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Downsizing your home? Consider Small Load Moving

Posted on Tue, Jul 08, 2014

Moving is never an easy feat.  When the time comes it is easy to get overwhelmed. 

Over the years, many of people accumulate a large number of pieces of both furniture and household decorations.  The best practice for moving furniture efficiently is to plan ahead. Downsizing may help.  It includes distinguishing, between what you want to save, and what you want to get rid of before you move.  Here is a quick overview to help get you started before shipping your furniture across town or across country with movers or freight trucks.

What downsizing involves

  While often times it is easier said than done, downsizing is the best jump start to a smooth move.  Before getting started, take the time to walk through your house or apartment to assess the individual need of each piece of your furniture.  For some people, it is easy to get rid of the majority of their furniture because they are looking to change their lifestyle when they move into their new home, or move to a new city.  For other individuals, they feel everything should come with them to their new home.  Taking the time to look at your furniture and determine its use and value to you will save both time and money when the move comes.  You will also feel much better once you arrive at your new home. You will only have the pieces of furniture that you really want to have.  


  Distinguishing which furniture items are important is typically the hardest part of downsizing.  When the time comes, it is hard to part with material items because of memories or where they may have come from. If you really do not want to keep some of the furniture, why not take pictures of it before you dispose of it. That way, you can preserve your memories and still take only the piece of furniture that you really want to have with you.

  By distinguishing which furniture items you use the most, you will be able to efficiently downsize.  Once you have distinguished the items that you want to move, sort them.  Some items could be worth selling for additional money, while others may be best to be given away to thrift store or charity.  In the end, you will feel better parting from your furniture because they will be going to a better home (or adding more cash to your pocket).  

Don't Delay. 

While this may seem the most obvious and easiest choice for future movers, it often is the most procrastinated.  It is very easy to put off getting the moving process started because there will be a lot going on.  The sooner you get started distinguishing what you do and do not really need, the easier you will be able to downsize for the movers, taking stress off you.    

Moving across the country can be both challenging and stressful, but with the right practices, and taking less with you, you will feel at ease.  If you are moving small amounts of furniture out of the city, consider using a furniture freighting service.  Look for a mover who can build both custom crates and custom pallets for your freight move.

  When you freight your furniture, you can have it delivered to your curb or delivered inside. You also can consider using a small load mover. With a mover that consolidates loads, there is no minimum amount of furniture that you need to move.

If you need additional moving tips, or ideas how to downsize better before your move, please contact us at pack and send. We pack and ship both domestically and worldwide

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