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Make Money on eBay-Houston Auction & Shipping Co. Offers Advice

Posted on Wed, Mar 05, 2014

Have you ever thought about selling on eBay, but decided against it because it seemed a little too complicated? Auction selling and shipping from Houston can be a great way to earn extra cash. And it can be easy if you let someone else do the work.

You really can make money selling your unwanted household goods, jewelry, inherited family treasures, electronic gadgets, or just about anything. Unfortunately the online auction process can be a little bit of a hassle, but it doesn't have to be. An auction service can help by taking care of all the little details. 

Item picture
There’s a lot to do. Listing can require a few steps. If you choose not to list the items yourself, you can check out eBay listing stores in your area. You just drop off your items, pay them a fee and you should receive funds once your item sells and is paid for.
Your friends or acquaintances may have told you about the money they've made selling items on eBay. But did they tell you about all the procedures and tasks they had to master? There’s a lot to do before you make a single dollar.
Before you auction your first item, you’ll have to sign up with eBay. That means choosing a screen name and supplying personal details. You’ll also have to set up a PayPal account to receive auction payments. Your PayPal account will be connected to your bank account.
When it’s time to sell, you must decide how much money you want to make from your items and what to charge for packaging and shipping. You'll have to photograph each item, list it with a minimum bid, and monitor your bids until the auctions expire.
When your auctions end, you’ll have to pack up the items and ship them to the winners --across town or perhaps to the other side of the world. You'll have to take your packages to a shipping location to get them off by the promised date. If they arrive too late, your customer's negative feedback could affect future sales.
Shipping can get complicated
If you've never shipped packages on a regular basis, that’s one more skill you’ll have to develop. Shipping isn't just about the United States Postal Service. There’s also FedEx, UPS, and DHL. Any one of them will ship your sold auction items wherever you want them to go, as long as you follow their procedures.
Shipping costs vary depending on package size, weight, destination, and the desired arrival date and time. You’ll have to box and wrap them, of course. And if you ship to other countries, you’ll have to learn the basics of Customs forms completion.
We recommend that you take your item to a shipping company before you list it on eBay. Ask them for the packing and shipping charges before you list your item. List these charges in your eBay listing so that your customer will know the cost to have the item shipped to their location. Once your item sells and you have been paid, drop the item off at the shipping store and they will do the rest. They can give you and your customer the tracking number. This helps to make your eBay selling process much easier.
Can you really make money auctioning off items on eBay?
With all the things you need to know and the procedures you have to follow, you might wonder if the potential eBay income is worth the time and effort. Once you figure out how to do things, you can make money auctioning your items online, but it will take time, effort and patience. Once you've mastered the long list of eBay things to do, you may find it’s a desirable way to earn some extra cash.
It’s easier when you let someone else do the work. If you need assistance with your eBay listing or eBay shipping, please feel free to contact us at pack n send in Houston.

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APO/FPO/DPO USPS Holiday Shipping Dates

Posted on Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Direct Link to all 2013 Holiday Shipping dates published by USPS 

The rates for shipping to APo/FPO/DPO are published below

2013 Holiday Shipping Dates 


  Addressed to:

  Mail Express Military Service (PMEMS)1

  Mail Letters and Cards


  Airlift Mail (PAL)2

  Available Mail (SAM)3




Dec. 10

Dec. 10

Dec. 3

Nov. 26

Nov. 12



Dec. 3

Dec. 3

Dec. 3

Nov. 26

Nov. 12



Dec. 10

Dec. 10

Dec. 3

Nov. 26

Nov. 12



Dec. 10

Dec. 10

Dec. 3

Nov. 26

Nov. 12



Dec. 10

Dec. 10

Dec. 3

Nov. 26

Nov. 12

1 PMEMS: is available to selected military/diplomatic Post
Offices. Check with your local Post Office to determine if this service is
available to an APO/FPO/DPO address.

2 PAL: is a service that provides air
transportation for parcels on a space-available basis. It is available for
Standard Post items not exceeding 30 pounds in weight or 60 inches in length
and girth combined. The applicable PAL fee must be paid in addition to the
regular surface price for each addressed piece sent by PAL service.

3 SAM: parcels are paid at Standard Post prices
with maximum weight and size limits of 15 pounds and 60 inches in length and
girth combined. SAM parcels are first transported domestically by surface and
then to overseas destinations by air on a space-available basis.

Pack n send is posting these dates to help out military families that are planning out their holiday shipping of packages.


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Artwork -American Indian Artwork Piece for Sale

Posted on Fri, Jun 21, 2013

6 12 2013 ebay pic 097 resized 600A customer brought this picture in for us to see on eBay in. She remembers paying $2000-$3000 a few years ago.  She is downsizing and is selling this to get more space in her home. She is asking $400 for this picture. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact me at  I can email you more pictures. The frame has a few scratches.

I am posting it in Designer websites thinking they may be interested in purchasing it for one of their clients.

The quote on the back of the picture:

"This is a Navajo religious ceremonial sand painting design"-  Herbert Ben Sr

This picture is located in Houston and local pick up is free. 

If you would like a quote for shipping outside of Houston, please email your zip code for a quote.

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Mother’s Days- Do’s & Don’ts from Houston Shipping Company

Posted on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

Mother’s Day is approaching quickly.  If you need to send your gift to your mother, this blog has gift ideas as well as information about your shipping options. While we do list gift cards in some of these ideas, Mothers Day may be the one time that you should pick out a special gift that your mother can keep and cherish.

 This year we are adding items that you probably would like to skip buying for Mothers Day. We recommend staying away from items that would indicate that you expect more work from your mom.

 Flowers are always nice, but we have compiled at list of common and not so common gifts for Mothers Day.

 New picture of your children, Picture Frames, Gardening tools, Custom m & m’s, Custom necklaces, Heart necklaces, Personalized Jewelry Box, Personalize Magazine cover prints, Digital Photo Frame, Engraved Photo Frame, Bathrobes, Beauty Kits, Hand Cream, Personalized Cookie Jar, Spa Gift Certificate, Candy, Gift cards to her favorite restaurant, Chocolate, Gift cards to her favorite nail salon,Magazine Subscription, Gift cards to her favorite massage therapist, A new cell phone, Candles, A new tablet, Glider, Outdoor Furniture, Noise reducing earphones, Comforter, Fruit and Nut Basket, Cheese Basket, Monogrammed Towel, Monogrammed Bath Robe, Purse, Buffet, New Furniture, Wallet, Flowers, Dried Floral Arrangement, Homemade cards, New Flat Screen TV, A weekend getaway with friends 

Unless your mother is a gardener, try and stay away from gardening tools. Unless your mother likes to cook and is a gourmet cook, keep away from new pots and pans, aprons, serving utensils, a new food processor, and a new oven. Unless your mother loves to do laundry, now is probably not then best time to surprise her with a new washer or a new dryer. 

You should probably stay away from cleaning supplies. Plan on skipping a new vacuum cleaner, new duster, or a new floor cleaner.  A maid may be a nice treat, if you pair the gift card with flowers. Other items to stay away from are books and DVD’s about dieting or weight loss. For that matter, this is not the day to present mom with any sort of exercise equipment, unless she has specifically asked for it. 

We recommend not taking your mother to the following places on Mothers’ Day. The home show, the boat show, or the car show.  Of course, if you plan on buying your mother a new home, a new boat or a new car, then this would be the perfect Mothers Day treat. 

While pack n send may not have listed every Mothers Day gift that can be shipped, made or given, we have tried to help out the “Gee I cannot think of a gift” customer. 

Here at pack n send, we are recommending that you ship early this year. Due to weather conditions, we suggest that if you live out of town, that you send your gift early. First and foremost, this will save you on overnight shipping charges. Secondly, it will make you look like you did not wait until the last minute to think about your mother this Mothers Day.  

For children that need to ship internationally, remember that packages are charged based on length, width, height, weight and value of the item that you are shipping.  If you are shipping a large item –think international freight shipping Houston Texas, or international freight from any city in the United States, you will need to look at your options.

Shipping large items via air can be costly when shipping outside of the United States.  Ocean shipping is an option, but is not as speedy as air shipping. Either way that you ship, you will need to consider the amount of time that it will take an item to clear through customs.  You also need to look at any weather delays.  For ocean shipping, ships can be delayed leaving the United States due, to weather or while the ship is waiting to fill up with more cargo.

 We wish all of our customers who are mothers A Happy Mother’s Day!

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Alternative Use for Shipping Containers in Houston, TX.

Posted on Mon, Nov 26, 2012

Another great and innovative use for shipping containers appears to be getting looked at in Houston Texas.

In prior blogs pack n send has found uses on construction sites and malls in foreign countries.  The Houston Chronicle on November 25, 2012 published an article about a potential alternative use for containers in Houston.

Why is this article important?  The Port of Houston is expanding.  The Panama Canal expansion will route more and more shipping containers to the Port of Houston. While Houston is a major port of export, used containers will still need to be repurposed or disposed of.  If this container can be used for housing or to house shops, this is a win, win for both Houston and the environment.

The current planned is a master-planned “HIVE”. Nestor Topchy is anticipating using 148 shipping containers, with each container having a different purpose.  There will also be forty four- three and four story buildings added to the hive that will be made out of shipping containers.   Incredibly enough, these buildings will have apartments, both one and two bedrooms.

The anticipated business to reside on the bottom floor will look like any typical old time downtown area. Think restaurants, bakeries, art and architecture studios, grocery stores, farmers market, animal clinics and a laundromat. As a way not to waste the roofs, think New York City. Roof top gardens are anticipated. Look for these shipping containers to use solar power.

This is exciting for the shipping industry.  Boxes are already being reused. When their useful shipping life is over, they are sent to recycling centers. Styrofoam peanuts are also reused. Think the Peanut hotline that lets individuals and business know where to drop off used shipping peanuts. Once these peanuts can no longer be used for shipping, they also are sent to recycling centers.

Now onto the shipping containers.  They are much larger and more difficult to dispose of.  Some of them are already being shipped to foreign countries to be used in housing.  Finding an alternative use for these containers in the United States is a good environmentally friendly step.

At pack n send we load containers with household and business goods for shipping overseas We have cars loaded for overseas shipping.  While many of these containers are used and reused, shipped from country to country, seeing a futuristic plan for these used containers is quite an accomplishment.

The housing aspect of this plan may hold the most promise for the future.  Shipping containers could be stacked and readied for use during natural disasters. They are easily shipped, and could be stacked and ready to use any where worldwide.  Since they already load easily onto ships, they can be shipped to any port worldwide. It would be easy to move them in ahead of a storm and store them right outside of the anticipated storm area. It is a relatively inexpensive way to provide immediate housing after a natural disaster.

It will be interesting to watch this project progress in Houston, TX.  While it may take a while to get permits, we are hopeful that the city of Houston and the Greater Houston Partnership will look at container building as not a onetime project, but a viable alternative housing plan for the future.  What a great tourist attraction. Houston is usually on the cutting edge of new trends as well as has a visionary outlook for its future. The land to build and fit these containers is readily available in the Houston area.

Once Houston sets the bar, we hope other cities will follow suit and reuse these shipping containers in both private and public housing.

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Heirloom Holiday Shipping Advice from a Houston Shipping Co.

Posted on Tue, Nov 20, 2012

As the holiday season approaches we find more and more grandparents who would like to pass on family heirlooms to sons, daughter, niece’s nephews, granddaughters and grandsons.

We would like to offer a few shipping solutions for furniture and large items that you would like to ship to a family member. If you are shipping more than one item, please try and ship all items at the same time. This is usually a money saver.

If you can drop off the item at the shipping location, this should save you a pick up fee. 

Look at having furniture and antiques either boxed, blanket wrapped and moved or shipped via freight.

For some of your small items, simple shipping via a common carrier may be your least expensive option. Make sure your heirloom is professionally packed. Basically, you should be able to stand on your box or crate and the top should not move. Remember, that boxes get stacked, loaded onto container belts and sometimes tossed around. You want to make sure that your gift is heavily protected against damage during the shipping process. 

If you choose to have your furniture moved by a blanket wrap mover, ask if you can take out valuation protection for loss or damage during the move. Remember, when you place one or two pieces of furniture on the truck, there will be other furniture on the truck with your items. The truck will stop at other locations to pick up and deliver other customers furniture. You should ask if the driver can call a day ahead of time to let your relative know when the gift will be delivered. Also ask to have the driver call your relative when he is about an hour away from the drop off. 

If you choose to ship your heirloom via freight, you should be able to specify the date of delivery. In general with freight the items are delivered to the curb.  Your relative will be responsible for unloading the pallet, box or crate and disposing of it on his/her own.  While you can request inside delivery and haul off of the packaging, this usually will cost more. Again, be sure to ask for valuation coverage for loss or damage during the shipping process.

If you have any more questions about shipping during this holiday season, please be sure to call pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450 and we would be happy to give you shipping advice.

 image photo : Antique furniture

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Houston Shipping Company sees Great Things at Port of Houston

Posted on Fri, Nov 02, 2012

Houston Shipping Company sees Great Things at Port of Houston

Pack n send received this article in an email about the Port of Houston.  This article follows in line with our contining series about why Houston is a great place to conduct business. We have reprinted this article to share with our cutomers.


Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds


Business remains strong at the Port of Houston, which has helped to keep Houston’s economy outpacing the rest of the nation, Port Commission Chairman James T. Edmonds reported at the Greater Houston Partnership “State-of-the-Port” luncheon yesterday. It was his final such address as he announced he would not be seeking reappointment, after leading the Port Commission for a dozen years.

In introductory remarks, former Port Commission Chairman Ned Holmes said Edmonds “has kept an even keel and steered the port to ever greater levels of prosperity that all of us benefit from in Houston, the state and beyond.”

Edmonds told a crowd of nearly 500 business leaders, elected officials and community leaders at the JW Marriott Hotel that “the port is a remarkable and important part of Houston and vital to our economic health.”


Nearly 500 business leaders, elected officials and community leaders attended.

With a new executive director in charge, record revenue and container activity, the upcoming expansion of the Panama Canal to handle larger ships with more cargo, and the introduction of new ships in an all-water service from Asia to Houston, Edmonds said the Port of Houston Authority is well-positioned for success in the future. The Port Authority also continues its lead in environmental stewardship and maintains a strong position in the market. Houston stands out among U.S.ports because of its excellent labor relations and a business-friendly environment, he said.

The latest economic impact study shows that businesses relying on the Houston Ship Channel generate more than one million jobs in Texas and more than two million in the nation. The economic impact of the port is $178.5 billion statewide and $499 billion nationwide.

In 2011, the Port Authority earned $204 million, its highest revenue income, and handled just under 1.9 million container units.

“I feel good leaving the Port Authority in a healthy financial state,” Edmonds said. “I am confident about the port’s future, especially with its leadership in the competent hands of Executive Director Leonard Waterworth.”


Port Authority Executive Director Leonard Waterworth


In his remarks, Waterworth paid tribute to Edmonds and the leaders a century earlier whom he called the “keepers of the port,” who left a priceless legacy.

“The courageous people who came before us built a community of opportunity,” he said. “For 98 years, the Port of Houston has served as the catalyst for the economic growth that we enjoy today. And our current success will be a legacy for those who follow us.”

To fulfill its vision and prepare for the future, Waterworth said the Port Authority must have the proper infrastructure in place to effectively work and manage the larger ships.

Nearly $3 billion is needed for upgrades to Port Authority facilities over the next 15 years, he noted. Part of that preparation involves the critical work of deepening and widening two container terminal channels that connect to the Houston Ship Channel and an investment in wharves and cranes.

With the presidential elections looming, Waterworth said he was inspired by an image of the “city upon a hill” from an ancient parable that was used by two former presidents from opposing parties. Both John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan paid homage to that shining city.

“I believe that Houston is the center of the next great economic expansion. It can be that metaphorical Shining City on the Hill,” he concluded.

The PowerPoint presentation is now available on the Port of Houston Authority’s website,

For information about Houston packing, shipping and container loading, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

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Semester Abroad & Junior Year Abroad – Shipping Options

Posted on Tue, Jul 24, 2012

 With many juniors both at the high school and college level spending their junior year abroad, parents need to address shipping options for their students posessions. 

Some students may be happy to travel for the entire year with a back pack and a suitcase. Most students need more than just a few items for an entire year. 

The majority require some sort of shipping for all of their  personal items. They also may want to ship a gift for the host family. Something that reprensents your family, community, or state is usually  a good idea. 

We offer a few suggestions.  

Ship some of the students belongings ahead of time via air.  The host family will then be able to set up the students bedroom in a welcoming manner. Sometimes families ship sheets or even just pillow cases along with clothing for the out of season items. In other words, if it is summer in the country your student will be studying in, send the winter clothes ahead of time.

 Some of the other items you may want to ship ahead of time, are personal pictures, books or other momentos from your home.

 While many students do opt for the junior year abroad, some students take the semester abroad option.

 For these students we recommend shipping ahead of time also.  The semester abroad option usually is best for students who are not yet ready to commit for an entire school year away from family and friends.  Setting up skype with the host family is a great option to stay in touch, yet afford your student time in a foreign country. 

 When students are returning home from their semester or year abroad, we have noticed an increase in students families  travelling to the host country to both meet and thank the family, and to travel before the students year abroad ends.

 We recommend leaving some space for purchases in the families suitcases.  Once again, the rest of the students posessions will be shipped home. 

For more information about shipping abroad for both students who study a semester abroad and students who study their junior year  abroad, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

Cozy BedroomSome rooms just seem to invite you in....Carmel, CA	  Places / Home

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Summer Travel Plans and Shipping

Posted on Tue, Jul 17, 2012

 Now that you are at your summer destination, what do you do when it rains outside?  Like most travelers, you shop.

 It may be back to school clothing for your children or souvenirs for you relatives. It may be a piece of artwork or a sculpture that you just had to have.  In some cases it may be handmade furniture by a local craftsman.

As you sit in your hotel room, you realize that the good old days of buying an extra piece of luggage to and taking the purchases with you on the airplane are behind you. You may also realize that the items you purchased are simply to big to take with you on the plane.

The charges for the new suitcase and the airline fees to take this luggage on the airplane are just too high? 

So what do you do?

Call you hotel concierge. Ask him for the phone number or website of a local shipping store.  The store will be able to pick up your purchases, pack value and ship then for you. They can schedule these purchases to arrive back at your home.

 If you have purchased furniture, ask the store about their small move service. Also inquire about their furniture freighting services.  As for the art work, ask about a custom made box or crate.

 This is a win for you. You do not have to lug the new purchase with you, and you know when they will arrive at your home.

Just because your vacation has be effected by the weather, the joy of purchasing will only be enhanced by shipping the items home for you to enjoy. 

For more information about shipping your purchases while on vacation, please feel free to contact pack n send inHoustonat  713-266-1450.


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Houston Shipping Company Posts Childrens Thougths About Moving

Posted on Fri, Jun 15, 2012

 After last years success with our school program for children,   pack n send it thought might be fun to look at moving from the children’s point of view. We have asked a few children to offer us advice and ideas about what is important to them in a move.

Today we posted our first set of tweets from the children's point of view.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You get to have a new house.

Moving Tip from a 6 year old!  Kids should help pack. Its kind and it is their house.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You can get your own room.

Moving Tip from a 6 year old!  Kids should help pick out the house.

Best part of moving from a 15 yr old! You will have a lot more space.

Pack n send will be posting children’s thoughts on moving throughout the summer. If your child would like to submit their thoughts or ideas about moving, we would be happy to post them to our website.

You can email your child’s thoughts pack n send directly at:  Please write  “Children’s Thoughts about Moving” in the subject line.

If you or your family needs assistance with small moves, freight or furniture shipping, please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450.





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