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Computer Shipping - Houston Company Answers Questions

Posted on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

 Pack n send is addressing computer shipping separately from electronics shipping in this blog.  Customers call us with questions frequently about how to pack computers.

When looking for a company that can pack and  ship your computers ,make sure that they offer  shipping options.  They should be able to ship boxes, pallets, truckloads or containers of electronics.

Be sure to ask questions about packing. Does the company you choose have experience packing and shipping high value computers.

The computers should be packed as follows:

 Individual computers should be  prepared for shipping using antistatic plastic or bubble wrap. Once the computer is wrapped, it should put into a double wall box with a minimum of 3" of Styrofoam peanuts or solid Styrofoam pieces protecting the electronics equipment.

Large quantities of computers should be boxed and then placed on pallets framed with 1x4’s, Styrofoam and thick cardboard.  Protective wrap should  then put  around the entire pallet.  

Ask if the company you choose to use offers onsite packing, crating and shipping.

As an alternative, ask if the company has the capability to pick up your computers.

Does the company you choose offer full value coverage in case of loss or damage during the pick up, packing and shipping process?

There are other areas that need to be addressed when shipping high value computers.

For more information about shipping electronics, please fell free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

iBook G4 1iBook G4	  Computers / Laptops


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Houston Custom Crating, Shipping, & Packing-Ask Questions

Posted on Tue, May 08, 2012

well packed parcela well packed parcel	  Objects / General

When looking for a custom crater or a packing professional make sure to look for a company that builds crates and boxes to have an  exact fit. Proper padding must be  used to further protect your items. Many items such as  lamps, painting and sculptures may not require a crate and can be boxed and shipped. Look for a company that will work closely with their customers to determine the safest and most economical way to ship items safely and efficiently. Make sure them company has asked for both the value and the dimensions of your items. These will help them in determining the most economical and safest way to ship you valuable.

 Packing charges should vary depending on the size and number of items. For fragile items, the company you choose should use a combination of bubble wrap, peanuts, Styrofoam, and double boxing.

Can the company you choose crate and pack both in their warehouse as well as onsite at your location.

Common examples of items the company you choose should have experience packing are:

 China, stemware, silver pieces, pc’s, servers, paintings, pictures with glass, sculptures, chandeliers, medical equipment, office equipment, antiques, stereos, windshields, tires, etc.

  For more information about packing and custom crating and shipping in Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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Houston Freight Co Congratulates AABC Communications

Posted on Fri, Feb 05, 2010


John Tillis has returned to head up his companies operations after a one year leave of absence.   AABC has been serving Houston and the surrounding area  for over 25 years. To congratulate John directly feel free to call him at 713 877 8118.

 John started the business in 1986 as a telecommunications equipment company, and built the business providing, "reliable telephone service". 

Through the years, his business has grown and his  product offering now includes, surveillance systems, business telephone systems, complete audio/visual solutions.

AABC is  a leading supplier of all Panasonic Solutions including the KXTDE, TDA and NCP product lines. WeLink Systems. AABC  is also a Cisco Select Certified Partner and a Dell Gold Certified seller.

AABC Communications is also a Panasonic Enhanced Communications Solutions Certified Dealer.

AABC Communications holds many other certifications including  3M Fiber Optic, APC Select, Valcom, Vodavi and Triad. 

AABC services and sells all business telephone system sand telephone equipment. They also sell and service voicemail systems from industry leading manufacturers. As short list of their systems: Avaya, Executone, Samsung, Nortel, Panasonic, Toshiba, Tie/Nitsuko, Vodavi, Inter-tel, Telrad, Comdial, NEC Polycom, Plantronics, Mitel.

Pack n send has handled AABC Communications shipping needs for the past 24years.

Once again, welcome back John!!

Please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.



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