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Shipping to Brazil- Some Restrictions listed here

Posted on Wed, Jul 23, 2014

International Shipping to Brazil has a few restrictions. If you want to pack and send something to Brazil, we suggest that you look at the following guidelines. Below we have listed some of the items that the USPS has outlined on their website.

•    Banknotes
•     currency notes
•     paper money
•     Securities payable to bearer; and traveler’s checks.
•    Coins; manufactured and unmanufactured platinum, gold, and silver; precious stones; jewels; expensive jewelry; and other valuable articles.
•    Commercial samples that promote tobacco products or smoking-related merchandise.
•    Commercial shipments that contain cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, loose and packaged tobacco, pipes, and other smoking devices.
•    Items whose fragility (due either to nature or inadequate packing) could cause harm to individuals or equipment.
•    Medicines whose formulas are not listed in the official pharmacopeias or not licensed by the Brazilian Department of Public Health.
•    Perishable infectious biological substances.
•    Perishable noninfectious biological substances.
•    Playing cards.
•    Poniards, stilettos, poniard blades; canes, umbrellas, or any other articles containing swords, daggers, or guns; handcuffs, and blackjacks.
•    Primary educational books not written in Portuguese.
•    Radioactive materials.
•    Medicines must be accompanied by a prescription from the attendant Brazilian doctor. This prescription should be on a chemist’s form, bearing the name, private address or office of the doctor, his registration number with the Brazil National Medical Council and a Portuguese translation of the instructions, as necessary. Postal packages containing medicaments and not satisfying the above-mentioned conditions will be returned to the senders or, if abandoned, treated as undeliverable items.
•    Postage stamps are admitted only in registered shipments.
•    Saccharine and other artificial sweeteners for artificial beverages require permission from the Brazilian Department of Public Health for importation.

Here are some facts about Brazil:
•    About 80 per cent of the population is Roman Catholic
•    The current population (2014) is around one hundred ninety  million people
•    Portuguese is the official language of Brazil
•    Brazilians like to dress for dinner. Be sure not to under dress when invited to some ones home for a meal
•    It is customary to bring a gift of wine or flowers to a hostess
•    Arriving late is not acceptable. Arrive early when invited to some ones home

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