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Office Moving: How To Do It Right

Posted on Fri, Apr 06, 2018

Office Moving: How To Do It Right

company packing boxes and relocating an office

Relocating an office is a long and involved process, even for a small business. If not handled with due diligence, moving your office doesn't end when you're in the new building; everyone working there can spend weeks or months trying to find the things they need in an office where everything was shoved in with insufficient planning!

If you need to embark on a big office move, here is a brief overview of tasks necessary to smooth both the move itself and the adjustment to your new surroundings.

Tips For Relocating an Office

  • Find a commercial realtor to help find the new office. When you decide on one, don't forget to tell your building owner about your plans to vacate. Know how much lead time you have to give.
  • As early as possible, decide who will be in charge of the overall move - you or an employee. If your company is large enough to have separate departments, make sure each department has one person named to voice any move-related concerns they have.
  • Research moving companies, especially ones that have experience (or even specialize) in commercial moves. Every office has heavy furniture and fragile items, and even if yours has relatively few, it's more efficient to hire a professional packing and moving company to pack, move, and unpack your office. Reserve their services early.
  • If the move is far enough to affect commutes, make lists of which employees will stay with the company and which will leave.
  • Draw up a plan for how the items from the current office will fit in the new one. Make lists of what will need to be acquired for the new office and what can be discarded (preferably sold) from the old one. Make widely available floor plans detailing where employees can find people and equipment in the new office. De-clutter as much as you can.
  • If relevant, let other businesses in the building know when you plan to move in and work with them to smooth out any conflicts ahead of time.
  • Call the utility companies and make sure everything will be turned on. It's such an obvious thing that you can forget it with all the other tasks that need to be accomplished.
  • In the new office, connect your computers first, along with whatever routers, switches, and other IT equipment needs to be installed. Even if you have all the same equipment, there is never a guarantee everything will function correctly right away. By connecting your computers first, IT can discover and fix problems before your employees are ready to get back to work.

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Office moving is a major undertaking, and doing it well will save you months of future headaches. Have more questions about an office move? Contact us today.


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Summer Moving Tips from Houston Mover

Posted on Tue, Apr 23, 2013

As a Houston Mover, we are getting calls about spring time moving. While parts of the country are ending winter, the summer move season is upon us. Whether you are moving within the city, out of state or are shipping via international freight, we are going to share a few moving tips.

If you don’t use an item or don’t need the item-donate it or give it away. Do not move an unneeded item. If you have not used an item during the past year, do not move it.

 Make a list of the items you will need the 1st few days after your move. Make a list of the items you want to take with you.  Moving time is a good time to donate unused items. Ask for a donation receipt.

 Start to plan your move at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Decide ahead of time if you will need to rent a storage unit. Empty out your storage unit at the time of your move.  

Separate out the items that you want taken to a storage unit.  Now is a good time to empty out your storage unit. 

There may be items that you don't use or need anymore. Maybe you do not have enough space in your new residence, or you are moving to a temporary residence.  If you cannot empty out your storage unit, you may want to take the items that you cannot put in your new residence to the storage unit.

 Make a list before you move of the items that you want to put into storage and the items that you want to retrieve from storage. Moving is the best time to sort out needed and unneeded items. List the items you are going to move. This helps plan out the moving supplies that you will need to have on hand.

Have a tape measure or ruler handy to pre measure items you are moving. Measure items before you purchase your moving boxes. Identify which items will need special packing materials for the move. Examples are lamps and china. Measure your delicate and fragile items. Take these measurements with you when you go shopping for packing supplies.

Look for free or inexpensive moving boxes. Check out your grocery store or locally owned shipping store. If you ask a grocery store manager to save boxes for you, find out the day when the most boxes are received. Free grocery store boxes tend to be large.  Only pack the amount you can easily move from room to room.

When packing dishes, use blank newsprint paper.  Don’t use old newspapers. The print can come off on your valuable items. When packing your plates, stand your plates on their edge as opposed to laying them flat.

Need your papers moved in an orderly fashion? Place your documents in file boxes. Organize your moving scissors, tape, box cutter and markers all in one container. Move it with you from room to room as you pack.

Moving clothes from your closet? Purchase wardrobe boxes. This way you can hang your clothes during your move. Wardrobe boxes let you hang your clothes during your move.

Prepackaged moving and packing kits are usually more expensive than purchasing boxes and materials separately. When buying supplies for moving, remember to buy a roll of bubble wrap for fragile items. You may need to purchase double wall boxes for your heavier items. Purchase a tape gun. Ask the clerk to show you how to use it. It will save you time when you tape up your boxes.  Place packing peanuts as a cushion around your delicate items.

While the moving tips listed above can be used for interstate and intrastate move, some of these tips also apply to international freight shipping both from Houston and the rest of the country.

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