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Furniture Shipping for Individuals, Designers & Decorators

Posted on Mon, Jul 07, 2014

Are you looking into furniture shipping options?

A designer or decorator  may be looking to ship individual furniture items. Someone settling an estate may want to move furniture to a few different locations so a variety of loved ones can each have a memory to cherish. When people are moving an entire house it is easy to determine the shipping process but what about when just one or a couple items need to be relocated? Here are some things to consider when you are looking to move small amounts of furniture.


The first question that should be addressed is how the items will be handled. Are all items crated or can cost savings occur with blanket wrapping instead? Is palletizing an option? If it is blanket wrapped it can be sent with movers whereas palletized pieces can ship with freight companies. Will small items be moved via UPS, FedEx, or DHL?
Also inquire if the furniture items will be completely protected during packing. Are fragile items packed accordingly so they are safe and secure?

Minimum Shipping Load

Is there a minimum shipping load? If you are looking to only ship a small amount of furniture or just one item you will want to find a company that doesn't have a minimum requirement. If you are shipping to multiple locations it is important that a minimum for each destination isn't required. Find a company that is willing to handle a single piece of furniture or an entire truckload.


It is possible that a small amount of furniture will need to be moved overseas. Look for a company that has experience handling overseas moves. Each country has different rules and regulations so it is important that the movers be familiar with the destination country. In addition there will likely be paperwork for an overseas move and a knowledgeable company will know how to process it.

How is the furniture received? When shipping via freight, ideally the furniture will be received into a warehouse and inspected prior to delivery to the final recipient. This will verify the furniture is in the anticipated condition.

At Pack n Send we treat each and every order individually to ensure the safest and most cost effective method is implemented. We routinely ship small amounts of furniture for customers and have no minimum requirement. We are familiar with overseas shipping to numerous countries. Contact us to learn more and obtain a furniture shipping quote.

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