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Freight Shipping Returning to Normal in Europe

Posted on Fri, Apr 23, 2010


Pack n send is updating information about  freight movement throughout Europe.  With air traffic returning to normal freight is once again moving throughout Europe.

As we receive updated information, we will continue to post it on our website.

The current article was taken from Handy Shipping Guide 

UK - One of the UK's largest  movers  of export airfreight shipments, Air Menzies International (AMI), has reported that they are getting shipments back on track after the disruption caused by the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano last week.

As more air lines re-establish normal operations in Europe, AMI state that they are rapidly clearing backlogged cargo at their warehouses, mainly thanks to their holding of large amounts of pre-booked space aboard flights, and are able to accept new booking and cargo consignments.

Sharon Wright, AMI's Vice President Europe, said: "Now the airlines are flying again, our pre-booked allocations with most major carriers will help to move our customers' traffic quickly."

She added that this situation should serve as a warning to both industry and the authorities on the importance of contingency planning saying that:

"Hopefully we have all learned some lessons. Airlines - particularly freighter operators - need to look at ways of working around a problem like this, by quickly adopting alternative gateways outside the no-fly zone, which we could then feed by road.

"On a government level, there must be a Europe-wide contingency  plan  in place, should such a situation ever arise again."

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