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International Shipping to India: rules of which to be aware

Posted on Fri, May 02, 2014

Indian National Flag

If you're preparing an international shipment to India, some of the rules you'll need to follow may be surprising. Every country has its own import rules, some of which can have a tendency to be quirky. For example, if you're shipping to India, you may not send:

•    Gold or silver articles
•    Valuable articles, such as money or jewelry
•    Consumer electronic items worth more than 200 rupees; those worth less will be released but stamped with "released on caution."
•    Pistol-shaped items, including toy guns

Some other prohibitions seem fairly common-sense. For example, you may not ship radioactive items into India. Normal shipping rules, such as USPS's prohibition on explosives, perishables, and liquids, also apply.

India's not just interesting due to its postal rules, however. Here are some other interesting facts about this country:

•    India has the largest postal network in the world. In fact, it has 150,000 post offices.
•    India is the second most populous country in the world, but is a third the size of the US.
•    The wheel in the center of the Indian flag is the Buddhist wheel of life.
•    India was the country to first spin and weave cotton, and its fabrics were known and admired as far as Rome.
•    India is the world's leading banana exporter.
•    India's Bollywood is the world's largest movie industry.
•    India created the decimal system, directly leading to the pain of many middle school students in the US.

If you're ready to get shipping to India, contact us. We'll make sure you don't make any missteps when shipping and packing so that your package doesn't get returned or languish in customs - we know how important it is to you!

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