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Medical Equipment Receiving - Advice from Houston Co.

Posted on Wed, Oct 31, 2012


With Houston being home to the Texas Medical Center, medical equipment is constantly being shipped into and out of the medical center.

When researching a company to receive medical equipment as freight, we have the following suggestions:

 Hospital room with full body xray on lightbox.<br  /><br  />High resolution format available.

High resolution format available." src="" width=228 height=153>Choose a company that has been shipping and receiving medical equipment on a regular basis. Verify that the company is used to handling high value and delicate items.

 Check and see how long the current owners of the business have been handling freight shipping and receiving of medical equipment.

Look for a company that can un box, or un crate medical equipment.  They must be able to receive the freight and protect lenses, arms and feet of equipment that is being  loaded and delivered. Remember that each piece of medical equipment will need to be handled differently.

 Ask about valuation coverage for the items that the company will receive and then deliver the medical equipment.

Always be prepared to give the weight and dimensions of the equipment so that the proper number of personnel will be on hand to provide the unloading and delivery of the equipment.

As with any hospital environment, set up the delivery time ahead of time with the hospital administration.

For any questions about medical equipment shipping and receiving in the Houston area, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.



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