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Freight Shipping, Freight Receiving- Just in Time shipping

Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

With the economy picking up, retail companies are looking for ways to save money on storage facilities for their products. Pack n send has noticed an up tick in companies using just in time shipping to our ware house.

 While most companies choose to ship via freight, some are using moving trucks to move merchandise. This is often used for furniture shipments, or custom made items.

We see retailers who  are  arranging for  shipments to be sent to a receiving company’s ware house. The ware house company then unloads, and sorts the boxes for delivery. The retailer then provides delivery dates and time at retail locations. This saves the retailer both on personnel costs and storage costs.

Other companies are shipping directly to warehouses and asking the warehouse to ship out small orders via Fed Ex orUPS. Once again, the seller is saving on warehousing costs. They are also saving on their personnel’s time by having experts take care of common carrier shipping.  Another example of just in time operations.

Pack n send receives freight  and retail items for both furniture manufactures and individuals. Trucks pull up to our warehouse, unload and then go on to their next destination.

For more information about freight shipping and receiving, or just in time inventory management, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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