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Art Work Shipping Needed by Companies Selling off Art

Posted on Thu, Apr 07, 2011

The Associated Press has an article about companies selling off art work.  While some are using the money to pay off debt others are re evaluating their art colletions.

First it was individuals selling art work, then Universities, now banks and companies.  At pack n send we have put on ebay art work for customers.

While it has sold, the customers have asked substantially less than the appraised value.  As clients also need cash, they are  delving into their art reserves as a way to make quick money.

We have seen companies that are closing put up both their high value art work as well as their framed posters and  prints.  It has been good for both the sellers and the buyers.

At pack n send we build custom crates for the higher valued pieces, and box the lower priced  items.  Delicate statues are crated, while the less expensive, less valuable statutes are double bubbled,  put in a box with peanuts and then put inside another box for shipping.

For more information about pack n sends crating and art shipping please contact us at 713 266 1450.

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Temporary Shutdown of Freight and Oil Terminal

Posted on Tue, Jul 20, 2010

China– The North Eastern port of Dalian which had been closed to freight traffic has just reopened.  Friday there was  after a huge explosion and fire left the oil terminal there in flames. The explosion was caused by a pipe from the tanker caught fire.  The pipe exploded  and then burst  an adjacent pipeline which also ignited.

 There is a cleanup underway with about 800 vessels. It is reported that they hope to have the clean up completed by July 24th. At this point in time, due to heavy winds and rains, the 800 vessels have exited the area until the weather improves.

 Both Chinas oil and grain markets are affected by the closure of this port.

 Pack n send monitors ports throughout the world.  When we ship cargo and freight, we watch water ways and ports that are affected by both closures and personnel strikes.

 For information on packing, crating shipping and freighting, please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.  We offer both domestic and international shipping.


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