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Estate Shipping Options

Posted on Thu, Apr 10, 2014

Losing a loved one is very difficult and stressful.  While still mourning, often loved ones have to figure out what to do with the estate.  Many families realize they will need to ship some or all of the estate.  Here are things to think about when shipping an estate.

Not ready yet?  What about Storage?

Maybe the family isn't ready to determine where estate pieces should go long term yet. Maybe the residence needs to be vacated but the items can't be parted with quite yet or the final destination for specific furniture pieces hasn't been finalized.  Maybe family members need more time to reach an agreement.  Consider moving items into storage units to give further time to evaluate. A shipping company can pack and ship items including large furniture to a storage unit.  Once a decision has been made the furniture can be moved to the final destination.


On the other hand, some families are ready to liquidate and estate but need help accomplishing this overwhelming task. Look for a company that you can hire hold an estate sale and then provide shipping to customers.

How Many Items and Destinations?

Many families find that certain members would like to keep special items as a memory of their loved one.  You can move small amounts of furniture. Look for a small load mover. This means the grandfather clock may go to one city and the china cabinet to another.  It is necessary to determine how many items will need to be shipped and where they will need to go.  Often families find they want to ship items to various family members spread across the country or even around the world.  It is necessary to hire a shipping company that allows you to ship items to a variety of destinations even if each individual shipment is not that large.  If items will be shipped internationally a company experienced with international shipping is desirable since appropriate paperwork needs to be filled out. 

Handling of Valuable Items

It is important to select a packing and shipping company that has experience handling valuable items.  The memories of your loved one are not replaceable.  Choose a company that has decades of experience and a reputation for transporting delicate items.  Verify that the packers and movers have been trained to handle valuable pieces.  A company that regularly handles antiques, glass or other fragile items may be a good choice.

Some families find they want to move some items to storage liquidate other pieces and ship yet other items to various friends and family spread throughout the country.  At Pack n Send we have experience and can help you with all three estate shipping options.  Contact us and allow us to provide you personal, reliable service.

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Moving a Persons Home After the Funeral: Do You Know What to Do?

Posted on Thu, Dec 26, 2013

You may look at moving a persons home after the funeral and think "Okay, so, um, now what?"

Finalizing the affairs of the deceased loved one takes patience and care. This is especially true if the individual has a large family or large circle of friends who have requested items from the estate. It's not enough to know what to do when someone dies--finalizing an estate can take several weeks or longer. One big part of this process is moving and distributing the individuals property.

 If tragedy happened today, would you know what to do?

Secure the location.

 When someone passes away, there are many questions about the property. If possible, the safest way to handle the deceased persons estate is to wait until after the reading of the will. This legal document is a good guide to use when packing and preparing someone's estate. In the meantime, secure the location by locking the property, removing any pets and notifying the necessary utilities of the situation.

Think about the timing.

Preparing a loved one's personal items and property for packing is heartbreaking for the surviving loved ones. Packing everything up immediately after funeral may not be the best route. Use sensitivity when determining when is a good time to begin the process of moving. Before you begin this process, make sure you have located all necessary documents like funeral and burial plans, safe deposit information, legal agreements and retirement statements. Allow yourself time to collect all of the necessary information.

Determine which items are personal property and which are to be moved.

 You may also wish to give some items away or sell items to pay for the cost to offset the cost of funeral arrangements. However, you should know the legal requirements of selling property in your state. It's best to consult a knowledgeable attorney before beginning.

Divide property clearly.

 If you plan to send your loved one's property to several locations, make sure the items are divided properly. It is a good idea to make a detailed record or make notes about what property you're sending and to whom.

Consider hiring a professional moving company.

 Handling a loved one's items can be an emotional challenge for families and friends. You may need to request help from a professional company sensitive to your current needs. The company you choose should have the ability to move both large and small items.  Furniture may need to be blanket wrap moved, or loaded onto a pallet and shipped via freight with curbside delivery. Smaller items may need to be boxed. If you are shipping numerous items, freight shipping may be your best option.

 If you are shipping chandeliers, consider contacting a company that can build a custom box or custom crate for you to use during the shipping process.

We understand how tough moving a loved one's estate can be. Let us help you; contact us. We can help walk you through this process and deliver your property safely and soundly. 


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Four Things to Consider for Stress-Free Estate Moving

Posted on Fri, Dec 06, 2013

Few people look forward to repositioning a family member’s estate to a new location; let's face it--Estate Shipping  can be stressful. The idea of packing and transporting a lifetime of a family member’s collection of personal possessions and heirlooms is a real concern. Still, many people make state to state, cross-country and even global moves of these items successfully every day. It can be done! Before you pick up the packing tape dispenser, consider these four tips for estate moving.


If you decide to do the move yourself, start with the right supplies. If you've decided you can't leave Aunt Ida's blue China collection behind, you'll need more than a few sheets of old newspaper to insure they make it in one piece. Invest good packing supplies including packing cartons, wrap, tape and markers. Here's a good tip to remember, limit the size of packing cartons to 50 pounds or less. Anything bigger is hard to get your arms around.

Divide contents by room. It's a simple idea that can save you hours of sifting and searching once the items arrive at the new location. Don't mix contents from different rooms into one box, even if it seems sensible at the time. Keep the contents separated by room and clearly mark which room they belong in. If you are shipping the belongings to multiple relatives, mark the boxes clearly with different color markers for each family member who will be receiving the boxes. This will make it easier when you add the address labels to the boxes.

Pay extra attention to electronics. Wrap the extension cords up or tape to the base before transporting them. Snipping a cord or bending the socket plug could permanently damage an appliance. Stash all the electronics manuals in one bag or tape them to the back of the item. You never know when you'll need them. Always pad television and monitor screens when moving these items.

Consult a professional. Renting a moving truck that's too large--or too small can make an otherwise good move very difficult. You need enough room for the belongings to ride comfortably without jostling or rubbing against one another. If you are looking for a company to pack and move the estate of a loved one who has passed away, seek out a company that can either move or freight the estate belongings. At Pack-N-Send, we specialize in planning, packing and moving both estate furnishings and delicate and high value items to their new location, without all the stress.

Please feel free to Contact Us via email or call us at 713 266 1450for more information about estate moving.


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Options in Managing Estate Moving

Posted on Thu, Oct 31, 2013

When a loved one passes away there are so many things that have to be done, including managing the estate if you are the executor. It is even more difficult if you or the rest of the heirs live across the country. Managing estate moving doesn't have to be too burdensome. In fact, there are options when planning that can make it easier to manage during this difficult time.
 Multiple Locations.
     You should not have to worry about the various family members or heirs not  being local. Look for a company that can not only pack up the entire estate but can ship to multiple locations, which saves you a lot of headache as the executor. Even those living abroad can be a recipient since estate moving company’s ship nationally and internationally as well.
• As you do your research, ask about your various  shipping options to multiple locations.  A blanket wrap move may work best for some locations. For other family members, think about freighting   furniture. This is when you move a small amount of furniture across  country on a shipping pallet. The pallet with the furniture can be delivered to your curb. As an alternative method of delivery, the furniture can be  shipped to a receiving warehouse, unloaded and then brought inside the home as a white glove delivery.
• Storage Availability.
     Many times it takes quite a while before the disposition is decided. In  these cases, look for a moving/shipping company that has the ability to move estate items into storage until things are settled appropriately.
• Liquidation.
     Some heirs have no room or need for certain estate items but that doesn't mean that they have to lose out on any compensation that the items would bring. Consider using a company that can liquidate items through   eBay Listings. Let the company that you choose do all of the work for you. As long as the item is valued at more than $100 it is probably worth listing the items on eBay. The company that sells your items simply will take a percentage of the sale.  This way you do not have to hold estate sales. All you have to do is choose the item or items and then let someone  else take care of listing, selling them and then shipping the item that
was sold.

While looking at the services provided above, you should be able to find one company that can provide all of these services for you and your family. We suggest looking for a company that can handle everything from fine art and furniture to antiques and glass. Losing a loved one or friend is hard and by letting a professional moving/shipping company help you with your estate moving needs, you can focus on other issues as the executor. To talk more about this, or any other type of shipping for an estate, please feel Contact Us in Houston, TX at pack n send.

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How to Find the Right Store to Sell Your Items on Ebay

Posted on Mon, Oct 26, 2009

Finding a reputable store to list your eBay items can be time consuming. Consumers need to know the right questions to ask.

Does the store know how to place the correct title and category on your item?

Does the eBay seller list AND ship your eBay item? Proper and timely fulfillment is essential to successful eBay selling.

Does the eBay seller only accept items that are allowed to be sold on eBay? If they're breaking eBay rules, their account could be suspended and your investment of time and money would be lost.

Does the eBay seller research each item to make sure they are both pricing your item correctly and checking on what prior items have sold for? Proper research is required in order for your items to sell and to make you as much profit as possible.

Does the eBay seller list multiples of the same items? You do not want your items to be bidding against themselves.

Does your eBay seller re-list if your item doesn't sell the first time? At this time, you can tweak both your price as well as your description.

Does your eBay seller have positive reviews from customers in past eBay sales?

Does the eBay seller take their own pictures, or try and copy pictures already on eBay? Stock pictures often do not show any special markings or enhancements of an eBay item. Customers need to see the exact item they're buying. Better pictures will always sell the product faster and usually at higher prices.

Make sure the eBay seller asks you for a truthful description. If an eBay item has defects or is not in operating condition, then the item needs to be listed with these defects. Buyers should know exactly what they are purchasing. A returned item due to dissatisfaction is not a good eBay sale.

If you are trying to sell a car on eBay, does the eBay seller ask you to see the title before the sale? Do they let you know that the vehicle needs to be ready for a purchaser to see, touch and take the auto to a garage for an inspection?

Does the eBay seller have a secure, safe location to store your eBay items? Does the store provide an alarm system and carry insurance on their store.

These are just a few questions you should ask when researching a store that will sell your eBay items. Pack n Send has helped individuals sell their personal items and family estate profitably on eBay. If we can answer any of your eBay selling questions, please call us in Houston at 713-266-1450, or visit our eBay Listing page.

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