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How to Manage Office Equipment Shipping

Posted on Tue, Apr 15, 2014

If you are planning to move, or close an office and relocate, you may be overwhelmed with the prospect of moving all of your office equipment.  When it comes to office equipment shipping, you really can't manage alone. Fortunately, we can tell you what questions to ask yourself and your shipping company about office equipment shipping before the move.

1: Define Where You Will Ship

Before you determine what resources you will need to help you ship your office equipment you need to decide what you will be moving and where it will go.  Some office moves involve shipping to multiple locations.  Consider if that is something you will need.  If so, the shipping company you hire needs to be able to accommodate shipping to multiple locations.  You may have loads that are different sizes so you will need to verify they are willing to handle small and large shipments. 

2. What Will You Move?

In addition you need to define what you are moving.  Typically, office moves include:
•    Desks
•    Filing Cabinets
•    Computers
•    Chairs
•    Bookcases
•    Water Coolers
•    Artwork
You will want to hire a shipping company that has experience shipping the items you plan to ship. This is especially true for your computers and artwork.  These items are high value and you will want to feel confident they will arrive in excellent condition.  A company that has experience shipping these items will handle them properly including appropriate packing and unpacking.

3. Ask for Details of Packing and Shipping

You may want to ask a potential shipping company how they plan to pack and ship your items. 

Will computers be packed in boxes; shrink wrapped and sent out on skids?   

Is adequate Styrofoam or Styrofoam peanuts included to protect electronics? 

Will the furniture be safely loaded on pallets

What about artwork? 

Will the artwork be protected by special paper prior to boxing or crating?  If not, how will the artwork be protected during shipping? 

If your office has sculptures how will they be handled? 

Will custom crates be built? 

Make sure you are comfortable with the packing and shipping plan.

Make sure that you know the value of the items that you are shipping. Ask for valuation coverage.

At Pack n Send we have experience with office moves and know how to handle safely packing and shipping high value items such as electronics and artwork.  We are able and willing to accommodate small moves and moves to multiple locations.  Contact Us to find out how we can help you with your upcoming office move.

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