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Estate Shipping Company Offers Advice Houston

Posted on Wed, Jan 04, 2012


With the loss of a loved one, houses and apartments are usually taken apart. 

While families choose to donate many items, some, there are usually many sentimental  items that are to be distributed both across the United States  and worldwide.

 If you are the individual handling the delivery of the furniture and delicate items like art work and antiques, we recommend asking a few pertinent questions of your shipping company.

 Do you have a person answer the phone who can answer my questions?

How long have you been in business?

If you are a franchise, how long have you owned the franchise?

Do you offer options for shipping?

Is freight service available for furniture, as well as a moving service?

Do you offer pick up service?

Can you value the items while they are being shipped?

Do you call ahead of time to arrange the drop off of the items?

Do you have experience moving antiques?

Do you have experience moving furniture?

Do you have experience shipping art work and sculpture?

Can you custom build boxes or crates for high value items?

Can you deliver to all parts of the United States?

Can you ship items world wide?

 These are just a few of the questions we recommend asking when searching for a company to ship items from an estate.

For help with any other questions, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.


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Estate Shipping- Houston Freight Company Gives Advice

Posted on Fri, May 13, 2011

Antique desk on display at the old courthouse museum in Tombstone, Arizona.

Shipping an estate can be quite complicated. An estate may include cars, furniture, and other large pieces. Items may need to be shipped to various different addresses of friends and family members.

For this reason, we recommend you follow these four tips to help you find a shipper, but also send goods to multiple receivers. 

1. Your estate shipper should send it all. When looking for a company to ship items for an estate, it is important to make sure that they can ship everything, including your fragile goods, as well as furniture and cars. 

2. Your shipper should send to multiple addresses. Your estate shipper should pick up your estate items and deliver them in the city, or that ships both domestically and internationally.

3. Find a shipper that brings supplies. Do you have the boxes and packing materials needed for your estate? Your shipper should have those goods on hand, just in case you want to save money and pack your own goods.If your shipper can bring boxes and supplies, family members can pack items should they choose to do so. This gives them the opportunity to save on packing costs. Items like clothes and books usually do not need professional packing. 

4. Tell the truth on value. Value the items for what they are actually worth, not at an inflated sentimental value.

If we can answer any of your  estate shipping questions, please call us at at 713-266-1450 or contact us for a  free shipping quote.

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