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Planning a Summer Move? Here are some great moving tips.

Posted on Mon, May 05, 2014

Moving?  Here are some great moving tips!

Local Moving:
•    Prepare a list of the items that you want to move.
•    When the mover comes out to quote the job, you can make sure that you have shown them everything.
•    Do not forget attics, garages, basements and storage units.

Estate Sales or Downsizing Sales: 
•    Do not throw anything away. 

Cleaning Service
Hire a firm with a proven record of service.  They train and retain their personnel, can help prepare the house to sell or clean out, and are bonded and fully insured.

House Staging:    
Use a company who will stage your home to get it ready for sale. Staging your home before putting it on the market to sell will help too increase your sales price.

Realtor suggestions:  
Ask friends or coworkers for realtors that specialize in your area of the city.  For areas with a high international concentration, look for realtors who are with international firms. 

Selling your automobile:   
Find a trusted dealer to sell the car that you are no longer using.  Your realtor or moving company may be able to suggest the right person to sell the used automobile.

Shipping items to family members
•    Ship everything at one time. This will save shipping charges.
•    You can freight or move small amounts of furniture and boxes.
•    There is no minimum amount of weight or spending.
•    You can ship items domestically or internationally.
•    You can ship to people in different cities.
•     It is easier to keep track of items by using colored dots or sticky notes for each location. 
•    Consider using white glove inside delivery.

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