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Houston Shipping Company Posts Childrens Thougths About Moving

Posted on Fri, Jun 15, 2012

 After last years success with our school program for children,   pack n send it thought might be fun to look at moving from the children’s point of view. We have asked a few children to offer us advice and ideas about what is important to them in a move.

Today we posted our first set of tweets from the children's point of view.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You get to have a new house.

Moving Tip from a 6 year old!  Kids should help pack. Its kind and it is their house.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You can get your own room.

Moving Tip from a 6 year old!  Kids should help pick out the house.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You will have a lot more space.

Pack n send will be posting children’s thoughts on moving throughout the summer. If your child would like to submit their thoughts or ideas about moving, we would be happy to post them to our website.

You can email your child’s thoughts pack n send directly at:  Please write  “Children’s Thoughts about Moving” in the subject line.

If you or your family needs assistance with small moves, freight or furniture shipping, please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450.





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Houston Freight Company Offers Car Shipping Advice

Posted on Fri, Sep 30, 2011

When looking for someone to  ship your car,  make sure that they can ship for dealers, companies, and individuals.

Individuals taking vacations during summer may want to ship their vehicle to the destination as well as have it returned at the end of the stay.  This helps teenagers learning to drive continue to practice on the car that they will drive when going back to school in the fall.

If you are shipping overseas, make sure the auto shipper researches both containerized shipping as well as roll on roll off service.  Need the car shipped back to the states? Make sure your shipper has this capability as well.

Some other reasons for vehicle shipping may include:

  • Corporate relocation
  • Private or dealer auto sales
  • Death of a family member 
  • A cross-country or international move

No matter what the reason for your car shipping needs you need to locate someone with experience. If the price you are offered is too low, you may want to consider doing research on the company offering this low price.

Door to Door Vehicle Shipping

Convenience and customer satisfaction  should be the companies highest priorities.

Make sure to get an auto shipping quote before you ship your car.  If you request that the car be placed inside a container, make sure the company you are using has experience shipping cars.  The company you are contacting should always ask for make, model and year of the car.  They also need to let you know that the modifications to the vehicle must be taken off before loading.

No personal goods may be placed inside the car for shipping. 
The gas tank must contain less than 1/8 a tank of gas.

Pick up and delivery times should be scheduled by the shipping company.

  1. Make sure that when shipping domestically, you are offered both door to door and  terminal to terminal service.

For more information about auto shipping both within the United Statesand internationally, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.



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Glass Shipping Houston-Advice form Freight, Shipping, Moving Co.

Posted on Fri, Sep 02, 2011

Stained GlassStained Glass	  Abstract / Shapes and Colors

Since glass is fragile, you need to search out a company that has experience picking up, packing and shipping fragile items. Be sure to ask if each piece of glass is delicately double bubbled. Once the pieces are wrapped they are put inside one box, they should then be placed inside another double wall box with a minimum 2-3 inch cushion of peanuts packed fully into the box.

Ask if the company you are choosing for your valuable glass has experience packing the following items:

  • Bowls
  • Goblets
  • Lamps
  • Wine Glasses
  • Vases
  • Cups
  • Glass table tops
  • Picture Frames
  • Stained glass
  • Waterford Crystal
  • Swarovski Crystal

Certain items such as Stained Glass will need specialize packing.

Stained glass should be  packed in a custom built crate. Depending on the size and fragility of the piece we use up to 3 inches of Styrofoam on the bottom of the crate and 1-2 inches of Styrofoam on the sides and top.  After double or triple bubbling, a minimum of 2-3" of peanuts should be  used on the front and back. The crate should be closed with staples on the bottom, and screws on the top to make it easy to open. Then a metal band should be  put around the crate to secure it.


For more information on packing glass, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Think- Houston Freight Co. Notes Bankruptcy

Posted on Mon, Jun 27, 2011

  Think is a producer of battery powered automobiles. Some of their cars had been used  as cargo vans and as taxis.  From 1999- 2003 it was owned by Ford Motor Company, but has struggled on it own since then.

 Think filed for bankruptcy in Norway.  

From the article  printed in the LA Times, it looks as if the high price of the car was the determing factor in the companies downfall.  The car could travel 100 miles based on one charges. The batteries for these cars were made in Indiana.

 Pack n send tracks worldwide green thinkers and green companies.  As a recylcler for over 25 years we are constantly looking for new ideas to help the enviornemnt.

For information about shipping freight-Freight Shipping & Receiving, moving, or packing please call pack n send at 713 266 1450.



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Antique Shipping - Freight or Moving Recommended

Posted on Tue, Nov 17, 2009

When you own many antique items that are very fragile it can be quite worrisome and stressful trying to pack up all those items for any move, whether it is short or long. A simple bump could shatter an antique quite easily if it is not packaged properly, which is why you want to ensure you've done it right to keep them safe and secure from point A to point B.antique shipping

Packaging Your Antiques Properly

For those that are moving or needing to send an antique item you will want to consider understanding how to package them properly. It is not too difficult to do, but the slightest mistake could make or break your antiques.

When packaging these items you want to ensure that you seperate all portions and wrap each item individually. It may seem easier to package items as a whole, but this could pose to be a problem. Utilizing bubble wrap, peanuts, styrofoam and if needed double boxing could help protect your items from any bump or movement. You want everything to fit securely in the boxes that are used for shipping leaving no breathing room for movement.

Shipping Your Antiques Safely

The shipment of your antiques could be a very stressful time for anyone. Antiques tend to be family heirlooms which have a lot of memory and value to your family, so shipping them properly is key to their safe arrival at the next location.

When you are shipping your antiques you want to ensure that the company shipping them will handle the items properly and have zero mishandling. Not all companies truly pay attention to that "Fragile" sign on the side of boxes, so it is important to trust your shippers.

Using Pack n Send Packaging & Shipping Services

With Pack n Send you will be provided with some of the top shipping services that will ensure that your packages reach the next location safely. Antique shipping is something you want to ensure is done right. For those worried that they are not going to package their items properly Pack n Send can easily package your antiques for you safely and securely in their warehouse or your location. Every item will be packaged with the proper care and for larger items the use of crates is possible.

You should never have to worry that your antique items are not going to reach the next location in one piece. By utilizing the packing and shipping services that Pack n Send offers for antique items you can be positive everything is going to reach the end location safely, securely and on time.

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