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Preparing for Pallet Shipping

Posted on Tue, Feb 11, 2014

Pallet shipping consolidates your items into one single shipment making it easier to move your goods safely. We suggest using sturdy wood pallets. They can be custom made to fit your particular shipment. Pallets are large enough to accommodate the items without allowing them to overhang. If you’ve decided on pallet shipping you should follow a few steps for the best results.

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What can I pallet ship?
•    Lawn equipment
•    Washer/dryer
•    Refrigerator
•    Sofa
•    Recliner
•    Dresser
•    Tables
•    Chairs
•    Electronics
•    Large accessories
•    Cartons of goods

Which pallet?
Select pallets that are large enough to stop overhang. Your pallet will be a platform for your goodies so make sure it’s strong enough to hold the load without collapsing. The best pallets have closely spaced deck boards—don’t use pallets with broken boards or nails that poke out. Most pallets are lifted with a forklift.
If your move is international, the wooden pallets must be heat treated. Heat treated wood pallets don't make good homes for unwanted pests. Fortunately, the pallets only have to be treated once.

Packing your pallet

•    Pack small items in sturdy cartons. Close each carton with tape or staples.
•    Do not allow boxes to extend past the pallet edges.
•    Avoid excess space in between cartons. By keeping them packed tightly, you will avoid shifting.
•    Arrange boxes in columns for a smooth trip.
•    Wrap the pallet with stretch wrap and use strapping to keep those cartons in place. Stretch wrap is "industrial strength" plastic stretch wrap and it needs to be applied to the entire pallet.
•    Wrap from the bottom up.

If you want move a household or a roomful of items, pallet shipping is the way to go. Whether moving your treasures across the country or the world, we're here to make your move as seamless as possible.
The team at Pack n Send can help you transport a single or multiple pallets easily. Contact us today for more information preparing, shipping and moving pallets.

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Freight Shipping And Pallets For All

Posted on Mon, Jan 20, 2014

 Freight Forwarding and freight shipping is a necessary service for any business that sells in bulk, deals in big ticket items, or sells items that are simply too large for traditional shipping methods.  You may be wondering how you are going to sell your refurbished furniture and ship to your customers around the world, but the solution is right here with freight shipping.

The beauty of freight shipping is in its simplicity.  All you need to do is to look for a company that has standard pallets, or has the capability to build custom domestic or international pallets.

You just need to request that the company supplies the pallet that fits your need. The company should be able to design palettes that will hold your items regardless of their size.  

Make sure that they can not only design the custom pallets for your business to use, but that they  can pick up and deliver those same pallets to  distributors anywhere.  You may choose to have your items shipped by air freight, or by ground freight. Ask for the packing and delivery charges ahead of time.

When you work with a professional packing and shipping company for your freight shipping needs, they should be able to you pull your packages together from start to finish.  You may not even know how to get your items onto the pallets and secure them, but the shipping company should be able to explain it to you. They should do the work for you and send off the items as soon as they are ready.  In essence, you pay a company to do all the work so that you don't have to wrangle your packages for shipping.

If you would like more information about how to freight items on pallets, please feel free to   Contact us at pack n send in Houston.


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