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Shipping a package to Finland? Here are some facts.

Posted on Thu, Aug 21, 2014

Shipping to Finland by USPS offers many of the same prohibitions as other countries.

It is with some of their restrictions where the differences arise.

For example, in order to import meat and meat products, authorization is required from the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture.

While some countries prohibit the import of even toy guns, the Finnish government allows the following items to be sent via mail:

o paintball guns
o toy guns
o nail guns
o bows
o optical sights
o empty holsters
o gun cleaning appliances

Here are the prohibited items that may not be sent into Finland per the USPS.

Arms and weapons, including ammunition, firearm parts, barrels, bolts, breeches, clip magazines and silencers; active and deactivated firearms; live and deactivated ammunition; air, starter, and gas guns; replicas of firearms; explosive devices; and air soft guns that imitate active firearms.
Human remains
Live plants and animals
Radioactive materials


Some fun facts about Finland:
They hold an annual wife carrying contest.
There are over one hundred eighty eight thousand lakes and ninety eight thousand islands.
The company Nokia was founded in Finland.

News broadcast are done in Latin.
Swedish and Finish are languages of Finland.
Finland banned Donald Duck comic books because Donald Duck does not wear pants.

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