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Will You Be Moving into an Assisted Living Residence in 2014?

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2013

Moving into an assisted living residence is a big deal for most individuals. It can elicit a variety of emotions including joy, apprehension, excitement and anxiety. The good news is there are ways to reduce the anxiety and apprehension. Here’s how:

#1: Get Informed

Having multiple meetings with the assisted living residence’s staff is one way to reduce pre-move nervousness. During the meetings, determine which items from home may be brought into the facility and the dimensions of your new living space. You may also want to inquire whether or not you can have the wall painted, light fixtures or carpeting changed to suit your needs. Some facilities allow such personalization of the space. Others, however, have regulations in place that prevent certain elements from being altered.

#2: Pack-n-Send Early

Once you know what size space you’ll be given and a good understanding of the regulations involved, make plans to pack and send your belongs. It is typically best to start this process early to account for any items that you may want to give away, donate, sell or place into long term storage. During the process, you may also want to arrange for assistance from others. They can help you sort, pack and ship your belongings to other locations based on your own personal wishes.

#3: Say Fare-Forward

As the moving day draws near, consider holding a special dinner to say “fare-forward” instead of farewell to those individuals and pets that you may be leaving behind. When doing so, focus on the move being the beginning of a grand adventure and how they are all welcome to stay in touch with you after your departure.

#4: Celebrate the Arrival

Once you arrive at your assisted living residence and settle in, celebrate your arrival too. Bring old friends and new friends together for the occasion. Then mark the time you’ve spent together with a keepsake group photo, video or audio file.

#5: Keep Communication Flowing

Lastly, make keeping the lines of communication between all of the people in your life a priority. Establish a monthly phone chat, personal visit or social media page where everyone can easily exchange news with one another. That way, you’re less likely to mourn the passing of your old lifestyle and fully embrace the new one.

To learn more about making your move to an assisted living residence a happy experience for all involved, please contact us at (713) 266-1450. Our moving experts would love the opportunity to help you start the next chapter of your adult life.


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