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International Shipping to New Zealand: Be Informed

Posted on Fri, May 16, 2014

Completed surrounded by the Southwestern Pacific Ocean is the country of New Zealand. It consists of two islands that have been a fixture in the area for more than 500 million years. They are known for their geothermal areas, jaw-dropping coastlines, sunken mountains, glaciers and traces of Māori culture. If you do decide to travel there, remember that international shipping to New Zealand has rules that must be followed.

 New Zealand’s government is very serious about protecting the environment. So much so that they prohibit or restrict items that they feel are bad for the earth to be transported across their borders. That long list of items includes the following products:
•    Air conditioners, heat pumps, insulation and dehumidifiers
•    Fast-food containers made from thermoformed plastic
•    Refrigerators, ice machines and freezers
•    Select aerosol sprays

They are not the only items New Zealand’s government refuses to let pass over its borders. There are also products on the prohibited items list that many people do not expect to see.

Among them are:
•    Children’s art supplies (i.e. water colors, crayons and finger paints)
•    Rough diamonds and diamonds from select regions (Cote d’lvoire)
•    Southern blue fin tuna, trout and trout byproducts
•    Chainsaws and multipurpose ladders
•    Baby gear (i.e. strollers and walkers)
•    Hot water bottles (rubber or plastic)
•    Radio jamming equipment
•    Children’s toys and pajamas
•    High powered magnets

People that break the rules run the risk of landing in serious financial and legal trouble. So it truly pays to be informed on all matters related to the country’s lists of prohibited and restricted items. Furthermore, New Zealand has very stringent laws governing when and where products may be shipped into the country too. Depending on which items people plan on shipping into New Zealand, there may be tariffs, GST and other expenses that may need to be taken care of as well.

For more information about New Zealand’s international shipping guidelines, please contact us by calling (713) 266-1450 today. At Pack n Send, our experts are very knowledgeable about New Zealand’s rules and would love to help you achieve your shipping goals.

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