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Why Consider Furniture Freight Receiving?

Posted on Fri, Nov 08, 2013

So what happens when you order new furniture from out of town?  Many commercial
producers of furniture ship it via freight. To save on shipping costs they have the freight delivered to your curb with you, the customer left to unload the furniture and bring it inside your home.  

This is a definite cost saving to you the final recipient of the furniture, but you might want to consider having the furniture shipped to a furniture receiving warehouse. The warehouse should specialize in furniture freight receiving. They should be able to  unload the furniture  from the pallet and deliver it  inside your home with white glove delivery. Obviously, this is more costly to you, but it will save wear and tear on you back. It will also save you from disposing of the packing materials and the wood pallet.

If your furniture is requiring special assembly, the furniture receiving warehouse should be able to assemble the furniture for you.

Look for a freight receiving company where every order is treated individually to provide a customized delivery that meets the customers’ needs. This includes time specific delivery day and time. When you ship your furniture, you should be able choose a specific shipping method. You should be able to specify overnight, two, three, and air or ground transportation. You are in charge of when it is delivered.  The freight receiving company will be responsible for taking furniture from the shipping dock location to the delivery at the customer's home. 

The company that you choose to receive your freight knows how important your furniture is and we will give it special care and handling. They should make sure to provide the correct amount of delivery men, and have the necessary equipment to ensure your delivery is
successful. You should not have to worry about the local delivery of your furniture.

If you have questions about furniture freight receiving, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston, TX.

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