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Professional Shipping of Medical Equipment

Posted on Mon, Aug 26, 2013


The process of shipping medical equipment is as complex as the machinery itself. Each and every piece has its own needs for safe shipment. Safe shipment of vital life saving equipment is what we do best. Our staff has the extensive training necessary to ensure your equipment reaches its destination in a timely fashion and undamaged state. We work closely with you so we fully understand the special requirements of your particular equipment. We also carry all necessary packing materials.

We easily pick up and deliver equipment that is heavy, awkward, bulky and or fragile. We take special considerations to protect sensitive pieces containing delicate lasers or lenses in need of special care.

We not only handle shipping medical equipment in and around the Houston area, we can cover the world. We have the experience to plan ahead and make sure all permits needed and all complicated customs regulations for each country are adhered to in order to prevent any delay in your cargo reaching its destination.

We can box, crate, pack, protect, and ship any type of medical equipment to any destination in the world. We have shipped medical exam tables, microscopes, high end diagnostic devices, autoclaves, a wide variety of physical therapy equipment and much, much more.

When the time comes to move that precious cargo to its new home in perfect working order, contact us and we will take special care to ensure that every piece gets to every destination in tact and on time.

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