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Semester Abroad & Junior Year Abroad – Shipping Options

Posted on Tue, Jul 24, 2012

 With many juniors both at the high school and college level spending their junior year abroad, parents need to address shipping options for their students posessions. 

Some students may be happy to travel for the entire year with a back pack and a suitcase. Most students need more than just a few items for an entire year. 

The majority require some sort of shipping for all of their  personal items. They also may want to ship a gift for the host family. Something that reprensents your family, community, or state is usually  a good idea. 

We offer a few suggestions.  

Ship some of the students belongings ahead of time via air.  The host family will then be able to set up the students bedroom in a welcoming manner. Sometimes families ship sheets or even just pillow cases along with clothing for the out of season items. In other words, if it is summer in the country your student will be studying in, send the winter clothes ahead of time.

 Some of the other items you may want to ship ahead of time, are personal pictures, books or other momentos from your home.

 While many students do opt for the junior year abroad, some students take the semester abroad option.

 For these students we recommend shipping ahead of time also.  The semester abroad option usually is best for students who are not yet ready to commit for an entire school year away from family and friends.  Setting up skype with the host family is a great option to stay in touch, yet afford your student time in a foreign country. 

 When students are returning home from their semester or year abroad, we have noticed an increase in students families  travelling to the host country to both meet and thank the family, and to travel before the students year abroad ends.

 We recommend leaving some space for purchases in the families suitcases.  Once again, the rest of the students posessions will be shipped home. 

For more information about shipping abroad for both students who study a semester abroad and students who study their junior year  abroad, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

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