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Tips For Moving to Another City

Posted on Mon, May 07, 2018

Tips For Moving to Another City

family packing up and moving to another city

People move to another city for all kinds of reasons—for a job, to be closer to family or friends, because they're looking for a new opportunity, health, and more. But no matter what the cause for the move, there is definitely the potential for some stress along the way. That's why we compiled this checklist of things to do if you are moving to another city

Wait! Before You Leave...

  • Cancel of transfer your internet/cable/phone service to your new home.
  • Cancel your other city utilities and gas.
  • Turn off all air conditioning, fans, and heat.
  • Leave any keys and garage door openers on the kitchen counter.
  • Thoroughly clean the home or pay for a professional cleaning service. An example of a cleaning service that you can call in Houston is Maid in the Shade.
  • Check all cabinets, drawers, the attic, garage, closets, refrigerator, the stove, etc. for any last items left behind.
  • Schedule pick-up for all of your trash cans.
  • Turn off all light switches. 
  • Shut off all water, including water to hoses.

Who Are You Using to Help You Move?

Moving across the country is a big task. Some people decide to pack up their things and use their own vehicles to make the move. Others decide to hire a moving company to do their packing and moving. Whether you hire a moving company depends on your budget, your resources, your timeline, and your physical capability. If needed, a packing and shipping company can do all of the move for you!

First Steps Upon Arrival

When you get to your new hometown, you might stay in a hotel or rent an apartment for a few months while you look for a home and decide what area of town you want to live in. If you are looking for a realtor, you can find a real estate agent using this tool from

If you need help moving to another city, we would love to help here at Pack n Send. Please contact us today for more information!


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Moving your College Student-Freight Furniture

Posted on Wed, Jul 30, 2014

It is time to get your student ready to go to college. If you have a first time freshman or a returning student you need to plan to move their possessions to campus.
Many students want to take some of their personal furniture to college with them. It may be as small as an end table, but some students want to move their entire bedroom. This is when small load moving comes into effect.

You can request for the furniture to be moved on a freight truck. The furniture is loaded onto a pallet and then shipped cross country. Your student will be called a day ahead of the delivery to set up a convenient delivery time. You can even request inside white glove delivery.

With a small student move, remember that there is no minimum dollar amount that you need to spend, and no minimum weight requirement. The shipments cost is based on the size, weight and value of the items being shipped. You can be moving to University of Houston or to Ohio State University or any other university and use this service. 

If you would like more information about moving a small amount of furniture, please feel free to contact pack n send in Houston. We can offer moving tips and moving advice for all types of moves. If you student is moving overseas, we can even help you with international shipping.

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Ways to Save Money When Moving

Posted on Fri, May 23, 2014

As a Houston mover and freight preparation, we are getting calls about summer moves. Most of the country has started to warm up. After this long cold winter it is time to plan both summer vacations and summer moves. Whether you are moving within the city, out of state or are shipping via international freight, we are going to share a few moving tips.

If you don’t use an item or don’t need the item-donate it or give it away. If it no longer works, then throw it away. No need to move something that you no longer use or want.  If you have not used an item during the past year, you probably do not need to move it.

 Make a list of the items you will need the 1st few days after your move. Make a list of the items you want to take with you.  Moving time is a good time to donate unused items. Ask for a donation receipt.

 Start to plan your move at least 6 weeks ahead of time.

Decide ahead of time if you will need to rent a storage unit. Empty out your old storage unit at the time of your move. 

There may be items that you don't use or need anymore. Maybe you do not have enough space in your new residence, or you are moving to a temporary residence.  If you cannot empty out your storage unit, you may want to take the items that you cannot put in your new residence to the storage unit.

 Make a list before you move of the items that you want to put into storage and the items that you want to retrieve from storage. Moving is the best time to sort out needed and unneeded items. List the items you are going to move. This helps plan out the moving supplies that you will need to have on hand.

Have a tape measure or ruler handy to pre measure items you are moving. Measure items before you purchase your moving boxes. Identify which items will need special packing materials for the move. Examples are lamps and china. Measure your delicate and fragile items. Take these measurements with you when you go shopping for packing supplies.

Look for  inexpensive moving boxes. Shop prices for moving boxes. Just because the boxes are marked sale, or half price does not mean that they are less expensive than a store that consistently sells for a less expensive price.  Boxes that are sold in bundles may cost you more since you may not need all of the box sizes that are included in the bundle. Why not only purchase the box sizes that you need.

Check out your locally owned shipping store. If you are moving dishes, use blank newsprint paper.  Don’t use old newspapers. The print can come off on your valuable items. 
Need your papers moved in an orderly fashion? Place your documents in file boxes. Organize your moving scissors, tape, box cutter and markers all in one container. Move it with you from room to room as you pack.

Moving clothes from your closet? Purchase wardrobe boxes. This way you can hang your clothes during your move. Wardrobe boxes let you hang your clothes during your move.

 When buying supplies for moving, remember to buy a roll of bubble wrap for your fragile items. You may need to purchase double wall boxes for your heavier items. Purchase a tape gun. Ask the clerk to show you how to use it. It will save you time when you tape up your boxes.  Place packing peanuts as a cushion around your delicate items.

While the moving tips listed above can be used for interstate and intrastate move, some of these tips also apply to international freight shipping both from Houston and the rest of the country.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any domestic or international moving questions.

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Planning a Summer Move? Here are some great moving tips.

Posted on Mon, May 05, 2014

Moving?  Here are some great moving tips!

Local Moving:
•    Prepare a list of the items that you want to move.
•    When the mover comes out to quote the job, you can make sure that you have shown them everything.
•    Do not forget attics, garages, basements and storage units.

Estate Sales or Downsizing Sales: 
•    Do not throw anything away. 

Cleaning Service
Hire a firm with a proven record of service.  They train and retain their personnel, can help prepare the house to sell or clean out, and are bonded and fully insured.

House Staging:    
Use a company who will stage your home to get it ready for sale. Staging your home before putting it on the market to sell will help too increase your sales price.

Realtor suggestions:  
Ask friends or coworkers for realtors that specialize in your area of the city.  For areas with a high international concentration, look for realtors who are with international firms. 

Selling your automobile:   
Find a trusted dealer to sell the car that you are no longer using.  Your realtor or moving company may be able to suggest the right person to sell the used automobile.

Shipping items to family members
•    Ship everything at one time. This will save shipping charges.
•    You can freight or move small amounts of furniture and boxes.
•    There is no minimum amount of weight or spending.
•    You can ship items domestically or internationally.
•    You can ship to people in different cities.
•     It is easier to keep track of items by using colored dots or sticky notes for each location. 
•    Consider using white glove inside delivery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Will You Be Moving into an Assisted Living Residence in 2014?

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2013

Moving into an assisted living residence is a big deal for most individuals. It can elicit a variety of emotions including joy, apprehension, excitement and anxiety. The good news is there are ways to reduce the anxiety and apprehension. Here’s how:

#1: Get Informed

Having multiple meetings with the assisted living residence’s staff is one way to reduce pre-move nervousness. During the meetings, determine which items from home may be brought into the facility and the dimensions of your new living space. You may also want to inquire whether or not you can have the wall painted, light fixtures or carpeting changed to suit your needs. Some facilities allow such personalization of the space. Others, however, have regulations in place that prevent certain elements from being altered.

#2: Pack-n-Send Early

Once you know what size space you’ll be given and a good understanding of the regulations involved, make plans to pack and send your belongs. It is typically best to start this process early to account for any items that you may want to give away, donate, sell or place into long term storage. During the process, you may also want to arrange for assistance from others. They can help you sort, pack and ship your belongings to other locations based on your own personal wishes.

#3: Say Fare-Forward

As the moving day draws near, consider holding a special dinner to say “fare-forward” instead of farewell to those individuals and pets that you may be leaving behind. When doing so, focus on the move being the beginning of a grand adventure and how they are all welcome to stay in touch with you after your departure.

#4: Celebrate the Arrival

Once you arrive at your assisted living residence and settle in, celebrate your arrival too. Bring old friends and new friends together for the occasion. Then mark the time you’ve spent together with a keepsake group photo, video or audio file.

#5: Keep Communication Flowing

Lastly, make keeping the lines of communication between all of the people in your life a priority. Establish a monthly phone chat, personal visit or social media page where everyone can easily exchange news with one another. That way, you’re less likely to mourn the passing of your old lifestyle and fully embrace the new one.

To learn more about making your move to an assisted living residence a happy experience for all involved, please contact us at (713) 266-1450. Our moving experts would love the opportunity to help you start the next chapter of your adult life.


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