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Overcoming the Challenges Posed by Senior Moving

Posted on Thu, Sep 26, 2013

Moving can be challenging under ordinary circumstances, but it becomes even more challenging when it involves senior citizens. Whether you are helping a parent relocate to a new residence or moving your mom or dad into your own home, there are some steps you can take in order to overcome the challenges that are posed by senior moving.

Consider any medications or mobility aids that are needed on a daily basis when planning the move. That
way, you won’t end up placing them on the back of a moving truck if you need them to get from the old residence to the new one. If you have medical equipment such as glucose meters that need to be used upon arrival, be sure these are located on the back of the truck so that they can be accessed right

When seniors move some distance away, it might be necessary to find new medical providers. Some preplanning can go a long way toward ensuring the good health of your loved one in a new location. Do some research ahead of time to find doctors that honor certain insurance plans, are reputable, and currently accepting new patients. You may even want to go ahead and make an initial appointment with a physician so that the two of them can get acquainted. That way, a new provider can be found right away if your loved one doesn’t seem to click with this doctor.

For many seniors, moving means leaving family and friends that they have been acquainted with for quite
some time. Finding social programs in a given area is important if older adults are to feel like they are a part of their new community. If your loved one is moving to a retirement community, there may already be several programs in place that will provide socialization. If not, you can check with local church groups and community centers in order to find activities to participate in.

Moving heavy furniture or boxes of household goods may not be practical for many senior citizens to do.
Fortunately, you can contact us to provide reliable and affordable senior moving  services in the Houston area and beyond.

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