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Custom Crating for Your Unusual and Unique Items

Posted on Thu, Apr 12, 2018

Custom Crating for Your Unusual and Unique Items

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How Does Custom Crating Work?

When moving fragile and valuable items, oftentimes the best way to do so is by asking a moving company to make custom crates for your items. This means the moving/packing company will come evaluate your fragile items beforehand to determine the best way to move them and collect dimensions. The custom crating begins when carpenters make the crate in a warehouse. They then take the crate to the job site, place the item inside, and close up the crate. Very delicate items may be moved to the crating warehouse to be blocked and braced before they are shipped.

Common items for custom crating include chandeliers, paintings, sculptures, antique furniture, expensive collector's items, mirrors, and other breakable and irreplaceable items. But movers also end up crating some not-so-common items too. Here are a two stories of unusual items that require crating.

Custom Crating for Taxidermied Animals

Joshua Green, a moving professional and writer, talks about moving taxidermied animals in a blog post. In one situation Green spoke of, moving professionals had been warned before a job that the home belonged to an avid hunter that kept many trophy animals around the home. Movers came face to face with various heads and stuffed animals. But the one that topped it all was an 8-foot tall bear! 

Crating for The Vatican Library

Imagine being a moving company called up to give a bid on moving one of the most priceless libraries in all of humanity! In a blog post by Martin Panayotov, Panayotov interviews the moving company that ended up getting the job. The job including moving some of the oldest books and documents that exist today. The process involved removing all the books and manuscripts during the refurbishment of the library and then returning the texts to the library when the job was done. Check out the aforementioned link to read the fascinating details.

Contact Pack n Send With Your Custom Crating Needs

While these are just a few examples of items that needed custom crates, Pack n Send has had our own fair share of unusual instances requiring custom crating. We too have moved a taxidermied bear (a polar bear no less!), an airplane from an amusement park ride, and a computerized dragon, just to name a few.

For more information about custom crating your unique and unusual valuables, contact us today!

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Knowing When You Need Custom Crate and Shipping in Houston, Texas

Posted on Mon, Feb 19, 2018

Knowing When You Need Custom Crate and Shipping in Houston, Texas


Not everything fits in a square and settles into the back of a truck with a perfect fit! Many items are too fragile or misshapen to fit into a standard crate without special care being taken.

In this instance, it becomes necessary to use a commercial crating service in order to get bulky, delicate, and valuable items from one place to another. When it comes to custom crates for a shipment that has substantial value — be it monetary or sentimental — it is best to find a custom crater and shipping professional.

Houston Shipping: One of the Busiest Ports in the World!

Businesses shipping goods expect their products to leave their facility in good condition. Paying customers expect the items they have ordered to arrive in equally good condition. In Houston, packing items safely and correctly is a high priority. The Port of Houston is one of the busiest ports in the United States, where ocean-going vessels bring all manner of goods from all over the world to be distributed to warehouses and then shipped all across the country.

With the increasing volume of goods arriving via ship every day that are distributed to companies for assembly and processing along the Houston Ship Channel, custom crate and shipping services in the greater Houston region are expanding. Most goods arrive in the Houston packed into containers. Many of these goods arrive in pieces, meaning they must be assembled by companies in the region and then shipped as completed components to customers nationwide. A custom crate builder can build crates that specifically fit the item that has been imported and that needs to ship out to a new location.  Custom craters can also build crates for goods that are purchased in one city in the USA and need to ship to another city.

Do You Need Custom Crate and Shipping Services?

Many items do not require commercial crating. Tires, clothing, heavy duty plastics, and shipments of lumber  can be shipped on either standard size shipping pallets or custom built platforms that are built  to fit the size of the order.

Contrary to things that can be palletized or simply stacked, crate and shipping services in Houston, Texas, can take high value artwork, valuable stemware, or odd-shaped items like an airplane fuselage and get them ready and safe for shipping.

For more examples of some different items that have been shipped by pack n send in Houston, check here.

As an energy center in the world, odd-sized pipes and delicate measuring devices make their ways through the region en route to destinations elsewhere in Texas and well beyond. These are items that oftentimes require special crating or custom built pallets  to keep them safe on their journey.

Regulations and Guidelines For Shipping

A knowledge of the do's and don'ts is tantamount to conducting good shipping. It is also important to know about restrictions facing international shipping if something is to be sent overseas. While Houston is a destination for many of the world's products, it is also an active exporting port.


Contact Pack n Send With Your Custom Crate and Shipping Needs

If you find yourself in need of a custom crate and shipping information, contact us for more information. Pack n Send is a leader in the Houston shipping industry in everything from customer service to ensuring your shipment arrives safe and and in a timely manner.

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Crate and Freight in Houston, Texas: What Can and Can't Be Shipped

Posted on Mon, Feb 05, 2018

Crate and Freight Houston, Texas: What Can and Can't Be Shipped


Things That Can Be Shipped:

Custom crates can be custom built for just about anything you want to crate and freight to or from Houston, Texas!

An Alaskan Taxidermy Polar Bear

No doubt, you have one of these in the family room, or at the very least, want one in the family room. What holds most Texans back, however, is they can't figure out a way to get that hunting trophy from the Arctic Circle down to their home in Houston...until now. And if Pack-n-Send can handle a polar bear, you can bet they can handle your unique item!

An Electric Chair Prototype

This may come as a shock, but you can get a crate and freight from Houston for an electric chair prototype. And if you can get a customized crate and ship an electric chair prototype, there's no doubt you can get an antique chair shipped with no problems.

An Airplane from an Amusement Park Ride

Why limit the fun to the confines of a local amusement park when you can bring the joy of an amusement park airplane to another special location? Now, can a Houston, Texas business that specializes in crating and shipping carnival rides become a prosperous business? First, you'd be surprised to find how many people want to ship vintage carnival rides. Second, Pack-n-Send can create custom crates for just about anything else, too.

Valuable Art, Fragile Kitchenware, Office Equipment, and Medical Equipment

Hey, we can't all live the glamorous life of an electric chair salesperson who hunts polar bears in Alaska and showcases them in a vintage airplane amusement park ride. That's why getting a custom crate for common valuables and expensive equipment is never a problem.

Things That Can't Be Shipped:

The following, unfortunately, cannot be contained inside a crate.

A Sense of Humor

This is one of the most valuable possessions a person can have, but it can't be shipped. You must bring it with you wherever you go.


Hey, we realize you'd like to bring some of that Alaskan air with you along with the stuffed polar bear you brought down with your bare hands and a Swiss Army knife, but once that crate is opened, it's just gonna get mixed up with all the other air.

The Sweet Caresses from a Loved One

Can't help you with this one, either. If you want sweet caresses from a loved one, you need to be present with the aforementioned loved one. We don't ship humans or living animals.

Contact Pack n Send Today!

But don't worry, if there are things like artwork or delicate equipment, high value electronic equipment, or other unique items that you need a custom built crate for, contact Pack-n-Send in Houston for all your crate and freight needs.


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Freight Shipping- Houston Co Sees HJ Heinz Chart New Path

Posted on Tue, Sep 04, 2012

Freight Shipping- Houston Co Sees HJ Heinz Chart New Path

Pack n send continually monitors trends in the shipping industry.  While watching these trends, every once in a while we notice companies that are not following the current trend, but are charting their own course in the business world.

HJ Heinz is one of the companies planning ahead for their future.

HJ Heinz has taken an unprecedented step in the logistics industry by hiring Cevas Logistics to handle all of its ocean freight requirements for the next five years.  At the current time, H. J. Heinz ships around 60,000 containers per year. The Handy Shipping Guide first noted this deal back on August 30, 2012.

Why does this move raise eyebrows? Businesses are usually wary of delegating all of their trade to one major partner. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it is usually wise to have a back up company that can handle business in case of either labor disruptions or other occurrences.

While looking at this arrangement, it looks like a win, win situation for both parties.

Cevas has landed one of the giants in the food industry. H. J Heinz has a committed company to deal with scheduling, logistics and a supply chain system for the next five years. H. J. Heinz has chosen an outside company who is already good at logistics. Smart companies now outsource tasks that are not within the companies’ main business. H.J. Heinz has taken a bold task in outsourcing that should pay off for them for many years to come.

Thank you for reading this article. Pack n send is a shipping company located inHouston,TX. We are a custom crater, box builder, furniture shipper, machinery shipper and high value art shipper.

For all of your shipping needs, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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