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Rules to Consider When Packing a Computer

Posted on Mon, Jun 11, 2018

Rules to Consider When Packing a Computer

man packing a computer with shipping tape

How many times have you received a computer from somewhere only to be disappointed when you realize it's been damaged?  When it comes to delicate electronics of any kind, it is critical that you take the time to properly protect it.  Some computers have even been packed and shipped in the same box as an LCD, monitor which sounds as scary as it is costly! With a little time and some common sense, you can rest assured and greatly increase the chances that your computer system will arrive in perfect working order.


Here are some rules to follow when you are packing a computer on your own for shipping.

Rule #1 - Avoid Clumping

Avoid clumping delicate items together in a single box.  Never put the computer chassis, printer, or anything heavy and a monitor in the same box.  One wrong bounce in transit can destroy the screen. If possible, place the monitor in its own double wall box.

Rule #2 - Individually Wrap

Always individually wrap items with bubble wrap that covers the entire item with at least one layer for peripherals like keyboards or mice and preferably two layers for monitors and PCs with delicate plastic parts.  Secure the bubble wrap with packaging tape to prevent it from coming loose in transit. The wrapping will help absorb impacts that could shatter screens or crack plastic parts, and in some cases prevent damage if something tries to puncture the shipping box in transit.

Rule#3 - Secure Items in Their Box

Bubble wrap alone isn't enough.  Now that you've painstakingly and lovingly wrapped the items in bubble wrap you need to immobilize them in the box so they don't bounce around. This is where the packaging peanuts come into play. The peanuts not only help limit bounce and shock damage, but they also can help limit crush damage if something falls on your box in transit. Push down on the top of the box to make sure that the box does not compress with outside pressure.

Rule #4 - Consider a Double Wall Box

If the system or item is very delicate, or you're very concerned about puncture damage, seriously consider a double wall box. Think of it as layers of an onion that protect more. 

Safely Ship Your Computer With Pack n Send 

Put these rules to good use and you'll have fewer incidents - and remember, don't skimp on the packaging tape for the box itself! The best wrapping and internal packaging only work if your box stays closed during shipping.

Need more information?  Feel free to learn more about our electronics shipping, and if you have questions, contact us for speedy answers!


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How Can You Go About Shipping Electronics Safely?

Posted on Tue, Apr 17, 2018

How Can You Go About Shipping Electronics Safely?

business shipping electronics in office relocation

Shipping electronics  can be stressful. People who move will often keep their most important and expensive electronic devices in their cars in order to exercise maximum control over what happens to them. But if your business needs to ship large amounts of electronic equipment as part of a move or send an item from one location to another, that's not an option. You need to pack everything so it makes the trek safely and comes out of the truck without any damage.

There are specific methods of packing certain items, but a few general rules also apply.

The Best Tips For Shipping Electronics Safely

  • Break the equipment down into the largest number of separate components possible. Electronic equipment is often shaped in a way that does not make for easy packing (ie. not all sides are flat). By separating out as many parts of the equipment as you can, you make the flattest possible surfaces, allowing parts to sit flush against their boxes and not shift during transit. A box with contents that don't move is safest for those contents.
  • Use loose packing material that can fill in the small gaps. If you ship equipment that is irregularly shaped but also does not break into smaller pieces, your goal is still to minimize movement within the box. With lighter electronic items, anti-static packing peanuts that take up the open space can be enough. Heavier equipment may require more durable packing material such as Styrofoam. You can use anti-static packing material or some type of anti-static protection to keep the items safe from other kinds of packing material.
  • Double box items. Much like double-bagging at a grocery store, double boxing maximizes the safety of your equipment. Take the box with your item, put it in a larger box, fill it with more packing material, and ship. It can be reasonable to fit several smaller items in one much larger box, either stacking the smaller boxes together or separating them from each other with packing material. Regardless, make sure the packing material covers all four sides of the larger box. Electronics are fragile, and you don't want anything to break because the box tipped onto the one side without enough padding.

Use Pack n Send to Ensure Your Electronics Ship Safely

Shipping electronics requires more caution than the average office item, and needs to be done right the first time. Are you interested in hiring an experienced packing and shipping company to handle your electronics with the care they require? Contact us today!


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Electronics Shipping or Small Move - Ask Questions

Posted on Mon, Mar 12, 2012


When looking for a company that can ship your electronics, make sure that they have shipping options.  They should be able to ship boxes, pallets, move via truckloads or containers of electronics.

Be sure to ask questions about packing. Does the company you choose have experience packing and shipping high value electronics.

The electronics should be packed as follows:

 Individual computers and electronic equipment should be  prepared for shipping using antistatic plastic or bubble wrap. Once the piece is wrapped, it should put into a double wall box with a minimum of 3" of Styrofoam peanuts or solid Styrofoam pieces protecting the electronics equipment.

Large quantities of computers and electronics should be boxed and then placed on pallets framed with 1x4’s, Styrofoam and thick cardboard.  Protective wrap should  then put  around the entire pallet.  

Ask if the company offers onsite packing, crating and shipping.

As an alternative, ask if the company has the capability to pick up your electronics.

Does the company you choose offer full value coverage in case of loss or damage during the pick up, packing and shipping process? Can the company move your electronics via moving if the situation dicates this.

There are other areas that need to be addressed when shipping high value electronics.

For more information about shipping electronics, please fell free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.



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