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Do I Need Movers or White Glove Movers?

Posted on Tue, Oct 14, 2014

There are basically two types of traditional moves that you can request when re locating in the same city or out of town. Whether you need to move a small amount of furniture, or if you need to move a large amount of furniture, the decision making process will be the same. You can request a mover who will move your boxes and furniture. The boxes will be the boxes that you have packed. Most times these moves are for individuals who are able to both pack and unpack themselves. There will be for furniture or household items that do not need special treatment during the move.

The other type of move is a move that calls for White Glove Movers. Companies that concentrate on senior moving, moving the elderly or relocating  high value items usually require this special type of moving company.  Think about the precision and care that it takes to move high value or delicate items.

Let these experts come in and pack, move and unpack your items. They then dispose of the boxes and packing materials. White Glove Movers also can place your valuables in the location in the house that you request. It sure is wonderful to have your total kitchen unpacked the day that you move into your new home. You may request that they hang pictures or set up beds. Often times individuals request that furniture be placed in different locations throughout the new residence. It may take five or six tries for you, the customer to approve the final placement of the furniture.

If you have high value artwork or delicate items White Glove Movers are able to build custom boxes or build custom crates. Say you decide that you need a custom crate builder Houston for a valuable painting. Be sure to check if the company that you choose is able to build the custom crate for you. The company should be able to place your painting in the crate, move it to the new location and uncrate the painting at the new location. For a local move, you may only need a custom built box. For a long distance move, a custom built wood crate may be warranted.

When it comes to chandelier packing, chandelier shipping or chandelier moving, the mover will need to know the dimensions and weight of the chandelier. During the process of relocating , the chandelier will need to be either hung inside of the truck or placed in a custom made box. For crystal or glass chandeliers, they will be wrapped, hung in the box and then suspended with packing peanuts surrounding the chandelier. The method of handling  the chandelier may depend on the composition of the chandelier. Crystal chandeliers are handled differently than chandeliers made of antlers. A metal chandelier may just need to be placed inside a box during the move. Your white glove mover will be able to make the packing decision.

So how do you decide what is best for you? Make a list of the items that you intend to move. Then place the value of the items next to the items that are on this list. Next, look at anything that may have great personal value to you. You may find that an item that does not have much monetary value may need to have a special handling  service due to its personal value to you.

Call around and ask questions of movers that you are interviewing. Be sure to ask if they can pack and un pack you, and if they are willing to dispose of the boxes they unpack.If you have questions about moving, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. We pack and send, move, crate and freight and are happy to answer your questions.

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Small move? Freight vs. White Glove Delivery

Posted on Thu, Aug 14, 2014

Now that the end of summer is approaching, it may be time to schedule a small move. You may be moving your student to college, or it may be time to downsize your own home. Before you move, consider shipping or moving the furniture that you no longer need to other family members. Sometimes it is a senior who contemplates moving into Assisted Living, or just moving into a smaller apartment.

We have some recommendations to make your small move easier:
•    Look for a mover that does not have a minimum dollar or weight requirement.  
•    Ask if your items can be either freighted or moved on a truck with white glove delivery. Look for shipping companies that want to work small apartment moves are able to accommodate a small move.  
•    One size fits all pricing is not fair for someone who is not moving a house full of items.  
These are a few things to consider when planning a small move.

If you are moving out of town, try to plan the move ahead of time. If your parent needs their bedroom suite by a certain date, back up your planning that you allow enough time for shipping and delivery if it is an out of town move.
If you are moving into an apartment, ask for the times and dates that the elevators are available for your move.
If you need help packing or unpacking book a moving company that is willing to help at the pick up and delivery end. Ask if they are willing to haul off the moving boxes and reuse or recycle the boxes and packing materials.

Remember that if you are moving small amounts of furniture to another city you can use freight shipping.  There are options when you move out of town.

Even when you ship your household goods via freight, you can request inside white glove delivery. As a way to save money, you can also request curbside delivery with the recipient unloading the pallet and bringing it inside of their residence. This will usually save on moving charges.

Pack n Send offers small move services locally, nationally and internationally. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about a small move.

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Four Considerations for a Small Move

Posted on Mon, Apr 28, 2014

Small moves can be very stressful and often people moving to a new apartment feel they don't have the options of those moving to a new house.  Many shipping companies don't want to work with apartment movers or the prices they offer are not modified to accommodate a small move.  One size fits all pricing is not fair for someone who is not moving a house full of items.  Here are four considerations for someone facing a small move.

•    Apartment Restrictions: Some apartment buildings limit the times that a person can move.  Intended to cause the least amount of interruption for adjacent apartment residents, it often creates a hassle when moving because moving companies aren't always willing to work around a set schedule.  You will need to find out what restrictions the apartment you are leaving has and what restrictions the apartment you are moving into has.  When you hire a moving company clearly communicate this to them and verify they are willing to complete the move within the appropriate time frame. 

•    Packing and Unpacking: Consider hiring a moving company that will do the packing and unpacking for you.  This will save you time and the company will ensure your items are packed suitably for safe travel to your new location.  If you want to do the packing and unpacking yourself find out if the moving company will provide you moving supplies to package your items safely and properly. 

•    Pricing: Verify that the moving company will be offering you pricing based on the size of your move.  You should not be paying the same amount to move between studio apartments as someone who is moving between five bedroom houses.  Request that you be quoted specifically for the space you need whether it be a studio or multiple bedroom apartment.  You don't want to overpay. 

•    Minimums: Maybe you aren't even looking to move your entire apartment.  It is possible you just want to move one bedroom set to another location.  Find out if the moving company has minimums such as minimum size or minimum weight or minimum cost. 

If you are moving small amounts of furniture out of town, consider using freight shipping. Look for a company that can move household furniture to another city and provide you with moving options. If you ship your household goods via freight, you can request inside white glove delivery. As a way to save money, you can also request curbside delivery with the recipient unloading the pallet and bringing it inside of the house. This will usually save on moving charges.

Pack n Send offers small move services.  Items can be moved locally or anywhere in the country.  To get a quote for an apartment move please Contact Us. Also keep us in mind for any of the following small moves:
•    Offices
•    Antiques
•    Moves to assisted living or nursing home
•    Estate moves

•    Furniture stores or auction dealers

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Designers Gain the Advantage with White Glove Delivery in Houston

Posted on Thu, Mar 20, 2014

Interior designers can make shopping for home furnishings a simple matter.

They are skilled in knowing where to look for the exact items that can transform a home into a showplace, provide comfort, and reflect personal style, all at the same time. They may shop locally, but may also have to search far afield and on the internet to find the perfect combination of furniture and accessories required.

The rise of internet companies selling furniture, antiques, lamps, decorative accessories, and everything else, is booming, making it easier than ever to find the furniture items that make a client happy. Figures vary, but online merchants seem to be faring better during the recession than brick and mortar stores. In 2013, over $9 billion was spent in online furnishings stores and sales are growing at 9-10% per year.

The challenge is how to get purchases to your client's home, on time and in one piece. That's where white glove delivery service in Houston can provide you with the services that you need.

White Glove delivery services can make the final delivery to the customer a simple matter.

Consider these benefits:

•    All items can be shipped to a central location.
•    Furniture will be inspected and touched up, if needed.
•    One delivery can be made to install and place furniture in customer's home at their convenience.
•    Returns are almost eliminated because the furniture is in good condition, and set up and placed where the customer desires. The designer may also choose to be present when delivery is made.
•    A customer, who is happy with the first room, and the service from ordering to delivery, is certain to be a repeat customer.

White glove delivery, along with shipping, and receiving services, is just one more weapon in a designer or retailer's arsenal to provide the excellent customer service that most people demand. It's the way to grow your business and generate good word-of-mouth advertising from your satisfied customers. For more information on how to use our services to make your customers happy, contact us.

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White Glove Art Work Receiving and Delivery FAQ

Posted on Fri, Mar 07, 2014

Transporting art work looks like it is a bit more complicated than moving office supplies, household goods or furniture. Truth be told, it is not a complicated endeavor.

 When you need to move art work like paintings or sculptures, consider white glove art work receiving and delivery services. Whether you are a designer, private collection owner or an art dealer, you'll find this type of service a good solution for relocating your artwork. So what can white glove art work receiving and delivery do for you? Review this handy FAQ.

What does the relocation process for art work entail? A white glove service includes care from beginning to end, including disassembling artwork when necessary, wrapping the items, moving them and reassembling items at the new location. White glove delivery teams can also hang and display art work according to the customer's direction.

How will a white glove service protect my art work? Moving professionals wrap the art work carefully.  Some pieces may be blanket wrapped, some custom boxed and others may be custom crated.  Larger items may be custom packed and then strapped to a shipping pallet.
 The size, condition, materials and value of each item is considered separately when deciding the safest way to pack each piece of artwork.

   Can I get some help putting my art work in place? Tell the company when to deliver and they can deliver and professionally install your items wherever you want them. Get some help moving odd-shaped concrete items into a garden or let a white glove crew hang that heavy portrait for you.

White glove delivery companies are committed to delivering your possessions using the highest level of professionalism and real expertise. Contact us for more information about white glove services for your art work.

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Should You Choose White Glove Delivery?

Posted on Thu, Mar 06, 2014

Moving items that require extra attention or some assembly? 

From a collection of antique furniture to a sophisticated computer system, companies that offer white glove delivery specialize in this type of premium service. For some businesses and individuals, white glove service providers lift the load off a stressful event like moving and relocating. If you're considering your moving options, add white glove delivery as a possible solution.

What are the benefits of this type of service? What do white glove movers do?
White glove services pick up your items. You can box them yourself or allow the company to prepare the items for moving. These teams also handle disassembling items too. This handy service begins right in your home or business.
The items are carefully loaded and transported to their new destination. White glove movers handle all of the logistics! If you have a long distance move planned, across the country or around the world, they have you covered.
Your items are inspected and repacked, if received from a third party. If the white glove service is receiving items from another shipper onward to you, the team will inspect the items when they are received. You are informed every step of the way of the condition of your belongings.


If your item is shipped via freight to a receiving warehouse, the item will be taken off the pallet, or taken out of the box, inspected and then delivered inside your home or office.

White glove delivery will take your shipment to its new destination, unpack and reassemble it. Want to place that armoire in a specific place? They'll place each item right where you want them. No more reshuffling furniture after the movers leave.
What else comes with this enhanced delivery service?
•    The moving company removes all the packaging and hauls it away.
•    Precious items receive the care they need.
•    White glove movers can offer ideas on furniture placement solutions.
•    These special delivery teams are adept at handling moving items into tight quarters or through limited entryways.
 Have more questions? We'd be happy to answer them. Contact us for more information about white glove services.

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Choosing the Best Freight Forwarder: Ask These Questions!

Posted on Tue, Mar 04, 2014

Managing the logistics of shifting an order from point A to point B can be confusing--even frustrating if you try to go it alone. Understanding import and export laws, finding carriers and meeting shipping requirements is enough to leave even a savvy businessman scratching his head. Enter the professional freight forwarder!

 A reliable, freight forwarding service manages those logistics on behalf of the client, taking all the guesswork--and legwork out of these necessary transactions. If you've considered using a freight forwarder, you may be wondering how to choose one. Ask these questions before you get started!

What is the origin and destination of the shipment? The freight forwarding company will need this information.
How should my commodity be packaged for shipping?  Will it need to be placed on a pallet, or will it need to go inside of a container.

If it is an automobile, will it fit into a container or will it need to go roll on/roll off?

How should my cargo be packaged and shipped? Do you have special requirements for shipping? If you're shipping frozen items, liquids or oddly shaped goods, you may need some special attention. Maybe you need a custom crate built for shipping. Is your cargo considered hazardous or controlled? When choosing a freight forwarder, you need to bring this information with you.

Can the freight forwarder handle multiple shipments? How big is their company and can they handle the amount of shipments you have in mind?


A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...
See more photos by Matthew Hull at PBase.
See my portfolio at

What kind of experience does the company have shipping items like yours? Experience should be a factor in your freight forwarding company. This may be a good time to ask your competitors or vendors who they might suggest as a freight forwarder.

Can the freight forwarder offer deliveries both to businesses and residences?  Can they offer white glove inside delivery?
Asking these questions is a good way to narrow down the possibilities! If you have more concerns, contact us. We will be happy to share our knowledge about freight forwarding.

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What is White Glove Delivery? How does it relate to Freight Shipping?

Posted on Mon, Jan 20, 2014

Whether you're moving an office or home, settling an estate, or simply need goods shipped to someone else, if white glove delivery isn't a priority for you, we're hoping that you'll read on to find out why it should be…

So what is white glove delivery? When you ship items via freight and use freight shipping and freight forwarding  the items are usually delivered to your curb or loading dock at a pre determined time. The items are left on the pallet for you to unload or unpack.

When you ask for white glove delivery you will still have a delivery time that is convenient for both you and the delivery company but…

The items are delivered inside of your home or business. They are taken off the pallet, and debris is removed.  If you need assembly, you may also ask for assembly of your item.

How it works is that whether you need the entire home or office moved or just one piece, the furniture freight receiving service ensures that each item is handled with white glove service. This means that every item has extra care in packing whether its bubble wrap, peanuts, blanket wrap, Styrofoam, or double boxing. The white glove delivery company makes sure that every item is handled with care.

 For instance, for china and crystal stemware precautions are taken to ensure its safe delivery by bubble wrapping each piece, then double boxing with peanuts between the box walls and even add peanuts to the pieces that are bubble wrapped.

 Or take for example our artwork shipping. Paper created specifically for shipping art is used. Custom crates are built to fit the size and dimensions of the picture that you sending. So no matter the size or dimensions, your pieces are protected. With white glove delivery, the custom crate will be unloaded and then the artwork will be delivered inside to your home or residence.

You and the white glove delivery company get to choose the time of delivery.  They unload and inspect your shipment in their warehouse, and then they deliver the goods to you.

This is an economical way to ship both household goods and office furniture. Since the furniture and household goods are shipped to a receiving warehouse, you do not need to pay the extra expense of a lift gate at your home or residence.

You won't have to worry about having to find out when a shipment is arriving and nor will the recipient, whether it's you or someone else on the receiving end. You get not only the safest way to ship but the most economical too.

So not matter what it is that you are moving, if it's special to you then it's special to us and with our white glove delivery, you can rest assured that it'll show up in the same condition it left in. To learn more about white glove delivery or to pack and ship delicate items, please Contact Us at pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

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