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Houston Shipping Company sees Great Things at Port of Houston

Posted on Fri, Nov 02, 2012

Houston Shipping Company sees Great Things at Port of Houston

Pack n send received this article in an email about the Port of Houston.  This article follows in line with our contining series about why Houston is a great place to conduct business. We have reprinted this article to share with our cutomers.


Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds


Business remains strong at the Port of Houston, which has helped to keep Houston’s economy outpacing the rest of the nation, Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds reported at the Greater Houston Partnership “State-of-the-Port” luncheon yesterday. It was his final such address as he announced he would not be seeking reappointment, after leading the Port Commission for a dozen years.

In introductory remarks, former Port Commission Chairman Ned Holmes said Edmonds “has kept an even keel and steered the port to ever greater levels of prosperity that all of us benefit from in Houston, the state and beyond.”

Edmonds told a crowd of nearly 500 business leaders, elected officials and community leaders at the JW Marriott Hotel that “the port is a remarkable and important part of Houston and vital to our economic health.”


Nearly 500 business leaders, elected officials and community leaders attended.

With a new executive director in charge, record revenue and container activity, the upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal to handle larger ships with more cargo, and the introduction of new ships in an all-water service from Asia to Houston, Edmonds said the Port of Houston Authority is well-positioned for success in the future. The Port Authority also continues its lead in environmental stewardship and maintains a strong position in the market. Houston stands out among U.S.ports because of its excellent labor relations and a business-friendly environment, he said.

The latest economic impact study shows that businesses relying on the Houston Ship Channel generate more than one million jobs in Texas and more than two million in the nation. The economic impact of the port is $178.5 billion statewide and $499 billion nationwide.

In 2011, the Port Authority earned $204 million, its highest revenue income, and handled just under 1.9 million container units.

“I feel good leaving the Port Authority in a healthy financial state,” Edmonds said. “I am confident about the port’s future, especially with its leadership in the competent hands of Executive Director Leonard Waterworth.”


Port Authority Executive Director Leonard Waterworth


In his remarks, Waterworth paid tribute to Edmonds and the leaders a century earlier whom he called the “keepers of the port,” who left a priceless legacy.

“The courageous people who came before us built a community of opportunity,” he said. “For 98 years, the Port of Houston has served as the catalyst for the economic growth that we enjoy today. And our current success will be a legacy for those who follow us.”

To fulfill its vision and prepare for the future, Waterworth said the Port Authority must have the proper infrastructure in place to effectively work and manage the larger ships.

Nearly $3 billion is needed for upgrades to Port Authority facilities over the next 15 years, he noted. Part of that preparation involves the critical work of deepening and widening two container terminal channels that connect to the Houston Ship Channel and an investment in wharves and cranes.

With the presidential elections looming, Waterworth said he was inspired by an image of the “city upon a hill” from an ancient parable that was used by two former presidents from opposing parties. Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan paid homage to that shining city.

“I believe that Houston is the center of the next great economic expansion. It can be that metaphorical Shining City on the Hill,” he concluded.

The PowerPoint presentation is now available on the Port of Houston Authority’s website,

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Shipping with Iran Air? No way notes Houston Freight Company

Posted on Fri, Jul 01, 2011

 THE US has declared Iran Air and its subsidiaries, which includes Iran Air Cargo, a “proliferator of weapons of mass destruction”. Now no US individual or company can do business with the carrier and any assets it has within US jurisdictions will be frozen.

The US alleges Iran Air gave material support and services to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL). Specifically the US claims the airline shipped mechanical and electronic parts and equipment for the IRGC and the MODAFL and titanium sheets that could be used in the manufacture of rockets.

“Rockets or missiles have been transported via Iran Air passenger aircraft, and IRGC officers occasionally take control over Iran Air flights carrying special IRGC-related cargo,” the US Treasury Department added, saying the carrier had also transported missile and rocket components to Syria.

In March 2008, the United Nations Security Council adopted a resolution that asked any country to inspect cargo on aircraft owned or operated by Iran Air Cargo if they have reasonable grounds.

Air Cargo News keeps its readers up to date on events in the Air Cargo Industry.  Pack n send has republished this article from its website as a service to our customers.

Pack n send usually reports upbeat news in the cargo, freight and moving industries, but feels that negative events also effect world wide shipping.

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Is Packing Boring?- No Way Says Houston Freight-Moving Company

Posted on Fri, Jun 24, 2011

Packing may sound like a boring topic, but when you pack correctly, you can have your items arrive in perfect condition.

 Even thin signs that can easily dent or fold can be packed properly. 

We are blogging about the correct way to pack an aluminum sign. If you follow our instructions you sign will arrive in pristine condition and you will be a happy sign owner.

Aluminum sign packing requires special attention.  Due to the tendency for aluminum to dent or fold we have a few packing steps to recommend.

First, for the signs smaller than   24 inch x   24 inch  x  1 inch.

In order to protect the sign during shipping, place  a double wall cardboard over the front and back of the sign.

Then, place plywood that is  3/16 inches thick on the top of the cardboard.  Use 3 inch  packing tape to completely wrap the outside to the plywood. Make sure that all of the outer sides of the plywood is completely covered by your packing tape.

For aluminum signs larger than  24 inch x   24 inch  x  1 inch, you may  need to build a crate.

The wood for the crate should be   3/16  inches thick.  Line the sides of the crate with one inch of Styrofoam and double wall cardboard on  the top and bottom.  You also need to protect the corners of the sign with Styrofoam padding.

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We can also help with your moving, crating and freight needs.

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Another Big Win for Air Cargo – Freight

Posted on Mon, Jun 13, 2011

Lufthansa Report:

During the last quarter cargo traffic was stable for capacity up by 2.6 per cent, leading to a 1.8 per cent drop in load factor to 67.7 per cent. Unit revenue per available tonne kilometre was up 11.4 per cent. Revenues amounted to €769 million (US$1.1 billion), 14.1 per cent, while the operating result was close to break-even, a loss of €9 million ($12.8 million) compared with a loss of €63 million ($89.9 million) a year earlier.

For the year, cargo traffic progressed by 2.5 per cent for slightly lower capacity (-0.3 per cent) leading to a rise in load factor of almost two per cent to 68.4 per cent. Total cargo business revenues for the year were up 29.5 per cent.

“We have seen a contrasted year, with on the one hand a more favourable economic environment, but on the other a number of exceptional events affecting our operations,” Pierre-Henri Gourgeon, chief executive officer, commented. “Nevertheless, the strategic actions launched last year enabled us to return to profit in spite of a €1 billion euro ($1.43 billion) rise in our fuel bill and the impact of the various crises. The improvement of some €1.4 billion euros ($2 billion) in our operating result required a significant mobilisation by all the group’s employees.”

This article was taken from Air Cargo News. Pack n send tries to publish article that show trends in  freight, cargo and moving businesses.

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Shipping and Imports -Visible Houston Improvements

Posted on Mon, Feb 21, 2011


Ships are full, containers are picked over and truck drivers are in demand.

 Houston's trading community is moving more cargo these days as higher oil prices and a rebounding economy have driven up  exports  and  imports.

We're definitely seeing the wheels of the economic engine starting to turn," said Jeff Joachim, president of World Trade Distribution, a Houston company that provides warehousing, trucking and container storage, among other services. "You're starting to see people stock inventory again."

Houston's trade with the world rebounded by 26 percent last year compared with the doldrums of 2009, according to a recent report by WorldCity, which tracks trade data.

But it still hasn't reached the levels of 2008, a banner year for many in the local shipping business.

Last year, Houston traded $211.5 billion in goods with the rest of the world, up from $167.5 billion in 2009, WorldCity reported. That's still less than the record $240.8 billionthe Bayou City traded with world markets in 2008.

Nationwide, trade increased to $3.2 trillion in 2010 from $2.6 trillion in 2009. Last year's numbers were still below the $3.4 trillion in trade during 2008.

Like much of the rest of the U. S..Houston imports more than it exports and had a trade deficit of about $22  billion in 2010.

Pack n send has republished portions of this article written by Houston Chronicle journalist Jenalia Moreno.  We look for positive upswings in the Houston and US economy for both freight and cargo.

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Freight Shipping Houston and the World- Cargo Guidelines

Posted on Tue, Jan 25, 2011

Sea Shipping Cargo ContainersSea Shipping Cargo Containers	  Transportation / Water / Ships and Boats

Boite d\'emballage en cartonWe have reprinted portions of  this article from the Handy Shipping  News as a service to our customers.

WORLD WIDE - The largest air freight bodies have joined together to present a united front to regulatory authorities globally and ensure their views carry the maximum weight. Michael Steen, Vice Chairman of The International Air Cargo Association  on behalf of the Chairman, Des Vertannes, Global Head of Cargo of the International Air Transport Association ,Jean-Claude Delen, President of , the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations,, and Peter J. Gatti, Executive Vice President of the U.S. based shipper organization, The National Industrial Transportation League  speaking on behalf of the Global Shippers’ Forum  have signed a letter of intent committing to work towards the formation of an industry advisory group facilitated by TIACA to ensure the air cargo industry has a strong, unified voice.

The agreement commits TIACA, GSF, FIATA and IATA to work together to look at their current positions on issues such as security, customs reform, e-Commerce, and the environment and to try to find common ground to best protect and promote the interests of the air cargo industry, the organizations and its customers. The review will also look at the associations’ respective resources committed to industry affairs and consider how to make the most effective use of the existing and growing relationships TIACA, GSF, FIATA and IATA have with relevant government departments and other regulatory bodies.

The associations will also discuss the involvement of other global industry groups in the air cargo supply chain and seek the support of bodies such as the World Customs Organization (WCO). Michael Steen said:

“TIACA, GSF, FIATA and IATA will continue to operate as they do today in terms of how they support their respective memberships. This initiative is to look at how we can combine our respective strengths, contacts and resources in the area of regulatory affairs. We are delighted that both FIATA and IATA have so readily committed to this important initiative for our industry, and that GSF has joined this effort. We all hope for a positive outcome over the next few months.

“Collectively we represent the most powerful grouping of all parties involved in the air cargo supply chain. We all share a common goal to protect our members against costly and sometimes unnecessary changes in legislation and to have a practical input into any future regulatory challenges before they become mandatory. We also want to have the strongest possible voice when it comes to highlighting to policy makers the vital role air cargo plays in world trade, in employment, in consumer choice and in the growth of developing markets.”

IATA boss Giovanni Bisignani added:

“By value 35% of goods traded internationally travel by air cargo. In volume, that’s 26 million tons of cargo annually. Without air cargo, the global economy cannot function. The industry is working together to improve efficiency with programs like IATA e-freight. But governments have not always received clear signals from industry on what is needed for efficient global air cargo operations. A strong and unified industry voice through the Global Shippers Forum is a step in the right direction. IATA looks forward to working with FIATA, GSF and TIACA to make it an effective industry tool.

“But we cannot be successful without an effective regulatory environment. We have been proactive in representing the airline industry and we would have a great deal to offer to a wider group representing the interests of the entire air cargo supply chain and customers. We believe FIATA and TIACA would be strong partners to work alongside, as well as the GSF. We are keen to approach our discussions positively. Clearly, regulators will see us as having a more powerful voice as a group than as individual associations when it comes to industry affairs and we hope they will be even more willing to listen to us and to work with us.”

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Cargo Shipping Houston Not Interrupted

Posted on Tue, Jan 25, 2011

This article has been reproduced form Handy Shipping   News as a service to our customers.

SOMALIA – SEYCHELLES – Notable victories for the EU NAVFOR Somalia force this week with the warship SPS Galicia supported by a Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) able to locate and disrupt two groups of pirates in Kenyan waters. After two attacks on a merchant vessel on the 2nd November the Galicia, which was patrolling the shipping lanes some 75 miles distant was able to answer the distress calls and intercept two skiffs with eleven suspected pirates aboard.

The coordination between the EU NAVFOR French Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft (MPRA) and EU NAVFOR Spanish SPS Galicia’s helicopter made it possible to relocate one skiff. The warship’s helicopter successfully intercepted this skiff with the ship’s boarding team. One fuel drum, several jerry cans, ladders, and 7 people were found onboard the skiff. Quantities of weaponry and one orange tarpaulin were seen being thrown overboard by the helicopter team.

Early the following day, the helicopter of SPS Galicia was able to sight two more suspicious skiffs, sailing with ladders, jerry cans and powerful overboard motors. One of the two skiffs was quickly intercepted by the Galicia’s boarding team. Further attempts to stop the second skiff by the helicopter continued, in vain.

In total, 11 suspected pirates and 2 skiffs were intercepted; one further skiff fled the scene. The absence of flagrante delicto did not make it possible to pursue prosecution. One skiff was confiscated and suspected pirates were sent back to Somalia in the second one. This disruption hampered pirate action and avoided highly probable attacks on merchant and vulnerable vessels.

On the 3rd November the EU NAVFOR operation saw a further notable victory when the first judgment yesterday in a Seychelles prosecution in connection with the interdiction of a pirate group by an EU NAVFOR warship resulted in guilty verdicts being handed down on eleven Somali men accused of acts of piracy. The judge, His Lordship Judge Burhan, delivered the verdict at the Seychelles Courts on 3 November, sentencing all eleven pirates to prison sentences of six years each, with a reduction for time spent on remand.

Major General Buster Howes, Operation Commander of EU NAVFOR Somalia commented:

“This first conviction of pirates transferred by EU NAVFOR to the Seychelles marks an important step in the co-operation between European Union and the Republic of Seychelles in the suppression of acts of piracy off the coast of Somalia.”

The conviction relates to the attack on the Spanish Fishing Vessel Intertuna 2, on 5 March 2010. The pirate gangs activities detected in the Somali basin, approximately 350 nautical miles off the Somali Coast, led to an immediate response by the EU NAVFOR French warship FS Nivose which was tasked to investigate in the area. She eventually intercepted and boarded two skiffs and a whaler, in an area clearly linked to the unsuccessful attack on the fishing vessel. The whaler was destroyed and the warship took on board the two skiffs, detaining the suspected pirates. With the evidence gathered and presented to the Seychelles authorities, it was approved for the 11 detainees to be flown on 17 March from Djibouti to the Seychelles for prosecution.

Prosecution was conducted by a Prosecutor of England & Wales who is qualified to appear in the Seychelles Court and played an important role in the timely and efficient management of the trial. The Defence Counsel was appointed by the United Nations - this is a common practice to help ensure the suspect persons have access to free legal representation and thus a fair trial. The case was conducted in English. However, language interpreters were present for the Somalis, as well as for the Spanish, Italian, and French witnesses.

The maximum sentence upon conviction for piracy offences in Kenya is 30 years; under Seychelles Law – and indeed as a precondition for all suspected pirates being transferred by EUNAVFOR – capital punishment is not available. The good news was somewhat dulled by a report that the Comorian flagged MV Aly Zoulfecar had been seized by pirates as it travelled between the Comoros Islands and Tanzania the same day. The vessel carried nine crew plus twenty passengers, but on attempting to sail to Somalia she ran out of fuel and demands were made for the Tanzanian authorities to resupply her. We await further news as to her fate.

Photo: Rear-Admiral Bauza (former EU NAVFOR Deputy Commander) and French Ambassador H.E. Philippe Delacroix inspect items seized from the pirate gang sentenced yesterday.

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Freight Houston Sees Positive Purchase-Electric Freight Trucks

Posted on Tue, Jan 04, 2011

90 Year old Electric Freight Truck Manufacturer Sold to US 

Pack n send is reproducing this article from Handy  Shipping Guide as part of our series on freight shipping that positively affects our environment.

UK – US- As we reported  back in March the British company Smith Electric Vehicles  a partially owned subsidiary of the Tanfield Group, have been sold to their US counterpart this week. The offer came  only mohths after Smiths ventured into the rapidly growing American electric powered truck market by opening a division there together with associated company, SEVUS and being paid a licence fee for every truck sold, demonstrating the rapid growth in the market.

The purchase of its parent company will mean Smith Electric Vehicles will be firmly established as the world’s largest manufacturer and industry leader of commercial electric vehicles. The $15million sale will be effective Jan. 1, 2011. The Tanfield Group, will retain 49 percent equity in Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. This percentage is subject to dilution as Smith raises additional equity capital.

Smith U.K. has been a leading manufacturer of zero-emissions battery-electric commercial vehicles in Europe since the 1920s. It operates a U.K.-wide service and support network that already maintains more than 5,000 vehicles for major fleet operators with the Edison model based on the Ford Transit and the Newton range of heavier trucks being the world’s largest electric delivery vehicle with a top speed of 55 mph and 100 mile range on a single charge. The Newton is powered exclusively by battery, runs without noise or vibration, and stores electric energy during stopping through a process called regenerative braking.

Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric US commented:

“Being in a position to unify Smith’s divisions after less than two years of operating in the United States is evidence that the market for affordable, sustainable commercial fleets is fertile. The unification of Smith Electric Vehicles will create operational efficiencies and market synergies that will make Smith more financially sound and productive.”

Darren Kell, CEO of The Tanfield Group Plc, said:

“The board of Tanfield believes that the structure of this transaction offers the best possible deal for all parties. Tanfield’s Powered Access Division benefits from additional working capital and we create a single, global electric vehicle business that is a market leader in both Europe and North America. Most importantly, Tanfield - and therefore its shareholders, retains a significant stake in the combined Smith Electric Vehicle business, with its future potential for an IPO.”

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A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...

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Shipping and Helping the Environment

Posted on Thu, Dec 02, 2010

Pack n  send is posting this article from the Handy  Shipping Guide as a continuation on our series on environmentally correct companies in the shipping industry.

FRANCE – WORLDWIDE – Many companies in every industrial sector are aware of the importance of not only reducing their carbon footprint but announcing their efforts to the world. No part of world trade is under more scrutiny in this respect than the carriage of air and ocean freight. Now leading container shipping line   CMA  and CGM have released figures to demonstrate how successfully they are battling the problem and their commitment to continue on the same path with an eye to lowering the amount of pollution produced for every kilo of freight per kilometre.

The CMA CGM Group has made climate change one of its main concerns. In the last five years, the Group has taken numerous measures which have enabled it to reduce CO2 emissions from its fleet (both owned and chartered) by 35%. Among the wide variety of actions taken, the most notable was the company’s decision to equip its new vessels with the latest environmental technologies (electronically controlled engines, improved hydrodynamics, waste recycling, etc.) with the result that these vessels discharge only 52 grams of CO2 per km/TEU.

Overall the fleet have also achieved notable reductions. “Since 2005, we have been steadily reducing our CO2 emissions down from 116 to 86 grams per km/TEU. In line with our environmental strategy, we aim to continue our efforts to reach 82 grams by the end of 2011,” explains Philippe Borel, Environment Director of the CMA CGM Group, emphasising that the switch to slow steaming has played a major part in the performance.

We have highlighted previously some of the other measures the group is taking to improve its environmental credentials such as the use and trials of more    ecologically friendly boxes and reefers  and offer a lead for an industry bound to be subjected to even more pressure from the Green lobby in the future.

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Freight and Cargo Consolidation Article

Posted on Mon, Nov 29, 2010

 Shipping News Feature

We are reprinting this article from the Handy  Shipping  Guide as a service to our customers. It  highlights worldwide the concerns of citizens about “ business in their backyard.”

AUSTRALIA – We regularly have to highlight the pro’s and con’s of the development of multi modal freight terminals   in the UK and   elsewhere  as, world wide, the onus switches to less polluting methods to transport cargo. For every bright eyed developer there is usually to be found a bunch of local residents desperate to prevent the scheme. Cries of ‘profiteer’ and ‘Not in my back yard’ resound and the result is usually a long drawn out battle which may take years to resolve.

Now a plan to develop just such an intermodal shipping terminal on former defence land at Moorebank, New South Wales, with an estimated cost around half a billion Australian dollars, is already dividing local opinion. The attractions of seducing 40% of freight traffic from the roads onto rail, with the dual virtues of less pollution and congestion are obvious to all but the local mayor has been quoted as saying that the rail track operating 24/7 will affect residents unduly due to its proximity to a major urban area.

Now the authorities have confirmed there will be a full consultation procedure and yesterday confirmed that the Freight Infrastructure Advisory Board, a joint    N W W Government-stakeholder committee, in 2005 stated that 83 hectare site is a key component in meeting Sydney’s intermodal capacity needs. The scheme targets container traffic to and from   Port Botany and government estimates say it will create 1,700 jobs.

The terminal is the brainchild of the Sydney Intermodal Terminal Alliance (SIMTA), a consortium made up of property giants Stockland, Qube Logistics and QR National and Planning Minister Tony Kelly said the Department of Planning will now assess the SIMTA project under Part 3A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act. Before making any decision SIMTA must:

• Undertake a comprehensive consultation with the community, particularly nearby residents, as it develops plans.

• Develop a proposal to be placed on public exhibition for at least 30 days, after addressing the relevant key issues outlined by the Department.

• Respond to submissions

Critics of the scheme have already commented on concerns that the extra local traffic generated will cause problems on parts of the already congested Highway M5 and interested parties are advised to keep track of developments as they occur.

Photo: Port Botany Container Terminal

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