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College Students: Need to Move a Small Amount of Furniture?

Posted on Wed, Sep 11, 2013

 College is back in session, and with it, the annual student migration from Mom and Dad's to a dorm room or first apartment. Most students  need to move a small amount of furniture, but
with the onslaught of activity that accompanies the first few weeks of school, the task of moving a nightstand, TV, or their parents' old couch and coffee table may fall by the wayside.

Rather than building a desk out of two-by-fours and milk crates, consider hiring a professional moving service so that you or your college-bound student can focus on class by day and have a
comfortable spot to study and relax at night. If a regular moving service does not fit in into  your students schedule, consider freighting the furniture to your student. You can have the furniture loaded onto a pallet and then shipped via a freight truck. The furniture can either be dropped off at the curb with your student unloading the pallet, or delivered inside with white glove inside delivery. Any size budget can be accommodated.

In small move situations such as these, there's no minimum weight requirement, allowing you the freedom to clear out an entire apartment, a bedroom, or merely a microwave and a set of dishes. No matter the size of your shipment, you'll only be quoted for the truck space you need. If you student lives in an apartment building, find out the building's acceptable moving hours or drop off hours and you can have the furniture delivered within that schedule.

Given that the semester's already begun, carefully packing and unpacking even a few items could mean sacrificing classes, orientations, or a few nights' required reading. If the college
time-crunch has you in its clutches, hire a company with both packing and unpacking service could be a stress-free solution. Movers trained in handling fragile cargo are available to crate your valuables and ensure their safety upon arrival, and all items should be sent with valuation coverage.  Movers can even unpack your belongings for you, leaving your child free to keep working on that first term paper due tomorrow.

The first few weeks of school are hectic enough without the stress of moving into a new apartment. If you would like more information about small load moving, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston to take advantage of any or all of our shipping services, whether moving into an apartment near Rice, a university out of state, or almost anywhere in the world.

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