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How to Choose a Company for Small Load Moving

Posted on Fri, Jul 11, 2014

Everyone knows what's involved in a large move. You can hire movers or rent a large truck and ask your friends to help you move everything.  You can even ask your friend or movers to both pack and unpack your precious belongings. The packing and unpacking can take days. So this is the solution for a big move. 

But, what do you do if you just have a small load to move? Say you only have a few pieces of furniture  and some boxes. What if it is an estate move and you are moving a few different pieces of furniture to a few different family members in a few different cities. Sounds complicated?  Well it is not complicated at all.

With a small load it's probably not worth renting a big truck, and usually you don't want to personally move a small load across the country, especially if it is a small load that is moving on to new owners.  Is it possible to hire movers for a small load?  Absolutely!

Let’s review our options for moving a small amount of furniture and boxes cross country. First let’s consider using a blanket wrap move truck that consolidates furniture from various customers. They can pick up inside and deliver inside.  Pickup and delivery dates need to be flexible, because there is more than one customer to consider.  


You can consider freighting your furniture.  You can arrange to have your furniture picked up at your home or office, or you can deliver it to the freight warehouse. In any case the furniture will be professionally packed at the warehouse. This is an economical alternative to traditional blanket wrap moves.  It is usually used for time sensitive small moves, or moves to the far northeast or far north western states. It is commonly used for small moves to Alaska from the lower 48 states.

Small load moving can be quite economical because the items you are moving can be just one crate or pallet in a larger load. If you hire a company to help you move your small load, they should pick it up, palletize and load it for you.  Your small load should be freighted to the final recipient without you having to worry about the details.

Decide ahead of time whether curb-side delivery is good enough for your small load move, or if you want the items you're having moved unpacked and delivered inside with white glove delivery.  You should find a reputable company that offers both of these options, so you have the flexibility you need.

Small load moving is much less complicated than you would imagine, as long as you hire a trustworthy company who specializes in this kind of moving service. Avoid companies who have minimum weight or dollar amounts on small load moves. Small load moving is ideal for moving into or out of nursing homes, assisted living facilities and apartments. Small load moving is also great for individuals selling furniture, liquidating estates, or moving into or out of offices.

If you're looking for a company to handle your small load move, contact us for a quote.  If you have a small international move, you also want to consider sending your furniture on a pallet.  You can ship the furniture or office equipment by the cubic meter or by the container. You need to let the freight company know ahead of time if your items are being shipped to a foreign country.

The wood that they use on a pallet is different for domestic shipments versus international shipping.

  For more information about small load moving and furniture freighting, please feel free to contact us and pack and send in Houston. We are able to pack and ship worldwide.

How to Choose a Company for Small Load Moving How to Choose a Company for Small Load Moving

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Professional Job Relocation: Cross Country Movers

Posted on Fri, Apr 18, 2014

Moving to another city is a decision that people do not make quickly or without serious thought.

 It often takes several years to build meaning personal connections, business relationships, and friendships. Letting go of a professional situation that is no longer working requires courage. Many people are open to employer relocation if it will help their career improve. Here are a few ways that cross country movers can help with relocation.

Moving within the continental United States involves packing up all furniture and personal belongings. Trying to carefully pack and move items alone requires a great deal of effort. Moving rarely can be done alone and often involves the help of other able bodied people. If you decide to rent your own truck for the move, make sure that someone is on hand who knows how to load, block and brace your belongings.

Instead of depending on people who may or may not be available on moving day why not choose to work with a moving company that can facilitate a long distance move.

If you need help with packing choose cross country movers who  are able to provide a packing service.  You may want to pack your unbreakable items yourself and have the movers pack your delicate or breakable items. This will save you on packing costs, yet ensure that your items arrive safely. Be sure to look inside in drawers, cabinets, and storage areas. Label the outside of every box that you pack with the room that it will go into and note the contents of each box.

With each box labeled to indicate which room the contents were from. you will have an easier time directing the movers where to place the boxes in your new residence.

When you use a professional small load mover, larger furniture pieces are treated with special attention. They are properly prepared for a cross country move to ensure there is no exterior damage. Your mover should be able to properly pack your china and other high value items. Make sure that they can build custom crates for marble or artwork when necessary.

When you use a professional mover, once the contents of a home are loaded onto the moving truck you can have peace of mind that they are being safely transported. 

Request a quote from the cross country movers for moving the entire contents of the home. Some people are interested in moving smaller items themselves, and relying on the moving company for large furniture pieces. You can contact us for a further explanation on moving costs, valuation coverage, and extra services that are available to make the move as easy as possible. Use these tips when improving personal career options through relocation.


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Small Load Movers: Packing and Moving Stuff on a Small Scale

Posted on Fri, Feb 14, 2014

So are you planning on moving out of town, but only have a few pieces of furniture to move?
No problem. Look for a small load mover.  There are options within this category. You can request quotes for two types of moves.

Of course you can be your own small load mover, and not hire a professional moving company but….When you have just a few things to move, renting a truck can seem like overkill. Still, shifting that heavy dresser or stack of boxes to your new address will require some sweat equity. That's when you need a reliable professional small load mover. If you have a small scale transition planed consider talking to the pros.

Photo: We can help with packing and moving!
First for a cross country move, just like a move within the same city, you receive pick up inside your current home and delivery inside your next residence. You can ask for valuation coverage for your belongings. Movers will wrap furniture in moving blankets to protect them from shifting during the move.  You have the option to pack and unpack your own boxes, or you can request that the small load mover both pack and unpack for you.

The second option is picking up inside your home and delivery to your new residence with curbside drop off. While this is usually a money saving opportunity, the recipient will need to unload the pallet that has been dropped off, and then take your belongings inside the residence. The receiver will also need to dispose of the packaging on their own.  With many of our customers choosing this option, it has worked out quite well for them.

 The freight company that will deliver the pallet will call ahead of time to arrange a drop off time that is convenient for the recipient. That way, you can schedule your helpers and meet the delivery truck.

Just like large load movers, your items will be treated with care and can be delivered right to your address. 
What can I move? Absolutely everything, but we have listed dome common items below:
•    Televisions
•    Tables
•    Chairs
•    Computers
•    Appliances
•    Fine art
•    Pictures
•    Dishes
•    Yard art
•    Book collections
•    Linens
From one room to a single piece of furniture you can safely move your treasures to their new home without worry. Whether it's a piano, a chandelier or just a box of mementos, small move services could be just what you need.
Please feel free to contact us at pack n send for information on small load moving.

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Summertime moving-Send Furniture via Freight

Posted on Wed, Apr 10, 2013

This article may seem a bit early to our friends out west who are experience snow and blizzard conditions. These may be the exact people who are considering moving to warmer climates this summer. 

So, as summer approaches individuals and families are talking about moving.  It can be for a better job, a better school district, a move to be near family, or simply wanting a new place to live. Moving in the city is relatively easy. You can hire your own truck and move things on your own, or you can hire a company to move you. This way you save your back and have the move done professionally. Why not look for a small load mover?  A Houston shipping company offers advice below.

We will now discuss the type of move that may prove to be a bit more challenging. It is the out of town move. These moves usually involve job changes or moving closer to family members.

If you have a relatively small amount of belongings to move, or if you have date specific pick up and delivery dates, we recommend that you look at freighting your belongings.

What is freighting belongings? It is when your furniture and belongings are protected and then loaded onto a pallet.  The pallet is then loaded onto a freight truck. The freight truck moves your belongings and will then drop them off, still on the pallet. The pallet can be dropped off at your curb, and you and some friends can unload the pallets on your own.

As an alternative to you unloading, you can have the pallets delivered to a warehouse. The warehouse personnel will unload the pallet and then deliver them inside of your new residence, just like regular movers.

 Why do Houston shipping companies recommend freighting of furniture?  First of all, you can specify the pick up and delivery date, even if you are moving a small amount of belongings out of town.  A traditional out of town mover will make stops at other residences along the way to your new destination. This may not work within your time frame. Freighting of furniture does not require any pound minimums, and does not require any minimum amount to be spent on a move.

College students use furniture freighting at the end of semesters or at the end of their stay at a university.  Families use furniture freighting as a way to save on moving costs. Businesses use furniture freighting when moving to new cities, or when consolidating offices.

Besides the freighting of furniture and belongings, you can request for the company you hire to both pack and un pack for you. If you look at the whole picture, you are able to move and have a time specific delivery in a new modern and effective method. Traditional movers will be happy to pack and unpack you, or you have the option of doing it on your own.

As a way to feel more comfortable with freighting furniture and belongs, talk to interior designers. They analyze the least expensive cost to ship furniture across country. They send their furniture to receiving warehouses. These are the same receiving warehouses that will take receipt of your belongings. They then accumulate their purchases until the residence or business that they are decorating is ready to receive the new furnishings.

The interior designer or interior decorator then determines the best time and day for the delivery of the furniture or accessories.  You will be treated to the same service that professionals in the decorating world experience. 

If you have any questions about pick up, packing or freighting furniture or belongings, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.  We are happy to discuss your move and a modern way to ship your items from city to city.

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Commerce is Showing Positive Upswing- Houston Freight Mover notes

Posted on Wed, Mar 17, 2010

Shipping Is Back on Missouri River

As pack n send sees more products moving domestically, we see a signal that business are again starting to ship more goods. This article from Kansas City InfoZine demonstrates more cargo moving  on the Missouri River.

Jefferson City, MO - Cargo is once again moving on the river! A newly energized shipping year begins by welcoming four barges onto the Missouri River.

Thursday morning more than 6,000 tons of fertilizer began moving up the Missouri River to farms and retail locations in Central Missouri, signifying the start of the most promising shipping season the industry has seen in eight years. The four barges are getting pushed by the M/V Butch Bowman, a 2400 horse power shallow draft boat ideal for Missouri River navigation. This load is expected to arrive at AGRI Services of Brunswick on Sunday.

Drought and low water levels the past eight years almost sunk Missouri River cargo shipping, but there's a rejuvenated focus to bring river traffic back. The Missouri Department of Transportation, along with agriculture and shipping partners, want renewed life on the Missouri River and have formed a unique partnership to increase  freight shipping, create  jobs and promote an environmentally friendlier way to transport goods.

"We established our own barge services division when other providers moved off the river. The Missouri river is the best way to move freight." said Bill Jackson, AGRI Services of Brunswick. "This is a viable shipping option which can save money, lower carbon dioxide emissions and relieve stress on our crowded freeways."

For more information on freight shipping and receiving, please contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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