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Medical Equipment Shipping Is Simple When Done Right

Posted on Fri, Jan 24, 2014


When there comes time for any medical office to be moved extra care needs to be taken when shipping its medical equipment. Quite a large amount of the equipment is, high in value and sensitive.  A moving company with knowledge and experience with medical equipment shipping can make certain it is done correctly and any type of potential damage is avoided. Look for a freight forwarding, freight preparation or moving company that has experience packing and shipping or moving medical equipment.

According to an article in MY Moving Reviews, “Moving medical equipment requires particular expertise and specialized shipping techniques and tools to ensure that the sensitive equipment reach its destination in the same condition in which it left its current location. As medical equipment has different sizes and can be an exhausting project to organize its relocation.”


One of the keys to successful medical equipment shipping is the packaging process. When it comes time to move medical equipment there are usually no original containers available. An experienced moving company will know the proper way to utilize skids, pallets, crates, boxes and more. The first step is to determine the appropriate size of the materials required. Once done it is then carefully placed around the medical equipment. It will then be able to go through a move or palletized shipping very successfully.

Cost Considerations

Since moving medical equipment is an investment, it's best to utilize the services of an experienced company. They will know a fair price for their work and willingly provide an estimate. The costs involved may be determined by volume of equipment moved based on number of pallets, containers or truckloads required for transportation. The time involved will be a factor as well the manpower necessary to complete the move. Checking to see if the equipment needs to be dismantled so that it can fit inside freight elevators or around corners is necessary.

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