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International Shipping to Turkey-Import Restrictions

Posted on Fri, May 09, 2014

If you are planning to ship items internationally it is important to check the rules for the specific country you will be shipping to.  Each country has their own set of rules about what can and cannot be shipped to the country and what duties and taxes are required.  It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure they are shipping acceptable items. 

International Shipping to Turkey has the following requirements.
Prohibited Items
•    Cash
•    Dry Ice
•    Precious Metals
•    Viagra
•    Diamonds
•    Any Dangerous goods as defined by IATA
•    Alcoholic Beverages
•    Soil
•    Electronic Cigarettes
•    Products Made in Iran

Items Requiring Special Permission

Knives require permission from the City Governor and the Police Department.  This includes knives that are going to be used for decoration and those that are gifts.  Tableware knives are not included.

In order to import antiques one must apply for an expert report by Turkish authorities (such as a museum expert).  Antiques include art, furniture, silverware or a decorative object that is over 100 years old.

Works of art can be imported if the artist is still living, the artwork can be replaced, and the artwork has been appraised by a gallery or art dealer within the past year. 

Mobile Phones
Only companies with approval from the Ministry of Industry and the Turkish Telecom Office are allowed to import mobile phones to Turkey.

Shipping Personal Items
Turkey classifies 'Personal Effects' as items that have been owned for at least 6 months and are intended for personal use.  These are items that will not be sold or used for business purposes or for distribution.  If you are shipping 'Personal Effects' they must be clearly labeled on the shipping label by placing "ISC-Personal Effects" on the label.  It should also be clearly labeled on the invoice.  Include the reason for importation such as move, relocation, holiday travel and a photocopy of the passport or ID card.  Items considered excisable goods (perfume, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks), perishable food, and medicine are not allowed as Personal Effects.   

If you are shipping items internationally it is best to use a knowledgeable shipping service that is aware of the rules and regulations for the country you will be shipping to.  At Pack n Send we have experience shipping to Turkey.  Contact us so we can help you!

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