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Questions to Ask When it Comes to Estate Shipping

Posted on Thu, Oct 17, 2013


When a loved one has died, often one
of the last things you want to think about is what to do with the deceased
person’s belongings. If the person left behind a detailed will, deciding who
gets what items may not be a problem. Even then, if relatives do not live
nearby, shipping the items across the country can be a struggle. If you need a
company which will do estate shipping, it is important to know the
answers to a few questions.

Do I have to worry about packing the

Sometimes it is nice to have a
company pack-up the estate of your friend or family member. Packing your
mother’s paintings or wrapping up your aunt’s coin collection might be too much
to handle just after the person’s death. Knowing you can deal with the physical
reminders of the person later can be a great comfort. If you can find a company
which will pack-up the items instead of having you responsible for the
packaging of your loved one’s effects, this can be a great burden off your

Are they experienced shipping
fragile items?

Many times, people leave behind
fragile and sentimental items. It can be incredibly comforting to know a
company knows how to properly package the tea set your great-great grandma
brought over from France in the 1800s and which has been passed down to your
grandma and now you. Make sure the estate shipping company knows how to handle
fragile items and how to package them to guarantee safe passage.

At Pack-n-Send, we are experienced
in all these areas. We will pack-up the entire estate. We are experienced in
packing and shipping fragile items. We can even ship portions of your loved
one’s estate to different locations both nationally and internationally.  Contact us to safely pack and ship your loved
one’s estate.



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