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Estate Shipping and Estate Sales part 2

Posted on Fri, Aug 29, 2014

This is the second in the series about Estate Shipping. Part one discussed shipping. When you want to ship, and the various shipping and moving methods.

This article will discuss selling in an estate sale and shipping options.

You may want to liquidate the estate.
Sometimes family members do not want all of the belongings of a family member who has passed away. You might want to hold an estate sale. Here are some recommended questions to ask if you are deciding if you would like to hold an estate sale.

Why do I need to have an estate sale? Can’t I do it all by myself?
In our experience, you can receive more money when you have an estate sale that will bring in collectors, dealers and buyers. An estate sale agent will be able to identify antiques and collectibles. They will be able to do the research to see the best way to price your items.

What things can be sold in an estate sale?
Antique furniture, antiques, art, automobiles, books, china, sterling silver, collectibles, household furniture, glassware, jewelry, kitchenware, oriental rugs, porcelain, tools, clothing, and most used household items.

Some questions to ask before you hold an estate sale.
Can your estate sale agent sell furniture, antiques, collectibles, antiques etc?What about used household items? Will the agent advertise the sale for you? What are the hours and recommended days of an estate sale? How long does it take to prepare for an estate sale? Can an agent get the research done in one day and hold the sale the next day?

Remember to remove from the house the items that you do not want to sell. If you cannot remove the items before the sale, let the estate sale agent know ahead of time what these items are.
At pack n send in Houston, we recommend looking at Dominique Kendalls website for answers to your estate sale questions. 
Dominique is able to answer these questions on her website.

If you are outside of the Houston area, you can take her list of questions with you to ask your estate sale company in another city. It is best to enter into an estate sale knowing the questions that you want to ask ahead of time.

On the other hand, some families are ready to liquidate and estate but need help accomplishing this overwhelming task. Look for a company that you can hire hold an estate sale and then provide shipping to customers.
How Many Items and Destinations?

Many families find that certain members would like to keep special items as a memory of their loved one. You can move small amounts of furniture. Look for a small load mover. This means the grandfather clock may go to one city and the china cabinet to another. It is necessary to determine how many items will need to be shipped and where they will need to go.
Often families find they want to ship items to various family members spread across the country or even around the world. It is necessary to hire a shipping company that allows you to ship items to a variety of destinations even if each individual shipment is not that large. If items will be shipped internationally a company experienced with international shipping is desirable since appropriate paperwork needs to be filled out.

Handling of Valuable Items

It is important to select a company that specializes in packng and shipping services and has experience handling valuable items. The memories of your loved one are not replaceable. Choose a company that has decades of experience and a reputation for transporting delicate items. Verify that the packers and movers have been trained to handle valuable pieces. A company that regularly handles antiques, glass or other fragile items may be a good choice.
Some families find they want to move some items to storage liquidate other pieces and ship yet other items to various friends and family spread throughout the country. At Pack n Send we have experience and can help your estate shipping options. Contact us and allow us to provide you personal, reliable service.

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