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What You Need to Know About Crate and Freight Shipping in Houston

Posted on Tue, Feb 13, 2018


What You Need to Know About Crate and Freight Shipping in Houston


When shipping items across the country or overseas, oftentimes you need the help of a professional service to make sure the item is packed correctly and shipped by the best method. One of the ways a shipping company moves large, unusually sized, or fragile items it by creating custom crates.

What is Crating?

When a shipping company crates an item, they can use existing crates or custom crates, depending on their need. Custom crating ensures the crate is an exact fit for the item, which is especially important for fragile items. Paintings and other works of art are often sent in custom crates. Common items that require packing and crating services include sculptures, chandeliers, computers, servers, medical equipment, and antiques.

How do National and International Freight Work?

National Freight

For standard items, shipping companies partner with the regular shipping carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx. To move larger items, they work with trucking companies like Yellow Freight, Roadway, SAIA, and Central.

International Freight

International shipping can be completed by overseas shipping carriers; your stateside shipping company can help you make that connection. A shipping company can also help you with customs forms and arranging brokers at the destination. Finally, a freight company will make calls to the destination a day in advance to alert them on the arrival of shipped items and to set up a drop off time.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Crate and Freight Needs

If you need assistance with crating or freighting items in Houston, Texas, Pack n Send is hear to help. We have shipped many items for our clients in our 35+ years of operation, including some amazingly unique items. For example, we have shipped a ride from a theme park, a painting valued at nearly $1 million, a 10' taxidermy polar bear, and an computerized dragon!

For more information on crating and freighting services from Pack n Send, contact us for more information or click below to request a shipping quote.


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Professional Shipping of Medical Equipment

Posted on Mon, Aug 26, 2013


The process of shipping medical equipment is as complex as the machinery itself. Each and every piece has its own needs for safe shipment. Safe shipment of vital life saving equipment is what we do best. Our staff has the extensive training necessary to ensure your equipment reaches its destination in a timely fashion and undamaged state. We work closely with you so we fully understand the special requirements of your particular equipment. We also carry all necessary packing materials.

We easily pick up and deliver equipment that is heavy, awkward, bulky and or fragile. We take special considerations to protect sensitive pieces containing delicate lasers or lenses in need of special care.

We not only handle shipping medical equipment in and around the Houston area, we can cover the world. We have the experience to plan ahead and make sure all permits needed and all complicated customs regulations for each country are adhered to in order to prevent any delay in your cargo reaching its destination.

We can box, crate, pack, protect, and ship any type of medical equipment to any destination in the world. We have shipped medical exam tables, microscopes, high end diagnostic devices, autoclaves, a wide variety of physical therapy equipment and much, much more.

When the time comes to move that precious cargo to its new home in perfect working order, contact us and we will take special care to ensure that every piece gets to every destination in tact and on time.

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Why is freight receiving so much fun?

Posted on Tue, Jun 11, 2013


So, why is freight receiving so much fun?   For retail customers, freight receiving companies get to see all of the new merchandise before it is stocked on store shelves. While the delivery times to stores may be early in the morning, this early delivery systems lets stores stock their shelves before their customers arrive.  Freight receiving companies are able to view the hottest trend for any coming holiday season.

Hint for ease in warehouse receiving:

If you are shipping merchandise to a receiving warehouse, it is best to notify the warehouse before hand. This way, the warehouse has the capability to have the freight unloaded immediately. It also alerts warehouse personnel as to the turnaround time for deliveries.  Items delivered the day after Christmas due to poor planning will not help your bottom line.

If boxes need to be side marked, it is a good idea to have the labels emailed or faxed to the receiving warehouse well in advance of the shipment being received. If the number of boxes on a pallet needs to be counted by the receiving warehouse, be sure to include these instructions when you contact the receiving warehouse.

Retail companies and interior designers have as well as individuals send their freight to receiving warehouses.  When furniture is freighted to a receiving warehouse, the warehouse personnel are able to unload the furniture and then complete white glove inside deliveries to the final recipients.

For interior designers, receiving warehouses can accumulate both furniture and accessories. These items can then be delivered at a time determined by the interior designer. While the interior designer is shopping and completing either a room for a client or an entire home, their purchase are just waiting to be delivered.

International customers are able to shop throughout the United States. They can have their purchases freighted to one central receiving warehouse. This warehouse can then ship all their purchases via ocean container shipping in either a twenty foot or forty foot container. Consolidated shipping overseas will save your customer money. There are times when furniture will be air freighted overseas, but this is usually a more expensive option than ocean shipping. Overseas shippers need to allow for customs clearance times.  There may also be weather delays, and unfortunately, sometimes there are port delays due to strikes.

 So what happens when freight is being sent from a warehouse?  There are many options for customers here too.  They can drop off their own freight, or they can ask the freight preparation company to pick up the freight on their behalf.  Some of the items that freight preparation includes are as follows:

 Pick up, packing, crating, palletizing, custom made boses and/or crates, customs documentation

When searching for a company that can help you with your freight shipping and furniture shipping, look for a company that is willing to ask different carriers for prices.  Roadway, SAIA, Southwestern Motor Transit, and Daylight may all offer different prices. It is worth the time and effort to shop around for prices. Remember to take out valuation coverage for loss or damage when shipping via freight.  When you receive freight, inspect the freight before you sign free and clear of any damage.  If you notice any damage after you unload your freight shipment, be sure to notify the freight shipping company and the freight packing company immediately. (Within 24 hours of receiving your freight shipment.)

 As an international freight shipping specialist in Houston, Texas, we recommend that look for a freight shipping and receiving company that will help you ship and receive freight in a quick and easy manner. If you have any questions about moving furniture via freight, you can contact us directly at 713 266 1450.

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Houston Artwork Shipper Answers Questions About Artwork Shipping

Posted on Wed, Apr 03, 2013

When a customer was worried how to ship artwork, pack n send wrote a blog to help her look for an artwork shipper.

I asked a customer what she worried about when shipping artwork.

Her answer was “Just about everything.” This is an updated blog is for my customer who needs help with artwork shipping.

When you want to ship artwork, look for a company that specializes in shipping high value items. If the company is experienced at shipping delicate and valuable items for their customers, you can then ask about how they intend to ship your artwork. Think delicate pieces of glass, marble statutes and glass chandeliers.

If you intend on shipping art, or a picture with glass, ask the company if they use a special tape in order to protect the glass. This tape will attach to broken glass to make sure that a piece of artwork is not ruined if glass breaks during shipping. The tape is easily removed upon receipt of your piece of art work.  If it is a sculpture, look at crating companies that can they build a crate in their warehouse that will specifically fit your sculpture. If it a valuable oil painting, see if they  can they build a custom crate for you to match the size of your painting?

We have a few basic suggestions of things that you should look for when you are choosing a company that you would like to use to ship your art work.

 In order to move a valuable piece of artwork, a custom built crate is highly recommended. You can line the crate with one inch of Styrofoam on each side. That would be top, bottom and all four sides. By placing the picture on top of the Styrofoam that fits perfectly around the picture, you have insulated the glass from shock

 We suggest that you use a custom built crate when you are moving or shipping fine art work. Let your shipping company determine the exact measurement of your piece of artwork. You want a secure fit inside of the crate. We make these suggestions because art work shipping requires special knowledge about shipping, custom boxing and custom crate making.  For less expensive paintings, you can ask that a custom box be built. Again, ask for the box to be lined with Styrofoam. Let the shipping company do the measuring of your art work.

When looking for an artwork shipper, ask if the company ships for private collectors. Do they specialize in shipping artwork for art exhibitions and then offer to ship the artwork back to the private collector?  When you are shipping a valuable piece of art work to an auction, ask for a reusable crate to be built.  That way if the piece of artwork does not sell, you can easily have it shipped back to you. We recommend using heat treated wood that is able to be shipped worldwide. That way if you sell the artwork at a later date, you can ship it anywhere in the world.

Be sure to ask if the company that you are using ships for both auction houses, art galleries, art dealers and individuals.  If you are shipping multiple pieces of artwork at the same time to the same location, see if more than one piece of artwork can fit inside the same crate.

Can the company offer freight, moving and common carrier shipping options? This is not a one size fits all shipping arrangement. Ask if the company can offer both international and domestic shipping. Ask if the company can offer both residential and commercial pick up and delivery of art.

For my customer, I hope that these suggestions helps you ease your mind the next time you would like to ship a piece of artwork.


If you have any other questions about shipping a piece of art work, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450. Pack n send is a Houston crating company that picks up and ships art work both in Houston and all over the United States.


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Houston Shipping-Ship for Father’s Day

Posted on Thu, May 31, 2012


It is now time to ship from Houston and all over the world for Father's Day.

While companies can ship small items via common carrier, why not surprise your dad with a gift delivered via LTL delivered right to his front curb.

A chandelier made from Antlers is a unique idea. What about a handmade table for your dad’s poker game?  For children wanting to surprise dad with a roomful of furniture, you can purchase the furniture in one and do a small move and have the furniture delivered where ever dad may now be living.

Socks are always nice, but we have compiled at list of common and not so common gifts for Fathers Day.

Back Pack

Bottle Opener


Picture Frames

Gardening tools

Custom m & m's

Cell Phone


Can Opener

Front Porch Swing


Personalize Magazine cover prints

Digital Photo Frame

Engraved Photo Frame




iPod Touch

MP3 Player


Personalized Cookie Jar


Personalized T Shirts

Magazine Subscription

Outdoor Furniture


Monogrammed Towel



Outdoor Grill

Home made cards

While pack n send may not have listed every Fathers Day gift that can be shipped, made or given, we have tried to help out the  "Gee I cannot think of a gift." customer.

If you need further ideas or need to ship something, build a crate in Houston, or need assistance with Houston crating, please give us a call. And Happy Fathers Day from pack n send. 713 266 1450


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Small Moves versus Small Movers

Posted on Mon, May 14, 2012

What type of customer looks at doing a small move?  Any type!  It can be an individual, an antique dealer, an interior decorator, a small office, a retiree looking at moving, or a child helping their parent move into a nursing home.  It can be someone handling an estate, or a furniture store looking at shipping a few items across country or to the other side of the world.

 A small move can involve using a moving truck, or freighting furniture on a pallet. It can encompass inside delivery, or curbside delivery on a pallet.

In today’s world, there are many options to companies and individuals moving a small amount of items. 

 The size of the move will help you determine the best and most cost effective way to accomplish a move.  Do you need to use a large national mover, probable not. Sometimes, your best option for some moves is palletizing furniture and shipping it via freight. For seniors, your best option is often placing furniture on a truck that consolidates a lot of individuals items, and then delivers the furniture inside.

 When looking to book a small move, search for a company that will offer you options.  Sometimes it is a good idea to have a valuable item crated for shipping.

 If you need assistance in determining the best move options for your furniture and valuables, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

 Kitchen-table 4A modern kitchen-table. Many thanks to Zela for the picture on the wall :), and for having to endure my bad temper, (sorry for that Zela).	  Architecture / Interiors

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Crating vs. Boxing-Advice from Houston Shipping Company

Posted on Tue, Mar 20, 2012

Crating vs. Boxing-Advice from Houston Shipping Company

Do you ever wonder what you need to crate for shipping, and what you can box when shipping or moving? There are actually no easy answers.

Some of the decision criteria are as follows:

  1. Size of the item you are shipping or moving.
  2. Value of the item that you are shipping or moving.
  3. Delicate Nature of the item you are shipping or moving.

Marble and animals heads that have taxidermy for preservation usually need to be crated. Chandeliers should be crated when being shipped by freight. If a mover is moving the chandelier, then hanging a chandelier in a box with padding inside the box may work well.  It will depend on the value of the chandelier and how delicate the chandelier is.

Lamps, paintings and sculptures may or may not require a full wood crate. Some sculptures may go on a pallet, protected by wood and cardboard, or some may need a full wood crate.

 High value artwork that you are sending via common carrier or via freight should usually be crated. Large artwork that is valuable should be crated. 

Custom crating is a good way to have a wood box made that will exactly fit the item that you are shipping. When asking for a price for a crate based on the size of an item, remember to add for the Styrofoam that will be added inside the crate to protect your item.  There may also be inches added for the bubble that will be wrapped around your item for protection.

 If you have questions about custom crating or boxing, feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

fragile shipping crate

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