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Designers Gain the Advantage with White Glove Delivery in Houston

Posted on Thu, Mar 20, 2014

Interior designers can make shopping for home furnishings a simple matter.

They are skilled in knowing where to look for the exact items that can transform a home into a showplace, provide comfort, and reflect personal style, all at the same time. They may shop locally, but may also have to search far afield and on the internet to find the perfect combination of furniture and accessories required.

The rise of internet companies selling furniture, antiques, lamps, decorative accessories, and everything else, is booming, making it easier than ever to find the furniture items that make a client happy. Figures vary, but online merchants seem to be faring better during the recession than brick and mortar stores. In 2013, over $9 billion was spent in online furnishings stores and sales are growing at 9-10% per year.

The challenge is how to get purchases to your client's home, on time and in one piece. That's where white glove delivery service in Houston can provide you with the services that you need.

White Glove delivery services can make the final delivery to the customer a simple matter.

Consider these benefits:

•    All items can be shipped to a central location.
•    Furniture will be inspected and touched up, if needed.
•    One delivery can be made to install and place furniture in customer's home at their convenience.
•    Returns are almost eliminated because the furniture is in good condition, and set up and placed where the customer desires. The designer may also choose to be present when delivery is made.
•    A customer, who is happy with the first room, and the service from ordering to delivery, is certain to be a repeat customer.

White glove delivery, along with shipping, and receiving services, is just one more weapon in a designer or retailer's arsenal to provide the excellent customer service that most people demand. It's the way to grow your business and generate good word-of-mouth advertising from your satisfied customers. For more information on how to use our services to make your customers happy, contact us.

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Why Consider Furniture Freight Receiving?

Posted on Fri, Nov 08, 2013

So what happens when you order new furniture from out of town?  Many commercial
producers of furniture ship it via freight. To save on shipping costs they have the freight delivered to your curb with you, the customer left to unload the furniture and bring it inside your home.  

This is a definite cost saving to you the final recipient of the furniture, but you might want to consider having the furniture shipped to a furniture receiving warehouse. The warehouse should specialize in furniture freight receiving. They should be able to  unload the furniture  from the pallet and deliver it  inside your home with white glove delivery. Obviously, this is more costly to you, but it will save wear and tear on you back. It will also save you from disposing of the packing materials and the wood pallet.

If your furniture is requiring special assembly, the furniture receiving warehouse should be able to assemble the furniture for you.

Look for a freight receiving company where every order is treated individually to provide a customized delivery that meets the customers’ needs. This includes time specific delivery day and time. When you ship your furniture, you should be able choose a specific shipping method. You should be able to specify overnight, two, three, and air or ground transportation. You are in charge of when it is delivered.  The freight receiving company will be responsible for taking furniture from the shipping dock location to the delivery at the customer's home. 

The company that you choose to receive your freight knows how important your furniture is and we will give it special care and handling. They should make sure to provide the correct amount of delivery men, and have the necessary equipment to ensure your delivery is
successful. You should not have to worry about the local delivery of your furniture.

If you have questions about furniture freight receiving, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston, TX.

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Retail Goods Freight Receiving Made Seamless

Posted on Fri, Nov 08, 2013

If you own a retail company then you know how important it is to have retail goods freight receiving at a predetermined delivery time and date that is convenient for everyone involved.

Whether the items are seasonal goods or monthly items a retail store receives or an interior decorator that needs furniture that needs to be received for an interior designer's customers, there are companies that can handle all types of needs.

Look for a company that will accept inbound freight that is shipped to a receiving warehouse. For retail clients, the freight receiving company can mark and label the boxes according to the
predetermined delivery date and time that is needed. These marked and labeled boxes can then be delivered to the client.

This makes retail goods freight receiving seamless because you get your merchandise delivered when you need it The retails goods freight is delivered at a pre determined time.

International freight receiving is handled in much the same way.  Many times the only difference is that the freight receiving company drives to the airport to pick up the freight.

With multiple companies shipping to the same freight receiving warehouse for delivery of goods at the same time, it makes it easy for the retailer to schedule receiving and stocking personnel. As many companies have switched over to just in time deliveries, goods can be shipped to a receiving warehouse and delivered very quickly to various storefronts throughout the city.

While six or seven lines of merchandise may arrive on the same day from different companies, the freight receiving warehouse can combine the shipments and deliver exactly what is
needed to each retail location.

If you need retail goods received at a specific time or need more information about retail freight receiving, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston for a quote so we can help you get
the items you need, when you need them.


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