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Four Things to Consider for Stress-Free Estate Moving

Posted on Fri, Dec 06, 2013

Few people look forward to repositioning a family member’s estate to a new location; let's face it--Estate Shipping  can be stressful. The idea of packing and transporting a lifetime of a family member’s collection of personal possessions and heirlooms is a real concern. Still, many people make state to state, cross-country and even global moves of these items successfully every day. It can be done! Before you pick up the packing tape dispenser, consider these four tips for estate moving.


If you decide to do the move yourself, start with the right supplies. If you've decided you can't leave Aunt Ida's blue China collection behind, you'll need more than a few sheets of old newspaper to insure they make it in one piece. Invest good packing supplies including packing cartons, wrap, tape and markers. Here's a good tip to remember, limit the size of packing cartons to 50 pounds or less. Anything bigger is hard to get your arms around.

Divide contents by room. It's a simple idea that can save you hours of sifting and searching once the items arrive at the new location. Don't mix contents from different rooms into one box, even if it seems sensible at the time. Keep the contents separated by room and clearly mark which room they belong in. If you are shipping the belongings to multiple relatives, mark the boxes clearly with different color markers for each family member who will be receiving the boxes. This will make it easier when you add the address labels to the boxes.

Pay extra attention to electronics. Wrap the extension cords up or tape to the base before transporting them. Snipping a cord or bending the socket plug could permanently damage an appliance. Stash all the electronics manuals in one bag or tape them to the back of the item. You never know when you'll need them. Always pad television and monitor screens when moving these items.

Consult a professional. Renting a moving truck that's too large--or too small can make an otherwise good move very difficult. You need enough room for the belongings to ride comfortably without jostling or rubbing against one another. If you are looking for a company to pack and move the estate of a loved one who has passed away, seek out a company that can either move or freight the estate belongings. At Pack-N-Send, we specialize in planning, packing and moving both estate furnishings and delicate and high value items to their new location, without all the stress.

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