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Houston Artwork Shipper lists Caryn Landuer Artwork

Posted on Fri, Mar 29, 2013

 This appears to be the first time that a piece of Caryn Landuers work has been listed for sale on eBay.

It is an original oil painting that is 11 7/8 x 8 7/8 x 1 7/8. It can hang flat on the wall or as shown here, can be hung at an angle in the corner.  What a unique way to display her artwork!

The Landauer Art Studio-Showroom has been based in Houston, Texas for the past 15 years.

 They are a mother & daughter team of abstract artists known as a Mother-Daughter Duo. Caryn Landauer was born into a family of artists also including her brother and aunt.  She says she was destined to be an artist.  She can remember always doing some kind of artwork herself, whether it was painting, drawing, writing, or photography.   Sharing a love for art has played a large part in this special mother daughter relationship. They will sometimes paint on the same piece of artwork because something special often happens.

 Their originals have been placed in many residential homes and corporate settings. They have artwork in several Houston hospitals; including Baylor College of Medicine, Memorial Hermann Hospital locations and  a piece of artwork in the Chevron building downtown.

 Their artwork consists of a wide variety of abstract acrylics, pastels & water­colors in different sizes and different price ranges created on paper, wood or canvas. Their Paintings range from small 8”x 10” to some very large works of art that range from 2’- 3’ X 5’- 6’, vertical or horizontal.

  They have exhibitions at their studio plus are a part of many galas, and events in the Houston and surrounding areas. They paint many custom pieces and enjoy working with a multitude of different colors & textures on a continually changing basis for home  or office. The challenge of creating a variety of different styles of work is something that is truly gratifying and appreciated by their clients.  They also do live demonstrations for groups; creating a painting from start to finish!

 For Caryn and Ruth Landauer, art is all about color and design and texture. They enjoy painting small paintings as well as large six feet canvases.  Their interest is abstract art which draws the viewer emotionally to their work.

 Caryn generally paints with acrylics which allow her to experiment freely with layers and layers of color.  Adding texture makes her work even more interesting.   Wonderful things happen on her canvases; different light throughout the day adds extra interest for the viewer. 

 At times Caryn will start a piece with such thick texture that the paint seems to pop off the canvas's surface; "dry brushing" sporadically over the piece afterwards lends itself to fascinating designs from various perspectives.

 Ruth paints in many mediums, including water color, pastels and acrylic. Many years ago she started mixing the mediums.  She will often start with watercolor and  acrylic and add pastel or ink which creates a rich, interesting appearance to her artwork.   Sometimes she combines all four of these mediums.  Her work varies from pure abstract designs to abstract landscapes, "beachscapes" (seascapes), or "floralscapes" (floral) paintings.   

  It truly is all about color for Caryn and Ruth Landauer.

                                                   Caryn Landauer  Artist Statement

It seems I have always been an artist.  I come from a family of artists, each of us using

different mediums.  I have been involved with some form of creativity since I was very young, whether it was photography, painting or poetry.

Painting is a way of expressing myself.   My paintings change constantly.  Depending on a particular day, depending on a feeling, a thought, an observation; the colors and style may change in major ways; sometimes even looking so different that one would not know they were created by the same painter.

I like working with acrylics best.  I like to play with layers and layer of different colors & see the outcome.

I enjoy abstract art, since for me, it is a release, a necessity."



Ruth Landauer: Artist Statement:

"My paintings are about color, contrast, patterns and design, lights and darks.  They are about the surprises that occur from layering colors and shapes so that each layer plays a part in the finished work.  Each painting evolves as the shapes and interplay of color create a unified and exciting whole.  Acrylics and pastels are my favorite mediums because they lend themselves to this type of experimental work.


I hope to create a painting that keeps drawing the observer to it because there is always a new discovery to be made.  It might be individual parts of the painting where something interesting is happening or it might be the painting as a whole.  It is for the observer to decide. "


When looking for an artwork shipper in Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Auction House Shipping Suggestions

Posted on Fri, Nov 09, 2012

This article describes auction house shipping and the questions that you should ask when choosing a shipping company.

As more and more auction houses are established due to the growth of the internet, there are questions you should ask the auction house before you make your online purchase.

Does the auction house have a list of preferred shippers?  Are these shippers listed on the Auction house website?  Can the auction house provide you with their email and phone number so that you can establish your shipping charges before you bid on an item?  Make sure that the shipper can offer you pick up service or that the auction house is willing to drop off the item at the shipping location.

Does the Auction house pay for the shipping, or is it up to you, the consumer to both pay for and arrange shipping for out of city purchases.

It is recommended to check and see if the auction house will let you drive in and pick up your purchase rather than having it shipped.  Auction houses often have preferred shippers listed on their auction sites.  We recommend calling the shipper to ask questions before you arrange your shipping.

If you are shipping artwork from an auction house, is the shipper prepared to pick up and build a custom crate for you artwork? What about large statutes or marble?  Does the shipper have experience preparing and shipping these items? Call ahead and ask the shipper details.

Ask the shipper their procedures for packing.  Do they use solid wood crates?  Do they use bubble wrap, peanuts and Styrofoam to protect the statue in the crate during the shipping process? Can the shipper ship both domestically and internationally? Does the shipper stock heat treated wood for international shipping?  If the purchase is for greater than two thousand five hundred dollars for one item, is the shipper able to prepare the paperwork to attain the SED, or will you need to look up the Schedule B number on your own?

 If you are shipping medical equipment, does the shipper have the ability to pick up, pack and palletize or crate your medical equipment? Ask the shipper how they protect the moving parts of the medical equipment. If there are arm, does the shipping company block and brace the moving part during shipping?  Can the company you choose properly value the shipment during transit? If you purchase a large lot of medical equipment, can the shipper provide you with a quote for a blanket wrap move verses freight shipping?  The shipping company needs to offer alternatives that will help you save money.

 If you have purchased a high value delicate item, can the shipper properly value the purchase during the shipping process? Ask how the company packs and protects the shipment.  For glassware you need to ask if each piece of glassware is individually wrapped and protected for shipping.

Are you able to speak to a person at the shipping company to get answers to your questions, or are you only allowed to communicate via email.

We recommend that you contact a shipping company before you bid at the auction.  That way you can know the total costs associated with your purchase before you make a bid and send in the payment for your purchase.

If you have any questions about how to select a shipper for an auction, please feel free to call pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450. 




If you have purchased a container full of equipment, can the shipping company pick up, load, prepare paper work and ship a container for you? Can the company you choose give you a quote ahead of time? Are they able to prepare the paperwork on your behalf?

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Houston Custom Packing Company Offers Advice

Posted on Fri, Oct 19, 2012

Looking for a company to ship a delicate item for you?  What about shipping a valuable item, or even a family heirloom? Be sure to look on the web for companies that have experience with packing and shipping  the following items: 

Antique shipping-including oil paintings, statues and lamps to bookcases and armoires, china cabinets, dressers, dining room sets, desks, chandeliers, and tables

Art Shipping- including oil paintings, photography prints, and 3D media

Sculpture Shipping- including marble and glass 

Glass shipping- all types of glass including:

  • Goblets
  • Lamps
  • Wine Glasses
  • Vases
  • Cups
  • Glass table tops
  • Picture Frames
  • Stained glass
  • Swarovski Crystal
  • WaterfordCrystal
  • Bowls

Medical equipment shipping  including:

  • medical examination tables
  • high value diagnostic equipment
  • autoclaves
  • microscopes
  • physical therapy equipment

Chandelier Shipping including- crystal, wood, metal and animal horn 

Marble Shipping including- table tops and sculptures 

Electronics including:

  • Servers, routers, switches and server racks
  • PCs, computer accessories, and computer equipment
  • High value electronics

This is just a partial list of the items that you should make sure that a company has shipped prior to shipping on your behalf.

When shipping with in the United States your shipment may require a custom box, custom packing, or a custom crate. When shipping outside the United States, your shipping order may require certain wood, commercial invoices or Schedule B items.

When looking for a professional shipper, be sure to ask questions about the packing  process. For more information about professional packing, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.





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Houston Shipper Demonstrates How to Pack a Chandelier

Posted on Tue, Oct 09, 2012

With the holiday season approaching, families are sprucing up and updating their homes. Families are shipping heirloom chandeliers cross country.  Businesses are placing chandeliers in their lobbies. Relative are shipping chandeliers as gifts.

 As we receive phone calls about the best way to ship a chandelier, we have posted our video demonstrating chandelier packing on our website. While animal horn chandeliers need blocking and bracing crystal chandeliers demand a lot of attention to the small details. We have chosen to use a chandelier that has crystals, as these crystals usually need hand packing for shipping.

 In our video, we demonstrate that when you pick up a chandelier to take it to your warehouse, you must hang it during transportation. That is correct, you hang it inside the truck.

 For most chandeliers you will need to build a custom box or a custom crate for shipping purposes.

 Some common chandelier types are as follows:

 Sea Shell chandelier, Glass chandelier,Wrought Iron chandelier,Brass chandelier,Victorian chandelier,Beaded chandelier,Crystal chandelier,Animal Horn chandelier

 As you can tell by the various types of chandeliers, each chandelier will need to be box or crated according to their size, value and composition. Chandeliers that travel via freight will still be hung inside the box or crate. 

With the crystal chandelier in our video, you will notice that the individual crystals are wrapped separately. This is to keep the crystals from hitting each other during shipping.

Once the chandelier is hanging inside of the box or crate, and the crystals wrapped, Styrofoam peanuts are loaded in the crate or box. The peanuts will help prevent the chandelier from moving around during the shipping process.

Pack n Send Today!

 For more information about how to properly pack a chandelier for shipping, please contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

  Pack n send specializes in shipping delicate chandeliers, artwork shipping and freight preparation and freight receiving.


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Early Holiday Shipping Advice from Houston Packing Company

Posted on Fri, Oct 05, 2012


Updated information about holiday shipping from Houston Custom Crating Company. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are  around the corner.  With more and more families traveling for Thanksgiving and staying at home for Christmas, we are offering advice earlier in the year. You've bought tons of gifts for friends and family. All you need now is to pack up your presents and ship them, right?

Our best advice is to ship very early. When carriers have an overload of packages being shipped all at once, there are bound to be more errors in the deliveries.

  With so many people sending gifts across the country, you need to think strategically about when, how and where you'll send. Keep reading for solid tips on avoiding shipping headaches this holiday season.

1. Go with an experienced shipping company. Use an experienced packing company to pack and ship your holiday presents. How sad to buy a lovely vase and have it damaged during shipping. Packing professionals will know how to handle your delicate gifts.

If you are shipping family heirlooms, always let an experienced mover or shipping company pack and ship these for you. Some things are worth paying for, and irreplaceable items surely fall into this category. If one of your antiques needs to be crated, ask the company if they build a custom wood crate to specifically fit the item that you are shipping.

2. Send items early, even if you are taking a plane. Having your gifts arrive separately spares you the hassle of carrying items through the airport. You also avoid the extra baggage fees. Many companies will pick up, pack, gift wrap and ship your packages for you. One less worry!!

An added bonus? Family members will wait with anticipation when they see a box of gifts arrive at their doorstep.

3. Ship early, ship early, ship early. This cannot be stressed enough times. If you are looking at saving money, you do not want to wait and ship until the last minute. Overnight shipping is more expensive, as is two day and three day shipping. Ground shipping is reliable, and not nearly as expensive.

The major shipping companies list the last day you should ship and hope to get your package there on time, but, starting the day after Thanksgiving guarantees by the major shipping companies are adjusted or suspended until after Christmas. This is due to the weather and volume of packages.

4.Use UPS, Fed Ex and DHL. When you use these companies, you can track your package from the time it leaves the store until the time it is delivered. The satisfaction of knowing exactly when it has arrived at its final destination is great.

5. Ship suitcases before you travel. Suitcase shipping starts to pick up this time of year - and with good reason. With crowded airports and extra fees imposed by the airlines, customers now request luggage pick up at their home or office and delivery at their final destination. Pick up service for your luggage can also be arranged for the trip home.

When it comes to Christmas and holiday shipping, plan ahead, ship early and go with an experienced shipper.

6.  Go ahead and send furniture as gifts. If you plan on giving a piece of furniture as a gift, look for a shipping company that can arrange delivery for this piece of furniture either a few days before Christmas, or even on Christmas Eve.

If we can answer any of your holiday shipping, packing, freight or moving  questions, please call us in Houstonat 713-266-1450, or visit us at

Happy Holiday Shipping!

Updated information about holiday shipping from Houston Custom Crating Company.

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Shipping Art and Artwork-Advice from a Houston Shipping Co.

Posted on Fri, Jul 27, 2012

 I asked a customer what she worried about when shipping artwork.

 Her answer was “Just about everything.”   This blog is for my customer. 

When you want to ship artwork, look for a company that specializes in shipping high value items.  If the company is experienced at  shipping delicate and valuable items for their customers, you can then ask about how they intend to ship your artwork. 

If it is a picture with glass, do they use tape to protect the glass? If it is a sculpture, can they build a crate in their warehouse that will specifically fit your sculpture? If it a valuable oil painting, can they build a custom crate for you to match the size of your painting?

We have a few basic questions to ask the company that you would like to use to ship your art work. 

My mother\'s close friend passed away a few years ago; she was an Ecuadorian, and my mother took a lot of the art from her apartment. This is a brightly-colored little plaque illustrating people in a village.

We make these suggestions because art work shipping requires special  knowledge about shipping, custom box making and custom crate making. 

Ask if the company ships for private collectors. Do they ship for art exhibitions and then offer to ship the artwork back to the private collector? 

Ask if the company that you are using ships for both auction houses, art galleries and art dealers.

Can the company offer freight, moving and common carrier shipping options. This is not a one size fits all shipping arrangement. Ask if the company can offer both international and domestic shipping. Ask if the company can offer both residential and commercial pick up and delivery of art.

For my customer, I hope that these suggestions helps you ease your mind the next time you would like to ship a piece of artwork. 

For any other customers who have questions about artwork packing and shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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What is best time to Crate? Asks a freight, crater/ mover in Houston.

Posted on Mon, Nov 07, 2011

  Custom crates should be made for high value, delicate items.  A custom crate should be built to ensure an exact fit.  Proper padding is needed to further protect valuable items. Crating charges should include calculations of both size and weight of the item being crated. Certain items will need to be braced for shipping within the crate.  Runners will be needed for crates that need to be shipped upright. 

A wooden box for the kids room

Reusable crates are recommended when the crate will be shipped more than one time.  There are different types of wood that need to be used for domestic or international shipping. 

When shipping a crate, the recipients address should be written directly on the wood to prevent any paperwork from falling off the crate, and thus, the crate being misdirected. A phone number for the recipient is also recommended on the outside of the crate.

 Look for  a shipper who can decide if a crate is actually needed, since the weight of a crate can add to the shipping price. Lamps, paintings and sculptures may not need to  be crated.  Sometimes just bubble wrap, peanuts Styrofoam and double boxing will suffice.

 High value artwork, chandeliers and high value antiques are common items that will usually require crating.

 For more information about custom crating and custom packing, please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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Antique Shipping Houston- A Special Service

Posted on Wed, Feb 23, 2011


 Antique desk on display at the old courthouse museum in Tombstone, Arizona.

Antique shipping and moving is a very specialized service.  When you want to move just a small amount of antique furniture, you can have it custom crated and then freighted. 

Some pieces of antique furniture can go on a pallet, surrounding the furniture with protection and stretch wrap, and shipping the furniture via truck to its new city.

Some pieces will need to be custom crated. The crate will need to be built specifically to fit your antique.

The crating company should have years of experience both handling and valuing antiques. Remember: every crate will need to be built to specifically fit your individual item.

If you have many pieces of antique furniture you may use a special mover that specializes in moving antiques.

Make sure they know how to properly pack and prepare the furniture for your move.  Some of it may be blanket wrapped, some of it may be wrapped in flexible cardboard and some may need to be crated for the move.

You will want to make sure that you have a current appraisal before valuing the antique for shipping.

If you are shipping antique sculptures or art work, look for a firm that specializes in packing and crating high value items from one city to another.

Finding a company that can offer varied services when shipping antiques will help save you money.  You want to make sure that your antiques arrive in pristine condition.

For help with antique furniture shipping or if you have any questions about shipping antiques, please feel free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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Shipping and Imports -Visible Houston Improvements

Posted on Mon, Feb 21, 2011


Ships are full, containers are picked over and truck drivers are in demand.

 Houston's trading community is moving more cargo these days as higher oil prices and a rebounding economy have driven up  exports  and  imports.

We're definitely seeing the wheels of the economic engine starting to turn," said Jeff Joachim, president of World Trade Distribution, a Houston company that provides warehousing, trucking and container storage, among other services. "You're starting to see people stock inventory again."

Houston's trade with the world rebounded by 26 percent last year compared with the doldrums of 2009, according to a recent report by WorldCity, which tracks trade data.

But it still hasn't reached the levels of 2008, a banner year for many in the local shipping business.

Last year, Houston traded $211.5 billion in goods with the rest of the world, up from $167.5 billion in 2009, WorldCity reported. That's still less than the record $240.8 billionthe Bayou City traded with world markets in 2008.

Nationwide, trade increased to $3.2 trillion in 2010 from $2.6 trillion in 2009. Last year's numbers were still below the $3.4 trillion in trade during 2008.

Like much of the rest of the U. S..Houston imports more than it exports and had a trade deficit of about $22  billion in 2010.

Pack n send has republished portions of this article written by Houston Chronicle journalist Jenalia Moreno.  We look for positive upswings in the Houston and US economy for both freight and cargo.

 For more information about packing, crating, cargo and freight shipping from Houston, Texas please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Packing Houston- Reduced Cost # 1 Reason to Outsource

Posted on Wed, Jan 12, 2011

 wood packing

With the economy showing signs of improvement, now is the time to look at outsourcing. Pack n send offers professional packing services for artwork, and antiques.  We also provide packing and unpacking service for companies and individuals that are moving.

We have posted this information taken from as a service to our customers.

By outsourcing, many businesses have been able to slash their business expenses, boost their bottom line and enhance shareholder value.

Still, not every company considers outsourcing as a viable alternative. During down times, some try to save money by completing all tasks in-house, even those outside their core function. In some cases, skilled workers are required to perform menial tasks or handle assignments beyond their knowledge or skill level.

But that is not an efficient way to operate. Every minute that skilled employees spend on such activities is wasted effort. Their employer is not capitalizing on their knowledge, experience or skill in order to add value to the organization. Employees could spend their time more wisely and efficiently by streamlining processes, improving product quality or developing creative solutions that enhance overall customer satisfaction.

For more information about outsourcing your custom packing Houstonand crating needs in Houston, please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450. Remember, pack n send offers crating and packing in Houston, Texas.  Pack n send specializes in freight shipping.

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