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Estate Moving & Estate Furniture Shipping

Posted on Fri, Feb 24, 2017

After a love one passes away, there is usually furniture and household goods to take out of the home or apartment. Instead of donating the furniture and mementos, why not ship them to relatives and friends throughout the United States. Estate moving of small items and estate furniture shipping require that specific questions are asked of the packing, moving and shipping company.

estate shipping.jpg

You can deliver something as small as a piece of silverware up to a car.  You can have artwork packed in boxes for shipping or shipped inside a custom built crate.

Check with the shipping company that you use that they can move  small boxes, or even place furniture on a pallet for shipping. See if they can ship a single piece of furniture overseas or anywhere in the United States.

The company that you choose should be able to pick up, pack and deliver to multiple locations. A small package to Oregon, and household furniture to Maine should be able to be handled by the same company.

Make sure that the company can supply shipping and packing boxes. They should offer to either pack for you, or offer guidance so that you can pack on your own if you would like to do that.

They should ask you for the value of the estate items that you are shipping. You want to be covered in case of loss or damage during the shipping process.

When looking for a company to pack and send or pack and ship for you, try to locate a one stop shop, so that you have less work to do at a stressful time in your life.

For more information about moving an estate feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. In business since 1981.


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International Shipping Companies Alternatives

Posted on Wed, Feb 22, 2017


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When you are looking at international shipping companies, there a myriad of considerations.

Has the company shipped internationally before?

Do they offer both container shipping, air shipping and cubic meter shipping?

Come prepared with a list and the value of the items that you are shipping. That way the freight preparation company can look at the least expensive way to send your items. Time may be of a factor so air shipping may the best shipping alternative.  If time is not of the essence, ocean shipping may be the way to  pack and send your items. International shipping is easy when you use a shipping company that has experience.

Once you have prepared your list, and have located the packing and shipping services, you need to make sure that the country you are shipping to will accept the item or items that you are sending. There are specific lists for each country of items that are not allowed into their country. Both USPS and DHL websites contain lists of the prohibited items for each country.

Look for a company that will price each of your shipments individually.  The best shipping method for your first shipment may change when you transport other items the second or third time that you are shipping internationally. Sometimes you can ship in a custom built crate. Other times, shipping on a pallet is recommended.  A 20 foot container may work for your first shipment. Maybe a 40 foot container or a 40 foot high cube is needed for your next two shipments.

When you are researching for an international moving companies feel free to contact  pack n send in Houston.  We have been in business since 1981 and are here to answer your international moving questions.

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Houston moving company helps you find the right local mover

Posted on Wed, Feb 15, 2017



When you plan a household move,  you need to plan ahead of time. Finding the right moving company should be on the top of your list.

Here are a few of the questions that that a moving company should ask you.


Do you plan to pack your boxes yourself?

Do you need help packing some of your boxes?

Do  you have the proper  packing materials to pack boxes on your own?

Will you need stand up wardrobe boxes for your hanging clothes?

Do you want the mover to move all of your items, or will you move some of the items on your own?

Do you have an attic, garage or storage unit that will also be moved?

Have you signed a lease on your new home or apartment?

Do you plan to forward your mail to your new address.

While these are some very basic questions,  Houston moving companies try to help their customers have well planned out moves.

For Houston houston packing, moving, unpacking and estate packing and estate shipping  in Houston feel free to contact pack n send, a Houston moving company.

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Custom Boxing

Posted on Mon, Feb 13, 2017



Custom made boxes can be made for shipping artwork. Once a boxing company knows the dimensions of  a painting i.e., the length, width and height, they can build your custom made box.  If it is a high value painting that you would like to ship, then  a custom built crate may be  your best option.

When you are shipping inside  a crate, different types of wood may need to be used .  Shipping International freight from Houston, requires that heat treated wood is used to build the crate. If you want to pack and send a painting to New York, then you do not need to use this stamped heat treated  wood.

So if you need custom boxing in Houston, or a custom wood crate built in Biloxi, look for a company that specializes in using appropriate packing materials that will take into account both the size of the painting, as well as the value of the painting that is being shipped.

Feel free to contact pack n send in Houston, if you have questions about the right type of packing material to use when you are shipping a painting.

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Do interior decorators & interior designers need a moving company?

Posted on Thu, Feb 09, 2017



In order to rearrange furniture, you need to hire a moving company.   If furniture needs to be  donated or disposed of, you need a professional company to move furniture for you.  If your are simply moving furniture into a garage so that the walls can be painted, you need movers with experience.

So what else can  a mover help out with? 

Taking down and hanging art work

Moving out old appliances

Moving furniture into a storage unit, or into the garage so that new flooring can be put down

Packing up the kitchen before a kitchen remodel.

Unpacking the kitchen after a kitchen remodel.

Packing the linen closet and bathroom items before a bathroom remodel.

Unpacking the linen closet and bathroom items before a bathroom remodel.

Bedroom furniture may need to be moved into another bedroom, or into a storage unit.

In Houston, pack n send has been assisting interior decorators   and  interior designers since 1981 with all of their moving needs. Please feel free to contact us if you have a remodeling need, or are moving your business or if you are moving you home. We are able to provide both packing , moving and unpacking services.

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Unloading Cargo Containers

Posted on Tue, Jan 31, 2017


 international shipping companies.jpg

So now you have imported merchandise from another country into Houston. You have picked up the  container at the Port of Houston and had it delivered to your warehouse.

 Now what?  Hire a professional company to unload your container. Unloading cargo containers should be done by experienced workers. Hire a company that has the personnel and forklift. Let them unload the pallets and stack the merchandise on your shelves.  With their expertise, they can do this quickly so that the container can be returned to the port without incurring extra charges.


Considering international shipping? If you are loading cargo containers for shipment to another country,  hire the same team to load your container in under two hours. They can stage the shipment in the warehouse, so that the container can be loaded quickly and efficiently.

For information about container loading and container unloading in Houston, please feel free to contact us.

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Freight Receiving Warehouse for Small to Midsize Companies

Posted on Wed, Jan 25, 2017


 freight receiving warehouse.jpg

Retailers  often use freight receiving warehouses. For companies that are  purchasing  multiple lots of items, the freight receiving warehouse can unload the pallets, inspect the merchandise, and deliver the items to multiple locations for or the purchaser.


For companies that are receiving large loads that the intend to repackage,  the freight receiver can inspect the packages for defects or missing items, and then deliver them to the purchasers place of business.

 Interior decorators often have the furniture that they are staging, sent to a freight receiving warehouse, inspected and then delivered to the home that they will be showing.

When companies use a freight receiving warehouse to receive their freight, it frees up their personnel to handle other tasks.  Companies do not need to have extra storage space, as the deliveries  are processed as needed.

For more information about freight receiving,  fell free to contact pack and send in Houston.

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Cargo Shipping to Slovenia- Restricted and Prohibited Items and Facts

Posted on Tue, Jan 24, 2017


 Slovenia flag.jpg


When pack and send looked for items that are prohibited or restricted for shipment into Slovenia three years ago, we could not locate a list of these items. Since that time, some of the following items have been restricted or prohibited.


Here is a partial list of some of the items that are now prohibited from importing into Slovenia:

  • Playing cards
  • Chain letter items
  • Radioactive materials


There are many more restricted items that can only be imported with authorization by the State Bank. They include money, both paper and coins, as well as papers that have values.

Medicine may be imported only if there is an import permit that has been obtained by the health authorities. 

Pack n send is providing the link below to see if  more updates are made in the future.

 We have listed facts about Slovenia so that you can get to know more about Slovenia.

We found that they have more than twenty eight thousand wineries and more than 500 castles. Only about seven per cent of the wine is exported. The rest is consumed domestically.

There are twenty four thousand different types of animal species including birds, deer and bears.

Potatoes, sugar beets and wheat are grown in Slovenia.

Slovenia is known for ski resorts and lakes. It is also had beautiful mountains.

If you  are shipping containers you should consider shipping  into the Port of Koper. Cargo shipping will go smoothly when you  prepare the proper documentation.

For information about container loading and   container shipping contact pack n send in Houston.

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Moving a senior adult into an assisted living center.  Part four

Posted on Sat, Jan 21, 2017

moving senior adults-2.jpg

 Here is a list of  some things to take into account when you are moving a senior adult into a new residence.

Find out if the location they are moving from or moving to needs a Certificate of Insurance. If needed, have it ready a week before the move.  Some facilities require this Certificate before the movers can move anything in or out of the building.

See if you need to reserve a freight elevator. Are there specific times when you can move in or out of a building? Is there a specific door to use that is closer to the residents living space.  If the movers can park close to the residents room, you may be able to save on move time.

Can you pack non essential items such as extra linens  before the move day. That way, all you need to be concerned about on the move in date is getting the resident over to the new location. Whether a  senior is moving one piece of furniture or an entire house load of furniture you will need to plan ahead. Consider moving a single piece of furniture to a family member.

Can you arrange to have the old apartment or home cleaned after the resident has moved out. That way all the senior needs to do is  go from one location to another on move day.

Have you let the new location know your move in time ahead of time. That way, they can have someone greet the new resident when they arrive.  Have you shown the senior their way around the new building ahead of time. If they are familiar where the dining room, exercise room and coffee room are, it will make them feel more comfortable when you leave for the day.

For more information on moving senior adults feel free to contact pack n send. We pack up the seniors apartment or home. We also ship the items that will not fit into their new living space to relatives throughout the country.

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Moving a senior adult into an assisted living center. Part three

Posted on Wed, Jan 18, 2017


  • moving senior adults.jpg
  • This is a list of things to consider when you are moving a senior adult into a new residence.
  •  Ask for a floor plan for the new residence.
  • Find out what  pieces of furniture the person you are moving would like to take with them Check to see if it will all fit into their new living space.
  • Is there anything that they would like to donate.
  • Do they want to ship any china, silverware or mementos to family members.
  • Make them a part of the move.
  • Do they have a preference as far as the floor that they are on.
  • Do they want a patio or a porch?
  • Do they want to face an garden, or the street.
  • Check if the new space will be noisy or quiet based on the  outside traffic or noises.
  • Will their rooms face the sun in the heat of the day if they are in a warm climate.

These are all things that can be checked out before the move, to make the senior adults move go smoothly.

Feel  free to ask pack n send questions about the move. We specialize in moving seniors into assisted living facilitiesPacking companies, like pack n send  can pack, move and offer to  help sell and or ship their excess belongings to family members throughout the United States.

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