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Medical Equipment Shipping- Advice from Houston Company

Posted on Wed, Jan 11, 2012


With Houston being home to theTexas  MedicalCenter, medical equipment is constantly being shipped into and out of the medical center.

 When looking for a company to receive medical equipment as freight, we offer the following suggestions:

 Choose a company that ships and receives medical equipment on a regular basis.

  Ask how long the current owners have been handling freight shipping and receiving medical equipment.

Look for a company that can un box, or un crate medical equipment.  The company must be able to receive the freight, and protect lenses, arms and feet of equipment that is being unloaded and delivered.  Remember that each piece of medical equipment will need to be handled differently.

 Ask about valuation coverage for the items that the equipment that the company will receive, unpack and then deliver.

 Always be prepared to give the weight and dimensions of the equipment so that the proper number of personnel will be on hand to provide the unloading and delivery of the equipment.

 Another alternative to freight shipping is small load moving. Inquire if it will be less expensive to move the medical equipment with a small load mover.

 As with any hospital environment, set up the delivery time ahead of time.

 For questions about medical equipment shipping and receiving and small load moving, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Japan and Medical Equipment Shipping and Production

Posted on Thu, Mar 17, 2011

With hundreds of thousands camped out in temporary shelters, at least 10,000 feared dead, more than a million without running water, and many desperately scanning survivor lists to learn the fate of loved ones, the fortunes of the global medical device industry are the last thing on most Japanese minds and rank almost invisibly low on the scale of human importance.

But with the world's third biggest economy and one of the most important markets for medical devices, the devastation wrought by Friday's tsunami and the 9.0 earthquake that triggered it, the biggest in Japan's recorded history, could affect the industry, according to reports.
Already, fears of a catastrophic meltdown of reactors at the Fukushima power plant have caused stocks to plummet, with Tokyo's Nikkei, its version of the S&P 500 list, down by more than 16 percent Tuesday, John Cassidy wrote in his Rational Irrationality column at the New Yorker. "Not that it matters much in the scheme of things, but in the past two days the Japanese stock market has suffered the biggest fall in any major market since the Wall Street crash of October, 1987," he wrote.

And according to Deutsche Bank (as reported by Reuters), Japan accounts for nearly one-tenth of the combined sales of the top dozen U.S. companies.

Edwards Lifescences Corp.'s Japanese sales are 17 percent of total revenue, Boston Scientific Corp.'s are 12 percent, St. Jude Medical Inc.'s 11 percent and Stryker Corp.'s 10 percent, according to Deutsche Bank.

Becton Dickinson, with around 5 to 6 percent of total sales in Japan, has more invested in the country: it runs a syringe manufacturing facility located in Fukushima, the same town that's home to the damaged, and possibly leaking, nuclear power plant. The company told Reuters its factory, outside of the 20-kilometer "exclusion zone" surrounding the power plant, has been shut down, pending a safety assessment. All of its 550 workers, employed in Fukushima and 155 miles to the southeast in Tokyo, are safe, the company said.

CNN reported that AIR Worldwide, a research group, estimates the quake will top Hurricane Katrina as the most expensive natural disaster in history. The 2005 hurricane that washed over New Orleans resulted in losses of around $125 billion, according to CNN.

Pack n send has reprinted portions this article on the dot med website. This article was written  by: Brendon Nafziger, DOTmed News Associate Editor

  While in the past used medical equipment is shipped country wide,  and up north to Canada, we can for see shipments of equipment now heading towards Japan. 

 Pack n send ships medical equipment world wide, as well as freight, cargo and container of goods.

 For information about shipping medical equipment to Japan, please contact us at 713 266 1450.

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Freight from Houston and US Market

Posted on Fri, Feb 18, 2011

A large truck drives over the bridge. <br>See more <a href="">photos by Matthew Hull</a> at PBase. <br>See my portfolio at <a href=""&...

Pack n send is monitoring freight  and  cargo shipments both within the United State and worldwide. While we specialize in Freight Shipping and loading and shipping cargo, we also like to keep our customers informed of industry trends. This article taken from Handy Shipping   Guide highlights new strengths seen in US shipping markets.

Long Beach, California based  UTI a non asset based 3PL supply chain specialist turned in better than expected results yesterday following a general upward trend for the industry. With over 23 million square feet of warehousing in 23 countries the US company shows a pattern that seems fairly typical for the freight market at the moment. The CEO however offered a customary word of caution in today’s volatile conditions.

 Eric W. Kirchner, chief executive officer, speaking of the second quarter results said in a statement:

"Our improved results were primarily driven by strong volumes and better operating margins. Airfreight and ocean freight volumes continued to grow faster than the market and were higher than volumes recorded in the second quarter two years ago, prior to the financial crisis. Results remain tempered by yield pressure due to continued high transportation rates, and we expect these rates to remain volatile on many trade lanes for the rest of the year. We are also expecting volume growth to moderate during the second half of the year due to a slowing global economy and more difficult comparisons to the prior year.

"We continue to be encouraged by improvements in our contract logistics and distribution business, which reported solid revenue growth and higher operating margins. Client volumes improved in the quarter, particularly in retail and consumer markets, and we continue to manage our operations more efficiently. Our transformation initiatives remain on schedule and we are making good progress in all areas."

UTi saw increased operating costs, up 9% against last year but it seems although traffic volumes were higher, rates were more competitive dragging profits back somewhat. Net revenues were up 12% for the half year against 2009 at $379 million.

 For more information on Houston shipping, freight and cargo shipping, please feel free to contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Cargo Shipping Houston, Delayed

Posted on Wed, Oct 06, 2010

Delano, Jack,, 1914-, photographer.  Pennsylvania R.R. [Railroad] ore docks, unloading iron ore from a lake freighter by means of "Hulett" unloaders, Cleveland, Ohio  1943 May   1 transparency : color.  <b>Notes: </b>...

 Pack n send is posting this article from the Houston Chronicle.  This is the most current update on the closure of the Houston ship channel.  While it was anticipated that the ship channel would be open this morning, it looks like there is a slight delay.

 Ship Channel closure could be lifted today


Problems clearing electrical tower delayed plans to reopen sooner

 After encountering unexpected difficulties Tuesday in clearing a damaged electrical tower from the Houston Ship Channel, workers hope today to end a three-day bottleneck at the Port of Houston.

At least 70 ships, including 33 oil tankers, were waiting Tuesday to leave or dock at the port. The U.S. Coast Guard cut off access to about three-fourths of the 150 terminals Sunday after a tug pushing three barges crashed into the 300-foot-tall electrical tower.

An average of two dozen vessels move through the port daily, generating about $322 million in economic activity.

Houston-area refiners receive crude oil shipments through the channel and have said that so far they've been able to continue operations using oil already on hand.

"Certainly having the Ship Channel open will improve conditions for everyone and we're eager to see the channel opened as quickly as possible," said David Harpole, a spokesman for LyondellBasell.

Valero had not expected a crude shipment before today, and a spokesman said its operations were not affected.

Unexpected delays

The Coast Guard and CenterPoint Energy, which owns the tower, had hoped to reopen the channel Tuesday night, but faced delays in cutting down some of the 14 cables — including 12 high-voltage wires — from the damaged structure, which was leaning precariously on one of the barges involved in the collision

An investigation continues into the cause of Sunday's accident.

Tuesday afternoon, a crew of 40 using four barges, two cranes and three tugboats was removing a cable from the tower when the cable hung up on other equipment, one of several unexpected delays, said Capt. Marcus Woodring, the Coast Guard's sector commander in the Houston-Galveston area.

"That's going to take a little while to untangle," he said. "It's not a showstopper, it'll get untangled, but it's just one of those unforeseen things."

No electricity was flowing through the lines.

After removing the cables, CenterPoint was expected to begin an operation to sever the steel tower from its crumpled base in the waterway, Woodring said.

"We have a shearing tool — like a hydraulic cutter — that hopefully will cut through the legs very easily and then we'll be able to lay the tower down on a barge," he said.

"We have a shearing tool — like a hydraulic cutter — that hopefully will cut through the legs very easily and then we'll be able to lay the tower down on a barge," he said.

Some optimism

Meantime, shipping companies awaited word on when they can resume transiting the channel.

"Every day that goes on, it gets more and more serious and there are more backups," said Niels Aalund, vice president of the West Gulf Maritime Association, which represents 183 shipping industry firms. Still, he said, "there's optimism that this can get opened up quickly."

Buffalo Marine Service, a Houston bunkering company, continues to work in terminals that remain open in Galveston and Texas City. But its business in the closed area of the channel has come to a halt.

"If there aren't any ships coming in that need fuel, we don't have much work to do," said company Vice President Chuck King.

For information about Houston shipping, crating and freighting, please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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US Marines Save the Cargo Ship-Houston Freight Company Proud

Posted on Fri, Sep 10, 2010

image: Somalia US pirates AK47 dry cargo freight container


Somalia-News just in as 24 US marines operating in the Gulf of Aden stormed a freight vessel today and, without firing a shot apparently, capturing the nine pirates and rescuing the eleven man crew. The German owned M V Magellan Star, an 8,000 tonne DWT general cargo and sometime container ship flagged in Antigua & Barbuda was en route from Spain to Singapore when she was intercepted transiting the Gulf.

When the pirates swarmed aboard the crew had already put out a distress call and retreated to a safe room in the engine compartment where they communicated with the ships agents by satellite telephone link after killing the engines. The pirates were confused when they used an emergency link to speak to the managing agents who apparently told them the crew were ‘on holiday’.

The pirates then apparently went on a wrecking spree presumably frustrated by their lack of success and inability to control the ship. Meanwhile a team from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit's Maritime Raid Force aboard the USS Dubuque, and heading for an joint exercise with Jordanian troops, rerouted, arriving near the captured vessel during the night. Before daybreak two dozen marines in fast RIB’s and supported by two helicopters, launched their own attack.

As the helicopters flooded the ship’s deck in light the troops scaled the hull of the Magellan Star, much as the pirates had, and succeeded in capturing the dazed and divided villains without having to shoot anyone. The problem came when the US marines first had to find the hidden crew, then convince them their ordeal was over.

Reportedly the crew only condescended to open up when the Americans cut an access hole and pushed through a stars and stripes uniform patch through the steel panel. The troops took a number of AK 47’s from the pirates and now have the problem of what to do with them. There have been similar successes before but mostly by foreign troops unattached to the EUNAVFOR anti piracy mission or pirates caught in the open.

Pack n send has reprinted this article from the Handy Shipping   Guide. Pack n send ships freight and cargo worldwide and commends the US marines for their fast and safe actions.

For more information about our international freight shipping, please contact pack n send at 713 266 1450.

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Houston Freight Shipping Update -Port of Houston

Posted on Tue, Sep 07, 2010

Ghost ShipA tanker ship partially shrouded in fog/mist. I thought it was spooky. I think this could be put to good use to evoke a spooky seafaring mood.	  Transportation / Water / Ships and Boats

 Pack n send is reprinting this article about safety at the Port of Houston as a service to your customers who ship cargo out of the Port of Houston. It was posted in the August edition of the Port Report.

 NTSB Chairwoman Deborah A.P. Hersman (right), Capt. Doug Mims (left) and Capt. Thomas C. Pace, Jr. (rear) in M/V Sam Houston wheelhouse during Houston Ship Channel tour.

Recognizing the Port of Houston’s national importance, National Transportation Safety Board Chairwoman Deborah A.P. Hersman discussed vessel traffic safety and toured the Houston Ship Channel during her August 19 visit to the Port of Houston Authority. She was accompanied by fellow NTSB member Dr. Earl F. Weener.

 PHA Marine Department Manager Ruben Arredondo and Sr. Capt. Mike Usher facilitated a discussion addressing the NTSB leaders’ interests in oversight of pilots, traffic control, risk assessment, contingency planning and response capabilities. Hersman and Weener also met Commander Rob Smith, chief of the prevention department for the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston/Galveston, and Capt. Thomas C. Pace, Jr., presiding officer of the Houston Pilots, who served as a guide during a tour aboard the M/V Sam Houston.

 “Safe vessel operations — particularly in the vicinity of busy ports — have long been a concern of the Safety Board,” Hersman said. “Having the opportunity to get a close-up look at the Port of Houston’s waterways and facilities has provided us with a fuller picture of the complexity of major port operations.”

 For more information on shipping from the Port of Houston, please feel free to contact pack n send at  713 266 1450.

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