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International Shipping to Israel: What Americans Need to Know

Posted on Fri, May 30, 2014

Located in Southwest Asia, with an unparalleled view of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is the Jewish-majority State of Israel. Considered to be a subtropical area, it is comprised of three major geographic regions that are known for their diverse flora and fauna.

Israel has two different sets of import rules. One set of rules is for countries that have good relationships with Israel. The other set of rules is applied to countries that do not have harmonious relations with Israel’s government.

Iran is one country that does not have good import relations with Israel. Iran is not allowed to ship anything into the country.

 Pakistan residents must have an import license in order to ship cotton fabrics into Israel.
Thankfully, America currently enjoys good relations Israel. 

At this point in time, Americans are not allowed to ship items like the following:
•    Computer modems and networking devices
•    Cordless telephones (select MHz/GHz)
•    Answering and fax machines
•    Select knives and mace
•    Laser speedometers
•    Gambling materials
•    Plants and animals

Americans must also seek approval from the Israeli government if they want to ship certain items like motorized scooters and mobile phones into the country. Different departments within the Israeli government handle such approval requests. The department approval needed will depend on the item that is slated to be shipped.

It is vital to note that Israel’s international shipping rules also require a variety of items to be accompanied by special documentation like a Certificate of Origin, Standard of Institutes Permit, Director General’s Directive or a Special Commodities contract. Examples of items that fall into that category are as follows:
•    Men’s, women’s and children’s watches
•    Woven fabrics and yarns from Pakistan
•    Electronic cigarettes
•    Blank airline tickets
•    Silver jewelry

In addition to those regulations and rules, Israel does impose taxes and fees in certain situations as well. The list of items that may be subject to taxation or fees includes certain size televisions, books and electronics valued at more than $50.
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