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Furniture Shipping Services to the Rescue

Posted on Tue, Nov 19, 2013

The American public is very transient these days. Our parents, our children, and our grandchildren are often scattered all over the country. So when it's time to down-size, or pass
along a treasured heirloom to a family member, the problem is usually how to get it to them when they live hundreds or thousands of miles away.

That is where Furniture Shipping Services  can make your life a whole lot easier. Whether your item is large or small, it can be packed and shipped safely with little effort on your part.

When you're considering how to get  Aunt Sally's antique maple dining set, table, 6 chairs, and a china hutch, to your daughter in Seattle, there may be a lot of options that seem appropriate.
But be sure to ask these questions when you are choosing a shipping service.

  • How will the furniture be packed? Will it be packed to withstand the rigors of shipment, or will it just have cardboard wrapped around the outside?
  • Who will pack your items? Are you expected to do it yourself, or is the packing taken care of by professionals with the proper packing material and expertise?
  • Will the delivery include carrying the furniture inside or leaving it on curbside?
  • When shipping large items via freight, you have the option to have the furniture left on your curb and you can then find a way to get it inside. Be sure to find out ahead of time what service you will get. When you freight your furniture, you can always request inside white glove delivery.  The furniture will be received in a freight receiving warehouse, unloaded and then delivered inside your home. This is a great option when you do not have friends or family to assist you with unloading a pallet.
  • With couples both working outside the home, you may be able to send pictures of the items that you are shipping so that the shipping company can prepare a quote for you. Your prized furniture is unique and precious to you. It may require packaging that only a professional estimator will be able to specify and provide.
  •  Contact us at pack n send for complete information on the best way to ship your furniture so it arrives safely at its new home. Remember freighting furniture may save you money and is a great alternative way to ship when you have a small amount of furniture to ship.




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