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Computer Shipping - Houston Company Answers Questions

Posted on Fri, Jun 22, 2012

 Pack n send is addressing computer shipping separately from electronics shipping in this blog.  Customers call us with questions frequently about how to pack computers.

When looking for a company that can pack and  ship your computers ,make sure that they offer  shipping options.  They should be able to ship boxes, pallets, truckloads or containers of electronics.

Be sure to ask questions about packing. Does the company you choose have experience packing and shipping high value computers.

The computers should be packed as follows:

 Individual computers should be  prepared for shipping using antistatic plastic or bubble wrap. Once the computer is wrapped, it should put into a double wall box with a minimum of 3" of Styrofoam peanuts or solid Styrofoam pieces protecting the electronics equipment.

Large quantities of computers should be boxed and then placed on pallets framed with 1x4’s, Styrofoam and thick cardboard.  Protective wrap should  then put  around the entire pallet.  

Ask if the company you choose to use offers onsite packing, crating and shipping.

As an alternative, ask if the company has the capability to pick up your computers.

Does the company you choose offer full value coverage in case of loss or damage during the pick up, packing and shipping process?

There are other areas that need to be addressed when shipping high value computers.

For more information about shipping electronics, please fell free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

iBook G4 1iBook G4	  Computers / Laptops


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Freight Shipping & Receiving Advice from Houston Texas

Posted on Tue, May 08, 2012

A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...
See more photos by Matthew Hull at PBase.
See my portfolio at Since some freight can be delicate or time sensitive, it is important to look for a company that has been in business for many years, has a good reputation, and has a brick and mortar location. 

The need to be able to freight anything you need shipped. From car engines and household goods, to automobiles and furniture, the company that you  choose will Look for a company that offers personalize service. Each shipment should be    handled individually to serve the customer's unique needs. The company should offer both palletized shipping as well as containerized loading and shipping for larger shipments.  Be sure to see if containers are necessary for your shipping, or if the company can quote you by the cubic meter.

Small loads like, car doors, auto parts and furniture all can be  placed on pallets, surrounded by cardboard, and then strapped with metal banding for shipping.

Computers should be  packed in boxes, shrink wrapped and send out on skids. Small amounts of household goods should be  packed in boxes, loaded onto pallets and then shrink wrapped. Household and business furniture are safely put on pallets as well. Once again, for international shipping, make sure the company has experience both loading and processing international paperwork.

Car engines are strapped to pallets. Large and small households are boxed and loaded into containers for overseas shipping.

  Look for a company that can accept your inbound freight into their warehouse on your behalf.  Make sure they can then deliver the freight to you. 

These are just some freight shipping and receiving advice. For more advice, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Freight and Cargo-Port of Houston Clean Air Strategy

Posted on Fri, May 13, 2011

The Clean Air Strategy Plan (CASP) is the Port of Houston Authority's ongoing plan to reduce maritime and port-related emissions. The Port Authority's environmental management program employs proactive approaches that protect, conserve and integrate sustainable goals and strategies into recommendations and guidance that yield measurable results. The CASP was initiated with the realization that the Port Authority has an important role in facilitating and encouraging significant emission reductions and promoting air quality awareness along the Houston Ship Channel and throughout the region.

The purpose of the CASP is to develop and implement a voluntary plan to reduce emissions from maritime and associated transportation sources servicing ship channel industries. This plan benefits the Houston-Galveston-Brazoria community; assisting the state of Texas and EPA in reducing the harmful health effects of multiple pollutants and potential economic repercussions.

The focus of the CASP is to strategically develop economically feasible ways to implement emission reductions from maritime-related interests in the greater Port of Houston area. As a distinction, the Port of Houston includes the Port Authority as well as 150-plus private industries along the Houston Ship Channel. The majority of the properties along the Houston Ship Channel are privately owned by industries that create the second-largest petrochemical complex in the world.

 Pack n send has reprinted this article from the Port of Houston Authority. 

 We monitor environmental improvements world wide. 

For information about freight shipping and receiving, pallet and container shipping please feel free to contact us at 713 266 1450.

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Freight Problems in China Resolved for Now

Posted on Fri, Apr 29, 2011

 CHINA – Strikes undertaken by Chinese truck drivers in Shanghai are reported to have been wound down on Sunday after the local government ordered container shipping and freight distribution centres to cancel or reduce fees for unloading containers, road tolls, and night-time loading.

Local observers report that the waiting lines of vehicles are now moving and logistic services in the city, one of China’s major freight hubs, are returning to normal.

The strikes, which began on Wednesday last week, were in response to rising costs that are being experienced by the country’s freight sector due to escalating inflation, pushing many truck drivers earnings down substantially.

The rapid reaction by the Chinese government is seen as a further sign of how concerned the ruling Communist party is with the economic situation, with inflation reaching 5.4 percent in March, almost the highest level in the last three years.

However, the underlying problems caused by increasing inflation, as well as the alleged corruption amongst freight forwarders seeking to add additional charges to truckers, are largely unresolved and means that it is entirely possible that we shall see renewed industrial action within China’s logistic industry in the future.

Pack n send has reprinted this article from Air Cargo News as a service to our customers.  If freight disruptions occur worldwide, pack n  send attempts to keep our customers informed.  From this article, it there may be interruptions in the future as China adjusts to its robust economy.

 For freight or cargo shipping from Houston, Texas, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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Pack n Send in Houston reports Relief Freight Headed to Japan

Posted on Wed, Mar 23, 2011

The world’s largest freighter aircraft has joined the effort to fly relief supplies to Japan.

Air Partner has chartered the An-225 aircraft to carry 145 tonnes of blankets, food, water, medicines and respirators from Chateauroux in France to Tokyo Narita Airport. The flight was organised by Antonov Airlines.

Today Lufthansa Cargo begins its participation with the EU Commission by providing an MD-11 freighter and the crew for the flight free of charge. The aircraft will be flying around 70 tonnes of relief supplies to Tokyo.

The supplies, especially blankets, will be transported by road from Tokyo to the earthquake-stricken areas. Apart from the EU Commission and Lufthansa Cargo, the mercy mission is supported by Denmark, the Netherlands and Lithuania.


Air Cargo News release the story printed above.  Freight shipments headed to the disaster zone are a sign that companies are beginning to assist the Japanese.

Pack n send in Houston will post updates for freight and cargo shipping to Japan as we receive them.

For information about cargo, freight, moving and container shipping from Houston, Texas, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.



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Houston company Update- Japan Cargo and Freight

Posted on Tue, Mar 22, 2011

shipping containers at clyde

JAPAN – 2011 may well be remembered as an annus horribilis by those in the freight and passenger industries with the unsettled situation in North Africa now breaking out into an international conflict to add to the earthquakes which have rocked New Zealand and Japan in recent days. Good logistics are essential when one is faced by a disaster of the scale faced currently in Japan where the tsunami has devastated large areas and caused a major nuclear alert as well as disrupting container and bulk freight shipping schedules.

According to the latest information available from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), World Health Organization, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the International Civil Aviation Organization, international flight and maritime operations can continue normally into and out of Japan’s major airports, including both Haneda and Narita, and all sea ports excluding those directly damaged by the tsunami.

Other conflicting reports say that services at the main airports are being restricted due to a limited fuel supply. Japan produces 3-4% of global jet fuel supply, some of which is exported to Asia. Some of this refinery capacity has been lost due to damage caused by the earthquake and ensuing water damage. This supply restriction, coupled to the current Middle East situation could lead to higher jet fuel prices.

Already reports are coming in from Malaysia to the effect that intra Asian air cargo rates are up between 50 and 60% and ‘emergency’ surcharges are being imposed on ocean freight containers within the week. It is said that emergency bunker charges will be imposed on all air freight cargo unless destined for Japan itself.

Currently available information indicates that increased levels of radiation have been detected at some airports, but these do not represent any health risk. In the meantime US import officials are increasing the levels of scanning inward containers for radiation. This is routinely done anyway but the authorities are insisting on extra vigilance.

The US Coast Guard have issued a notice to all shipping en route to America to avoid passing within 50 miles of the damaged nuclear reactors. Ships which pass within the radiation buffer zone must report for inspection before sailing to within 100 miles of the US coastline (details HERE). The U.S. Coast Guard site will provide an updated notice as additional guidance becomes available but ship owners and operators should keep abreast of information being provided by the Japanese Government relating to any further developments.

Container sailing schedules are being adapted as the situation unfolds, the ports at Hachinohe, Hitachi, Hitachinaka, Ishinomaki, Kamaishi, Kashima, Ofunato, Onahama, Sendai-Shiogama and Soma have all suffered serious damage and shippers are advised to check with their carriers directly for updates and news of re-routings. It is likely that the difficulty of maintaining fuel supplies, plus the need to utilise all available port facilities for the urgent import of emergency aid will continue to impact on the ocean freight sector for some time.

Meanwhile Mitsui OSK Line (MOL) who we reported on last week, have issued more details of both the aid they have so far provided plus news on how they will continue efforts to try and mitigate the problems afflicting their home country. MOL Ferry Company Ltd., a Mitsui subsidiary, transported about 2,700 Japan Self-Defence Forces (JSDF) personnel and about 930 emergency vehicles from Tomakomai in Hokkaido to Aomori, the capital of Aomori prefecture, on the main island of Honshu. The transport support was accomplished with four ferries, which made eight trips in total as part of MOL’s ongoing effort to provide aid to the quake- and tsunami stricken areas.

The group is to provide containers for relief supplies to container yards at their normal available loading ports before the end of May 2011. As shipping capacity is limited, transport of those supplies will be on a first-come first-shipped basis. This offer covers grant aid supplies from public institutions such as governmental institutions and municipalities, or government-approved aid organizations to be shipped to disaster areas like the earthquake affected Tohoku district. However, some of the items such as dangerous articles, animals, and other regulated items may not be accepted.

Portions of this article were taken from the Handy Shipping  Guide.

 As improvements are made in Japanese freight, we will post these improvements on our website.  For information about freight, cargo and container shipping from Houston and the Untied States, please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Worldwide Cargo News-Good for Houston and Asia

Posted on Wed, Mar 09, 2011


BOOMING demand from Asia is keeping aircraft manufacturers happy, with the likes of Hong Kong Airlines and China Eastern Airlines ordering freighters at a rapid pace.

China will help the Asia-Pacific region account for a third of global plane deliveries over the next 20 years, Boeing said. Rival Airbus said it expects airlines in Asia to take delivery of 8,560 aircraft in the next 20 years, representing a third of the global total.

In early March, Hong Kong Airlines agreed to buy six 777 freighters from Boeing. Meanwhile, Boeing’s 747-8 freighter version has won 74 orders from customers including Cathay Pacific Airways, an Air China affiliate.

Also this month, China Eastern Airlines, which operates a mix of Airbus and Boeing freighters, has revealed a massive expansion plan of 250 extra aircraft by 2015. In four years the fleet will total 588 units comprising 531 passenger aircraft, 30 freighters and 27 utility aircraft. As of 30 June 2010, the Shanghai-based carrier operated 338 aircraft, comprising 320 passenger aircraft and 18 freighters.

Once again, Cargo Shipping News has reported upbeat news about shipping in the Asian sector. This article taken from Cargo Shipping News does bode well overseas economies. Any increase in demand is felt worldwide. Pack n send continues to scour the web for upbeat information about cargo and freight.

 For packing crating, shipping, freighting or moving services from Houston, TX, feel free to call pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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Antique Shipping Houston- A Special Service

Posted on Wed, Feb 23, 2011


 Antique desk on display at the old courthouse museum in Tombstone, Arizona.

Antique shipping and moving is a very specialized service.  When you want to move just a small amount of antique furniture, you can have it custom crated and then freighted. 

Some pieces of antique furniture can go on a pallet, surrounding the furniture with protection and stretch wrap, and shipping the furniture via truck to its new city.

Some pieces will need to be custom crated. The crate will need to be built specifically to fit your antique.

The crating company should have years of experience both handling and valuing antiques. Remember: every crate will need to be built to specifically fit your individual item.

If you have many pieces of antique furniture you may use a special mover that specializes in moving antiques.

Make sure they know how to properly pack and prepare the furniture for your move.  Some of it may be blanket wrapped, some of it may be wrapped in flexible cardboard and some may need to be crated for the move.

You will want to make sure that you have a current appraisal before valuing the antique for shipping.

If you are shipping antique sculptures or art work, look for a firm that specializes in packing and crating high value items from one city to another.

Finding a company that can offer varied services when shipping antiques will help save you money.  You want to make sure that your antiques arrive in pristine condition.

For help with antique furniture shipping or if you have any questions about shipping antiques, please feel free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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Shipping and Imports -Visible Houston Improvements

Posted on Mon, Feb 21, 2011


Ships are full, containers are picked over and truck drivers are in demand.

 Houston's trading community is moving more cargo these days as higher oil prices and a rebounding economy have driven up  exports  and  imports.

We're definitely seeing the wheels of the economic engine starting to turn," said Jeff Joachim, president of World Trade Distribution, a Houston company that provides warehousing, trucking and container storage, among other services. "You're starting to see people stock inventory again."

Houston's trade with the world rebounded by 26 percent last year compared with the doldrums of 2009, according to a recent report by WorldCity, which tracks trade data.

But it still hasn't reached the levels of 2008, a banner year for many in the local shipping business.

Last year, Houston traded $211.5 billion in goods with the rest of the world, up from $167.5 billion in 2009, WorldCity reported. That's still less than the record $240.8 billionthe Bayou City traded with world markets in 2008.

Nationwide, trade increased to $3.2 trillion in 2010 from $2.6 trillion in 2009. Last year's numbers were still below the $3.4 trillion in trade during 2008.

Like much of the rest of the U. S..Houston imports more than it exports and had a trade deficit of about $22  billion in 2010.

Pack n send has republished portions of this article written by Houston Chronicle journalist Jenalia Moreno.  We look for positive upswings in the Houston and US economy for both freight and cargo.

 For more information about packing, crating, cargo and freight shipping from Houston, Texas please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Information Update-Air freight From Yemen

Posted on Thu, Feb 17, 2011

 Once again, The United States is accepting airfreight from Yemen. Back in October of 2010 two Untied States bound parcels that originated in Sana’s International Airport were discovered. This was part of a bomb plot that has been blamed on Al-Qaeda.

 It appears that security measures are now in place at Yemen’s airports.  A team from the Untied Sates has looked at Yemen’s s airports and determined that air cargo originating in Yemen can be shipped safely.

 We are still waiting to obtain updated information if other countries are also accepting freight from Yemen.  The United Arab Emeritus had also tightened security at its airports in order to closely monitor goods from various countries including Yemen.

 Even though the air embargo on Yemen has been lifted, al Qaida in Yemen can still try and move its operations to other countries in order to circumvent embargoes.

 While pack n send does freight receiving, we have not received packages from Yemen at this point in time.

 For information about freight shipping and/or receiving in Houston, Texas, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.  We can also assist in  world wide cargo shipping, freight forwarding and crate building.


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