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Houston Shipping Co. Sees New Uses for Shipping Containers

Posted on Fri, May 03, 2013

Pack n send, which specials in international freight shipping Houston Texas, is always looking for articles about using shipping containers for uses other than shipping. Sounds interesting? Well it is.

We have written blogs about a mall in England made from shipping containers.  And then there was the shipping container made into a Subway Restaurant. That container moved up floor by floor with construction workers who are building the new World Trade Center in New York City.

Now, we have found that there are shipping containers being used in Houston to build affordable housing.  These one story homes are fully insulated and are built on piers, just like Houston homes.  Shipping containers cost between two thousand to five thousand five hundred dollars.  While shipping containers come in twenty and forty foot sizes, it is the forty foot containers that are being used to build these homes.

We have seen pre fabricated homes built before, but I do not believe that any of these homes have been built from re purposed materials. Taking an existing structure and using it for a brand new purpose is quite exciting to a shipping company.

There are actually other uses for container, in the more traditional sense.  Think shipping of cars, equipment, clothing, medical equipment and household goods.

Since pack n send, which specializes in international freight shipping Houston is located in beautiful Houston, Texas we are ever mindful of being located close to one of the largest ports in the United States…The Port of Houston.

The Port of Houston is a major shipping port for the United States. While other ports have experienced work stoppages in recent years, or the threat of strikes by dock workers, The Port of Houston, has been a constant port for both shipping and receiving of international goods.

The Port of Houston posts amazing trade statistics. It is ranked first in the United States in foreign tonnage, second in the United States in total tonnage, and seventh in 2012 in container port in total TEU’s.

The port of Houston is the largest Texas port with 46 per cent of tonnage in 2012, largest Texas container port in 2012, largest Gulf Coast container port in 2012, and second ranked United States Port in terms of the value of the cargo that goes through the port.

The Port Authority has an attitude that nothing is too difficult for them to handle. On their website they list freight of everything from grain to auto parts.

Not only is the Port of Houston currently one of the most progressive ports in the United States, the update on their website reprinted below demonstrates that they are planning for a busy future. 

“Demonstrating continued investment in infrastructure improvements to better serve customers, the Port Commission of the Port of Houston Authority today selected Konecranes Finland Corporation to supply four dockside electric container cranes for Wharf No. 1 at Barbours Cut Container Terminal.

The Port Commission authorized negotiation of a contract with Konecranes for the equipment, which is part of a significant renovation under way at Barbours Cut, the Port Authority’s first container terminal. handling facilities in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico  A planned $700 million project to modernize this critical facility will include new cranes, lights and dock improvements to provide customers more efficient cargo handling with expanded capability to handle larger ships.

Two Foreign Trade Zone matters were also approved, one for an expansion of FTZ 84, of which the Port Authority is the grantee, and one to create a new subzone. FTZ 84 is one of the largest zones in the U.S. and according to the latest report to Congress, more value passes through it than any other FTZ in the nation, exporting more than $5 billion worth of goods annually.” 

With alternative uses for containers and the busy Port of Houston, container usage will only increase in the future. Freight companies in Houston Texas look forward to a very vibrant future.




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Barges Idle Along Mississippi-Houston Shipping Co Sees Job Losses

Posted on Wed, Aug 22, 2012

Pack n send is reprinting this article from as a service to our customers.  While this article states that the idle barges along the Mississippi, does not directly effect consumers, this shut down does affect businesses on the Gulf Coast.  The crop going for overseas shipping, are not leaving the Gulf Coast Ports. This does effect the jobs and livelihoods of companies and individuals along the Gulf Coast. 

Barges and their towboats accumulate alongside the Mississippi banks of the Mississippi River near Greenville, Miss., Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012. Officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say low water levels …more  that are restricting shipping traffic, forcing harbor closures and causing towboats and barges to run aground on the Mississippi River are expected to continue into October. 

Close to 100 tows sit motionless in the shriveled  Mississippi River along an 11-mile stretch outside of Greenville, Miss. For every day a single towboat sits idle, it costs about $10,000. So when you’ve got at least 97 of them stranded, those costs start piling up quickly.

As the Midwest experiences its worst drought in 50 years, the Mississippi Riveris hitting water levels not seen since 1988, a year viewed by those in the industry as a benchmark of hard times. Back then, hundreds of barges sat idle near the same location that they’re sitting today: Greenville.

Until now, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had successfully kept river traffic moving by dredging the river, keeping it at a depth of at least nine feet along its 2,300-mile length all summer, only closing ports here and there temporarily.

But barges and towboats have now piled up nea rGreenville, forcing the Coast Guard to close an 11-mile stretch to shipping this week. That closure will really start to pinch shipping operators who use the country’s inland waterways to deliver a host of commodities, goods and products across theU.S.

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much is being lost due to stopped river traffic. For one, many of the companies along the river are not publicly traded and don’t release financial information.

“Everybody is making guesstimates,” says Dr. Donald Sweeney of the Center for Transportation Studies at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. “But it all depends on how long the drought lasts.”

The point of reference is often 1988 when the shipping industry lost an estimated $1 billion. Currently, 100 tows sitting idle at $10,000 a piece is costing operators $1 million daily. And that’s not factoring in the lighter loads that cargo companies have been forced to carry to stay afloat, as well as the smaller number of barges being towed because the river has become narrower. And while the Coast Guard has reported 97 tows backed up along the river, that number’s growing.


“More tows are joining the queue by the hour or have just decided to hold where they are now,” says Lynn Muench of the American Waterways Operators via e-mail Tuesday afternoon. “Most tows will wait further upstream or downstream for the sake of safety, so there are a lot more waiting that we are unable to count.”

Muench says the best-case scenario for opening up the 11-mile stretch for safe passage could take at least several more days as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers continues dredging the area. Bloomberg News reported that the Coast Guard expected to open up northbound traffic Tuesday, but it will likely take days to get all of the stalled barges moving again.

CEO of the Port of New Orleans Gary La Grangehas estimated that closing the river to shipping altogether would cost the industry $300 million a day. Even with the low water levels, it doesn’t appear that the situation will get as bad as it did in 1988. But for the $180 billion industry, which transports 20% of the country’s coal and 60% ofU.S.grain exports (much of it along the Mississippi), the costs are beginning to mount.

Fortunately, U.S .consumers aren’t likely to see much change in prices for farm products like corn, which is widely transported along the river. That’s because most crops shipped on the inland waterways are export-bound, says Sweeney. But shipping operators are initially going to be squeezed, and depending on what products they ship – which can be anything from petroleum to heating oil to chemicals – those costs could eventually be felt by consumers later in the year.

“There won’t be hardly any impact to U.S .consumers for products like corn or soybeans,” says Sweeney. “Who it’s really bad for right now are the barge companies. They are without a doubt incurring greater costs.” And those costs will get worse every day there’s a stoppage.

“The daily costs increase as more and more vessels are delayed and it takes longer and longer to ultimately return to normal operating conditions,” says Sweeney. We’re unlikely to know how much until the drought has ended and barge operators return to business as usual, which at this point doesn’t seem likely for months.

Pack n send does not ship on the Mississippi, but does pack, crate and freight furniture and office equipment from Houston, Texas. To contact pack n send, please feel free to call 713 266 1450.


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Freight Shipping, Freight Receiving- Just in Time shipping

Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

With the economy picking up, retail companies are looking for ways to save money on storage facilities for their products. Pack n send has noticed an up tick in companies using just in time shipping to our ware house.

 While most companies choose to ship via freight, some are using moving trucks to move merchandise. This is often used for furniture shipments, or custom made items.

We see retailers who  are  arranging for  shipments to be sent to a receiving company’s ware house. The ware house company then unloads, and sorts the boxes for delivery. The retailer then provides delivery dates and time at retail locations. This saves the retailer both on personnel costs and storage costs.

Other companies are shipping directly to warehouses and asking the warehouse to ship out small orders via Fed Ex orUPS. Once again, the seller is saving on warehousing costs. They are also saving on their personnel’s time by having experts take care of common carrier shipping.  Another example of just in time operations.

Pack n send receives freight  and retail items for both furniture manufactures and individuals. Trucks pull up to our warehouse, unload and then go on to their next destination.

For more information about freight shipping and receiving, or just in time inventory management, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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Freight Shipping & Receiving Advice from Houston Texas

Posted on Tue, May 08, 2012

A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...
See more photos by Matthew Hull at PBase.
See my portfolio at Since some freight can be delicate or time sensitive, it is important to look for a company that has been in business for many years, has a good reputation, and has a brick and mortar location. 

The need to be able to freight anything you need shipped. From car engines and household goods, to automobiles and furniture, the company that you  choose will Look for a company that offers personalize service. Each shipment should be    handled individually to serve the customer's unique needs. The company should offer both palletized shipping as well as containerized loading and shipping for larger shipments.  Be sure to see if containers are necessary for your shipping, or if the company can quote you by the cubic meter.

Small loads like, car doors, auto parts and furniture all can be  placed on pallets, surrounded by cardboard, and then strapped with metal banding for shipping.

Computers should be  packed in boxes, shrink wrapped and send out on skids. Small amounts of household goods should be  packed in boxes, loaded onto pallets and then shrink wrapped. Household and business furniture are safely put on pallets as well. Once again, for international shipping, make sure the company has experience both loading and processing international paperwork.

Car engines are strapped to pallets. Large and small households are boxed and loaded into containers for overseas shipping.

  Look for a company that can accept your inbound freight into their warehouse on your behalf.  Make sure they can then deliver the freight to you. 

These are just some freight shipping and receiving advice. For more advice, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Electronics Shipping or Small Move - Ask Questions

Posted on Mon, Mar 12, 2012


When looking for a company that can ship your electronics, make sure that they have shipping options.  They should be able to ship boxes, pallets, move via truckloads or containers of electronics.

Be sure to ask questions about packing. Does the company you choose have experience packing and shipping high value electronics.

The electronics should be packed as follows:

 Individual computers and electronic equipment should be  prepared for shipping using antistatic plastic or bubble wrap. Once the piece is wrapped, it should put into a double wall box with a minimum of 3" of Styrofoam peanuts or solid Styrofoam pieces protecting the electronics equipment.

Large quantities of computers and electronics should be boxed and then placed on pallets framed with 1x4’s, Styrofoam and thick cardboard.  Protective wrap should  then put  around the entire pallet.  

Ask if the company offers onsite packing, crating and shipping.

As an alternative, ask if the company has the capability to pick up your electronics.

Does the company you choose offer full value coverage in case of loss or damage during the pick up, packing and shipping process? Can the company move your electronics via moving if the situation dicates this.

There are other areas that need to be addressed when shipping high value electronics.

For more information about shipping electronics, please fell free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.



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Houston Freight and Shipping Company Lists Worldwide Destinations

Posted on Fri, Mar 09, 2012


inside planetarium [rome]Pack n send receives many phone calls about our international shipping services. We are providing the list of countries that we ship to so that our customers have a handy guide to look at.  We offer air, ground, cubic meter, freight  and container shipping options. Once you call us and let you know what you would like to ship, we can help you by providing  you with the most cost effective option for you shipping needs.

American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brittish Virgin Islands
Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Cayman Islands
Congo Republic of
Cook island
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
DPR of Korea Republic
East Timor
El Salvador
Ethiopia |
Faeroe Islands
Falkland Islands
Faroc Islands
French Guinana
French Polynesia
The Gambia
Guinea Republic

Hong Kong
Iran-Islamic Republic of Tersey
Ivory Coast
Kosrae Island
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Libyan Arab Jamahiriy
Marshall Islands
Netherlands Antilles
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Northern Mariana Islands
Papa New Guinea
Puerto Rico

Republic of Nevis
Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands)
San Marino
Sao Tome and Principe
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Slovak Republic
Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
St. Barthelemy
St. Croix
St. Eustatius
St. John
St. Kitts and Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Maarten
St. Thomas
St. Vincent
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America
U.S. Virgin Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands(Brittish)
Vatican City
Virgin Gorda
Wallis and Futuna

For more information about international shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Move Office or Home Furnishings via Freight

Posted on Tue, Mar 06, 2012

furniture shippingHave you ever had to move small amounts of furniture, household items, or office equipment cross-country? Have you ever considered Less-Than-Load freight?

Most major moving companies require a large amount of furniture and a large dollar amount for moving furniture across throughout the United States.

There are other ways to send small amounts furniture. LTL (less than load) shipment consolidates freight from other customers on the same truck. Small amounts of freight from various customers are shipped at a savings all over the country.

When requesting LTL it is good idea to ask for the days when discounts are provided. Companies that book your shipment should pass these savings on to you, their customer.

Another factor to consider is the length of time it will take your shipment to reach its final destination. Most carriers provide an expedited service at an additional cost.

You can take out coverage for the value of your shipment due to loss or damage by the carrier.

The process for freighting your furniture is relatively simple. Your furniture is packed carefully on a pallet, surrounded by 1 x 4’s shrink wrapped and sent out as freight.

The freight company will call the day before to set a delivery time that fits in with your schedule.

When your furniture is delivered, you can request an "inside delivery" for a few dollars more.

Furniture freighting is the best way for you to ship small quantity of furniture.

Pack n Send Today!

For more information about freighting furniture or for a free price quote, call Pack n Send at 713 266 1450.

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Houston Freight Company notes China Import Duties

Posted on Wed, Dec 14, 2011

 Free photo - green map pc available in our free stock photos

As reported by  Elaine Kurtenbach with the Associate Press, China is now assessing duties on car and sport utility vehicles made in the United States.

 These duties come a time when US auto makers are trying to pull out of the recession.

 At this point, the duration of the duties set  by the Chinese government are set to last  for two years.

 Not only does this tax effect the car manufacturers, it also effects the bottom line of both shipping companies and  ocean shipping lines.

 The maritime industry ships cars over seas, and shipping companies ship the spare parts for repairs and accidents.

 In this global economy, excessive duties and taxes hurt more than one industry.

 The United States was already at a disadvantge since the Chinese gonvernment already offers subsidies to Chinese manufactured vehicles.

 In some ways the Chinese governemnt is doing what US consurmers have asked their government to do. They appear to be protecting Chinese jobs.  Vehicles made in the United States can be considered outsourcing of manufacturing..something the Chinese are attempting to avoid.  

Pack n send has international shipping and does not face these obstacles in many of the over 200 countries where we ship for our customers.

 For information on packing, freight,  crating, cargo and international shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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Marble and Glass Shipping Tips from Houston Freight Company

Posted on Thu, Nov 17, 2011

Look for a company that can custom build a  custom crate for moving or shipping your marble.  If you are asking for an estimate, measure the length, width and height two times to make sure that your measurements are correct.

 If the company building your crate cannot crate on site, be sure to have professionals deliver the marble piece to the crate builder.

 This is for both marble sculptures as well as marble counter tops and table tops.

 Ask if the company you choose can double or triple bubble the marble piece. This adds extra cushioning during the moving or shipping process. Check to see if the company will use two to three inches of Styrofoam on all sides on the inside of the crate. This means top, bottom and all sides are to be lined with Styrofoam.

 Ask that the crate be built with screws on the top. This will allow for easy opening at your crates final destination.  The bottom of the crate should be secured with staples.

 After your crate is closed, stapled and had screws put on the top, make sure that metal banding will be wrapped around the crate as an extra security measure.

 For more information on shipping marble, please feel free to call pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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Freight your Furniture says Houston Mover

Posted on Tue, Nov 01, 2011


If you do not have much furniture to ship from city to city, why not freight your furniture? There are no minimum amounts of furniture. All you need to do is give us a list of the items that you would like to ship and we can give you a quote.

 You do not pay for a full truckload of furniture.  We even can drop the furniture off at the curbside, and you can unload it if you like, in order to save yourself money. 

 Using freight, you can ship new furniture, used furniture, antiques and even grandfather clocks. Why not ship boxes of household goods with your furniture? We recommend that you ship everything at one time, rather than breaking up you move into a few smaller shipments.

 Need to ship a bike?  Add it to your freight shipment.  Need time specific pick up? We can arrange that also. 

 If you have any questions about freighting your furniture, please feel free to call pack n send at 713 266 1450.


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