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Ways to Improve Shipping Furniture to Family Members

Posted on Fri, Dec 06, 2013

Whether you're downsizing or being deployed, or you need help wth Senior & Elderly Moving you may find shipping furniture to family members a necessary task at some point in life. Well-loved furniture, including precious heirlooms may need to be professionally packed. Don't hope your things make it; have some confidence by improving how you ship large items like furniture. For furniture look for a company that specializes in both furniture freighting and also furniture moving. There are companies that move small amounts of furniture all over the world. For delicate items, consider hiring a professional packing company to pack these items for you.

When planning to ship furniture, start with the dimensions. Before you begin calling furniture moving companies, take measurements and write them down.  Length, width and height. Shipping companies will need this information for pricing and for giving advice.  If you want to improve your shipping experience, you need to know the exact dimensions of each piece of furniture.

Talk to your family about what you'll be sending. It may have been a few years since your sister saw that old family hutch. Does she really appreciate how tall it is? Will the color of the furniture that you are sending fit in with her homes color scheme? Send those dimensions to your family member and ask them to verify that the item will fit where they  intend to use or store it. It's also a good idea to send high resolution photos of the item, just in case your family member is not clear which piece you will be sending.

Purchase the right shipping supplies. When shipping furniture, you'll need more than tape! Since furniture is typically large, even bulky, you may need to purchase  shipping and packing supplies like custom fit boxes, or blankets to use for wrapping your furniture. If you intend to prepare the item for shipping yourself, you may also need heavy duty skids or a hand truck. No matter what you're shipping, from an infant crib to a credenza, you can successfully deliver the item safely into the hands of your loved one.

As an alternative to shipping the furniture on your own, you can look for a company that can freight or move your furniture. With furniture freighting, the furniture is loaded onto a pallet and then shipped via freight. You can request either curbside delivery, or inside white glove delivery. You can also request that the furniture is loaded onto a moving truck that specializes in moving small amounts of furniture across country.

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You Need Small Movers, Even When You Think You Don't

Posted on Thu, Sep 19, 2013

 When you are moving a small amount of furniture, it might seem easy at first glance. You think to yourself, "I'll just load up the car or rent a larger mini-van and that will be all I need." However, this plan almost always turns out badly for several reasons:

  • You have more stuff than you think.
  • You rarely organize beforehand, because you think it
         will be easy.
  • You have to live in a disorganized manner for several
         weeks or more to follow and
  • You wind up spending random money on things like
         storage or even last-minute moving help

However, most people only do this one time. Either they make sure in the future
to absolutely, only have a car or small mini-van full of stuff to move, or they
wisely plan and hire help beforehand for the next time. If you're really wise,
you won't put yourself through this misery even once. A small move is still a
move, and you can make your move a headache or a breeze. The choice is up to

Making Your Small Move a Breeze

Basically, the key is to treat your small move like a larger move. However, when you take the same steps, the process will move quickly because you have less stuff. There are four simple
steps: Planning and Packing, Clearing Out, Creature Comforts and Review.

Planning and Packing - Planning entails both setting aside and a little packing. You can do the planning yourself or hire a company to help you.

Basically, in the planning phase, you decide what the most special and delicate items are and make sure that they are packed properly by you, or you hire a professional packing company to pack them for you.

During this time, you should also set aside bags of items that you will need right away after moving like toiletries, kids toys, a few outfits for you and your family, and perishable foods.
Once you do the setting aside, either you can do the packing yourself or hire a moving company to do that for you.

Clearing Out - Clearing out is an important way to make your small move easy. Basically, you just get rid of everything that's going to get in your way or the mover's way during the move. This step can include, removing potted plants, floor mats, low hanging decorations and tree branches if necessary, opening door locks, propping doors open, clearing cords out of the way, making sure all walkways are clear of outdoor toys and yard machines and making sure that everyone involved will have a place to park. Dump all trash and create large, empty trash bags for moving trash only.

Creature Comforts - It's always a good idea to have water for yourself and the movers available.  

Review - After you're moved out, make a final sweep of the place and make sure everything is gone.

  We know what it takes to make your small move simple and headache free. If you have any
questions about moving a small amount of furniture, please feel free to contact us here at pack n send.


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