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Shipping Companies in Houston offer Shipping Advice

Posted on Thu, Feb 21, 2013

 While shipping artwork and equipment shipping are the norm, some customers now prefer to ship their furniture via freight.

What is the cost to ship furniture across country?  It depends on the size and weight of the furniture that is being shipped. When you freight furniture on a pallet, you can request curbside or inside delivery.

This option is often helpful to use for out of the way communities. Sometimes a small blanket wrap move is expensive when you are moving to states such as Washington, New Hampshire, or even the south part of Florida. It is best to ask for both a blanket wrap price as well as a freight price when moving a small amount of furniture.

When you freight furniture, you may be able to receive the furniture faster than if you have a blanket wrap truck move.  While  traditional moving trucks may need to wait to be filled up before leaving a city,  a pallet of furniture will be usually be  able to move within a day of being loaded onto a pallet.

We also look at freighting for businesses shipping small amounts of machinery. Businesses can look at consolidating machinery shipments onto custom made pallets. That way, the machinery can be shipped via freight. Freight companies will call a day ahead of time to schedule deliveries. That way personnel can be on hand to accept the delivery.

So what are the drawbacks to moving a small amount of furniture via freight?  None that we can think of.

We also have advice for choosing the correct company to freight your furniture or machinery. Since some items can be delicate or time sensitive delivery requirements, it is important to look for a company that has been in business for many years, has a good reputation, and has a brick and mortar location.

The company that you choose needs to be able to freight anything you need shipped. From car engines and household goods, to automobiles and furniture, the company that you choose should have experience freighting a variety of items. Ask them about custom platform and custom crate building, as well as their ability to block and brace shipments. You may not know what this entails, but they should be able to explain their freight preparation to you in terms that you will then understand.

Look for a company that offers personalize service. Each shipment should be handled individually to serve the customer's unique needs. If you are planning on shipping internationally an example would be international furniture shipping, the company should offer both palletized hipping as well as containerized loading and shipping for larger shipments. Be sure to see if containers are necessary for your shipping, or if the company can quote you by the cubic meter.

Small loads like, car doors, auto parts and furniture all can be placed on pallets, surrounded by cardboard, and then strapped with metal banding for shipping.

Computers should be packed in boxes, shrink wrapped and send out on skids. Small amounts of household goods should be packed in boxes, loaded onto pallets and then shrink wrapped. Household and business furniture are safely put on pallets as well. Once again, for international shipping, make sure the company has experience both loading and processing international paperwork.

Car engines are strapped to pallets. Large and small households are boxed and loaded into containers for overseas shipping.

Look for a company that can accept your inbound freight into their warehouse on your behalf. Make sure they can then deliver the freight to you.

If you have any questions about freighting furniture or machinery, or are looking for shipping companies in Houston or elsewhere in the United States, please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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