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Small Load Movers: Packing and Moving Stuff on a Small Scale

Posted on Fri, Feb 14, 2014

So are you planning on moving out of town, but only have a few pieces of furniture to move?
No problem. Look for a small load mover.  There are options within this category. You can request quotes for two types of moves.

Of course you can be your own small load mover, and not hire a professional moving company but….When you have just a few things to move, renting a truck can seem like overkill. Still, shifting that heavy dresser or stack of boxes to your new address will require some sweat equity. That's when you need a reliable professional small load mover. If you have a small scale transition planed consider talking to the pros.

Photo: We can help with packing and moving!
First for a cross country move, just like a move within the same city, you receive pick up inside your current home and delivery inside your next residence. You can ask for valuation coverage for your belongings. Movers will wrap furniture in moving blankets to protect them from shifting during the move.  You have the option to pack and unpack your own boxes, or you can request that the small load mover both pack and unpack for you.

The second option is picking up inside your home and delivery to your new residence with curbside drop off. While this is usually a money saving opportunity, the recipient will need to unload the pallet that has been dropped off, and then take your belongings inside the residence. The receiver will also need to dispose of the packaging on their own.  With many of our customers choosing this option, it has worked out quite well for them.

 The freight company that will deliver the pallet will call ahead of time to arrange a drop off time that is convenient for the recipient. That way, you can schedule your helpers and meet the delivery truck.

Just like large load movers, your items will be treated with care and can be delivered right to your address. 
What can I move? Absolutely everything, but we have listed dome common items below:
•    Televisions
•    Tables
•    Chairs
•    Computers
•    Appliances
•    Fine art
•    Pictures
•    Dishes
•    Yard art
•    Book collections
•    Linens
From one room to a single piece of furniture you can safely move your treasures to their new home without worry. Whether it's a piano, a chandelier or just a box of mementos, small move services could be just what you need.
Please feel free to contact us at pack n send for information on small load moving.

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