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Freight Preparation From Houston-Ask Questions

Posted on Tue, Jan 25, 2011


Please watch our video about  preparing freight on a pallet for shipping. We would like to show you first hand how to  stack items that will go on the pallet. We then demonstrate the way to protect the freight and ready the pallet for shipping. Please note the black wrap we use.  We prefer black so that the items on the pallet are not visible from the outside.

When looking for a company to prepare freight for you, ask a few general questions. Does the company deal with multiple freight carries so that they can shop around for the best price for you, the customer?  Does the company receive discounts from the freight companies due to their shipping volume?

When looking for a company to  ship your international goods, look for a company that uses both common carriers as well as cargo companies.  Make sure that the company can ship boxes, pallets and containers internationally. Ask if the company can prepare a quote for your specific need.  Ask for a list of the countries that the company can ship to.

If the company is palletizing you shipment, make sure to ask for black protective wrap so that no one can see inside your pallet as it is moved throughout the freight system.

The pallets will need to be built using wood that is stamped and heat treated for foreign shipping.

Ask if pallets are build using a protective frame of 1 x 4’s.

 Check to see if the company as experience loading containers for international shipping. Can the company you choose offer full value coverage for your goods from the time your items are picked up, until the time that they are delivered?

 For more information about freight shipping both domestically and internationally, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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