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Summer Move Planned? Houston Mover offers Suggestions

Posted on Fri, May 17, 2013

A Houston mover offers a few tips for a smooth move.  When you call a mover to ask for assistance with moving, there are a few pieces of information that you should have on hand.

The pick up and delivery addresses and zip codes.  If you are moving within the city that you live in, check on zoning restrictions. Can moving trucks move within specific hours?  Does the mover need to keep one person with the truck at all times?

 If you are planning on moving out of town, will you have someone in the new city to meet the movers with a key?  As an alternative to this, will you meet the drivers in the new city?

If you are moving out of town, will you be staying in your new residence immediately after the move, or will you need to rent a hotel room?

If you are moving internationally, there are a few more things to consider when you have international freight shipping. Remember that cargo ships do not always sail on the date scheduled.  There may be weather delays when shipping via ocean. Consider that the country that you are moving to may have holidays that we do  not celebrate in the United States.  Freight may not move on these days.

Here are a few general moving tips to help you with a smooth move:

Moving takes longer than you think.  Add in a little extra time into your plan.

 It is best to have more time than be caught in the middle of a move.  When looking to move make sure the measurements on your large appliances will be able to fit into your new location. Measure length x width x height on all appliances before moving into new location.

Moving Tip! Make sure the large appliances will be able to fit in your new location. Electric items that work in the United States may not work in other countries.

Consider donating items you no longer use before you move.

The key to moving a piano is its packaging. It must be covered and packed very securely so that the finishing is not scratched or scuffed.

If you are moving internationally, hire professionals to pack your boxes.

When moving it can be helpful to have a cot for the first night. This is just in case the bed does not get assembled for the first night. You will still have a place to sleep.

 Leave your air conditioning on in your old home until you are completely thru moving boxes.

When moving during the summer leave you’re A/C on until you are absolutely sure you have gotten out everything. Remember you need light in order to complete a move.

If you are moving during summer be sure to wear comfortable, light clothing.  

When you are packing and moving do not wear open toe shoes. Use sturdy shoes or sneakers.  

If you are packing glass table tops, be sure to use a crating company to prepare a custom crate for you. 

If you are moving during summer be sure to take water breaks. Apply sunscreen every few hours.

Disassemble a pool table before moving it.

 Try to drop off children at a friend/family member’s house during the move.  It is also helpful for seniors not to be around the entire day for both the packing and unpacking during a move.

If you are moving your computer, make sure to back up all of your files before the move. Using the cloud should give you peace of mind.

If you are moving to a new city, consider hiring a company to transport your car to your new city. Instead of having two people driving, why not share a car for the trip and ship one car.

For more moving tips, tips on international freight shipping from Houston Texas, and freight companies in Houston Texas, please feel free to call pack n send in Houston at 713 266 1450.

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