up with all the other air.

The Sweet Caresses from a Loved One

Can't help you with this one, either. If you want sweet caresses from a loved one, you need to be present with the aforementioned loved one. We don't ship humans or living animals.

Contact Pack n Send Today!

But don't worry, if there are things like artwork or delicate equipment, high value electronic equipment, or other unique items that you need a custom built crate for, contact Pack-n-Send in Houston for all your crate and freight needs.


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Starting a New Business? What You Need to Know About Retail Freight Receiving and Shipping

Posted on Thu, Feb 01, 2018

Starting a New Business? What You Need to Know About Retail Freight Receiving and Shipping


If you are starting a new retail business in Houston, you may need to partner with a shipping company that does retail freight receiving and shipping. When you get your goods from overseas, you don't always want the goods to come straight to your storefront. This places a lot of responsibility on your staff when you may prefer that they are working with customers instead of inspecting merchandise. Similarly, if you want to ship goods overseas or across the country, having an experienced company to handle the process for you can be a lifesaver!

Retail Freight Receiving for Businesses

Working with a shipping company that does retail freight receiving has a number of benefits. First of all, when you get a shipment from overseas or even just another part of the country, a shipping company can take the freight off of the pallets they were delivered on. Then they inspect the goods, making sure everything is included in the shipment and that the quality is up to the company's standards.

Following this, the shipping company sets up drop off times with each business location. So if a business has more than one location, a shipping company can divide the freight and make sure the shipments arrive at a time that works best for the business.

Retail Freight Shipping for Businesses

For e-commerce businesses, you may have more orders than you have the time or ability to package and ship on your own! That is when it becomes essential to have an experienced shipping company to process your shipments for you. A shipping company that is used to dealing with retail can take your orders, package them up, and ship them off to your eager customers. Even for businesses that aren't primarily e-commerce, being able to offer a "shop online" feature on a website is becoming a necessary part of staying competitive.

Pack n Send Wants to Help Your Business Thrive!

If your new retail business could benefit from any of these services, contact us at Pack n Send today. We love assisting in the success of those in our community by helping local entrepreneurs and businesses with sending and receiving their products. 


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Cargo Loading and What You Didn't Know About the Port of Houston

Posted on Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Cargo Loading and What You Didn't Know About the Port of Houston


A look behind the scenes of cargo loading...

As consumers, we often don't think about how the things we have got here and all that was involved in the process. But for those in the business of shipping, transporting goods all over the world is just what we do day in and day out! In this blog post, we wanted to discuss a little of the process of cargo loading and freighting in and out of the Port of Houston.

The Port of Houston

According to the Port of Houston website, the port is number one in foreign tonnage in the nation and third in foreign tonnage value! Ninety percent of cargo going from one country to another goes by ship (as opposed to air or train). So if you have a business that exports to other countries, you are already well aware of the fact that your good makes the long trip across the sea. 

Cargo shipping at the Port of Houston

But if you are an individual looking for cargo shipping (perhaps an overseas move, an auction or equipment purchase, or any other reason for international or freight shipping), you probably didn't know it takes cargo ships about 10-20 days just to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The process begins at the Port of Houston. For overseas shipping, you are likely working with a packing and shipping company that has relationships at the Port - they connect your shipment with a freight company. 

Depending on the items, they may be palletized and then loaded into a cargo container. From the Port of Houston terminal toolbox, you can track your cargo, fill out any necessary applications, and more. After the cargo container with your shipment is loaded onto a cargo ship, then it begins its journey across the ocean. The speed of the ship and the route it takes will determine how long it takes your shipment to arrive.

To see a 10 step explanation of freight shipping, check out this link from the World Shipping Council!

Contact Pack n Send with your shipping needs!

If you have an international shipment that requires cargo loading, contact us at Pack n Send today. We pick up and deliver worldwide, and we gurantee you'll be beyond satisified with every step of the shipping process.


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International Packing and Shipping Tips: How to Ship to Canada

Posted on Tue, Jan 23, 2018

International Packing and Shipping Tips: How to Ship to Canada


International shipping always comes with additional concerns -- and yes, that includes shipping from the United States to our friendly neighbor in the north, Canada! Here are a few international packing and shipping tips to help you keep the process painless:

Pack Your Item As Securely As Possible

International shipping, even to Canada, puts packages through additional layers of scrutiny and handling. What happens to your package as it passes through customs isn't controllable by your shipper.

This is where having the highest quality packing is key. Your item is going a long way and will inevitably be handled by more people than a domestic package, so using an international shipper that offers packing services is crucial!

Know What Can and Cannot Ship to Canada

If you're familiar with what you're allowed to ship domestically, you already have a good idea of what's accepted to cross the border from the United States to Canada. However, there are still some quirks and important restrictions to be aware of.

For a few quick examples:

  • Firearms require applying for documentation before shipping to Canada.
  • Most forms of currency can only be sent as First-Class Package International Service with Registered Mail service, with some exceptions.
  • All packages must be large enough to have room for the 5.5" x 9.5" Global Express shipping label to be applied.
  • Prison-made goods are completely prohibited.
  • Butter substitutes are prohibited.

As you can likely gather from this list, some international shipping rules are intuitive while others are relatively obscure. You can read the full details on restrictions and requirements for shipping to Canada here.

Shipping From Houston, TX

You can have your items professionally packed and shipped right in Houston, TX. The best way to get started is to apply for a quote for your particular Canadian shipping needs.

If you'd like to learn more about shipping to Canada, contact us at Pack n Send, and we'll be happy to help!


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Freight shipping throughout the world. 

Posted on Fri, Jan 19, 2018


medical equpment receiving Houston.jpg

Freight shipping is used by businesses throughout the world. While freight that goes overseas is considered cargo. Cargo shippingit is still a form of freight.

For ocean shipping,  goods can be loaded onto pallets and consolidated into shipping containers.  Twenty foot shipping containers and forty foot containers are used often.  High cube containers are used when a little more space is needed.

Automobiles are often shipped inside of containers.  Cars can be shipped on ships without using a shipping container.  This is called a roll on roll off move. While this is usually a less costly shipping option, it is not offered  on all ships or into all ports. Vehicles must have a clear title before they can leave the United States.

Medical equipment is often shipped inside of containers as well.  Medical practices throughout the United States sell used equipment. As older doctors retire or sell their practices, medical equipment shipping both domestically and internationally has become big business. It can be everything from small tools to larger pieces of medical equipment. There are auction houses that specialize in selling only used medical equipment.  Of course new medical  equipment ships out on a daily basis as well. While some of  the equipment can be packed into boxes and loaded onto a pallet, we recommend having a custom crate built for the larger, valuable and delicate medical equipment.

 Bicycles, motorcycles and surfboards are shipped via freight as well.  Customers who want to tour Europe on their own bicycle or motorcycle are known to pay for shipping both to and from Europe.  If either of these items are shipped inside of custom built crates, we recommend that reusable crates are built and then saved and used for reshipping.

For information about shipping freight, please feel free to contact pack n send.  In business since 1981.

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Do You Need White Glove Movers for your Residential Move?

Posted on Mon, Jan 15, 2018


white  glove move.jpg

Why is using a white glove moving company a good idea when you are moving into a new home?

They make your move a spectator event, rather than a work your muscles and sweat event.  Your basic job becomes directing and letting the movers know what items you need packed and unpacked, what items will head to a donation center, and which items you would like to go to storage. You can also direct them to drop off items at a shipping store that you would like to ship to other family members or friends.


Ease of moving is the white glovers main goal. Not only can you ask the white glove movers to pack up your current home you as well. They can haul off all of your boxes and packing materials. This is a big deal, if you want to so as little work as possible and have your new home livable in a very short period of time.

They can pack your valuables and breakable items for you so that you do not have to drive around looking for the correct packing materials. You can point out as you go where you would like each item placed inside of your new home. They can pack not only your ordinary household items, but can move your artwork and chandeliers as well. If you need  a custom box or a custom built crate for either marble or artwork, they can build theses as well.

White glove movers can arrange to take unwanted items to donation locations. This includes furniture as well as everyday household items.

When you use this service, you are not out in the  heat or cold, the rain or snow. Your job is to sit back and  relax and watch your white glovers movers complete your move.

For more information on your household move or business move, please contact us.

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